Your June 2023 Angel Card Reading

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Welcome to the beautiful month of June, lovelies. We find ourselves amid a transformative year. The trials and tribulations we have experienced have shaped us, molding our souls into beings of resilience and strength. The summer shenanigans are beginning to heat up as the Sun reaches its zenith, inviting us to embrace the warmth and energy surrounding us.

In the hustle and bustle of life, it is easy to forget that we have spiritual assistance and support available to us in various forms. One of the most potent sources of guidance is our connection with the angels. They are divine messengers, always ready to lend us their wisdom and offer a helping hand as we navigate the ever-changing tides of life.

Angel guidance reminds us that we should not neglect our spiritual well-being when faced with astrological shifts and challenges. We can thank the angels for their unwavering support and guidance during these times. They encourage us to listen to the whispers of our hearts and trust our intuition, even when it leads us down unfamiliar paths.

Through the wisdom of the angels, we can uncover our inner truths and embrace our authentic selves. They remind us how to walk our unique journey with love. They urge us to step into our power, unleashing our full potential and embracing the gifts. The angels provide us with a deep sense of peace and comfort, reminding us that we are never alone on this journey. Trust in their wisdom and allow their energy to guide you towards the path that aligns with your highest good. They are ready to assist you, help you find clarity, and give you the courage to make the choices that will shape your destiny.

Remember, angel guidance is a gift you can tap into whenever needed. Their love and support are boundless, shining brightly to light your way and fill your heart with grace and wonder. Open your heart to their presence, and you will discover a profound connection that will carry you through June and beyond.

Let’s explore this month’s angel guidance for each zodiac sign to uncover who guides you through June’s astrological shifts.

Your Angel Card for June 2023


Poyel #56

Welcome to the vibrant month of June, Aries; the celestial energies of summer embrace you with their warmth and radiance. Amidst this effervescent atmosphere, the benevolent angel Poyel extends their guiding hand towards you, offering assistance and support in overcoming any challenges you may face related to abundance, resources, and support.

Angel Poyel’s presence brings forth a profound opportunity for you to address any lingering issues about the flow of abundance in your life. Whether financial resources, emotional sustenance, or the much-needed support from your loved ones, this energy is here to help you navigate these obstacles.

By invoking Poyel’s assistance, you can tap into a wellspring of divine guidance and wisdom that will illuminate your path toward abundance and fulfillment. In addition, Poyel’s energy gently reminds you to strike a delicate balance between assertiveness and humility to avoid becoming entangled in a web of ego-driven aspirations.

Embracing humility will enable you to foster harmonious connections and collaboration. For additional support, call on Poyel for the following this month:

  • Health and healing
  • Hope and optimism
  • Overcoming judgment or materialism
  • Activates the solar plexus and throat charkas
  • To assist you in displaying your gifts and talents
  • Regency hour is 6:20 PM to 6:39 PM


Hahahel #41

The celestial energies align this month to bring you renewed faith and inspiration, infusing your journey with purpose and direction. To guide you through these significant changes, the angel Hahahel extends their steadfast support, offering you a divine presence that heightens your faith, shields you from negative energies and enemies, grants spiritual enrichment, and assists you in overcoming any challenges related to denying your divinity.

The benevolent angel Hahahel stands beside you, empowering you with the strength and conviction to embrace your faith in yourself and the higher powers that govern the Universe. Through Hahahel’s assistance, you can navigate the changes and challenges that arise with confidence and grace. One of the vital roles Hahahel plays in your journey is safeguarding you from negative energies and enemies that may seek to derail your progress.

Their angelic presence is a protective shield, creating a harmonious space that allows you to thrive and flourish. Trust in Hahahel’s power to ward off any detrimental influences and embrace the positive energy surrounding you.

For additional support, call on Hahahel for the following this month:

  • Spiritual enrichment
  • Protection from negative energies
  • Activates the heart and third eye chakras
  • Aid in meditation and other spiritual practices
  • It provides the strength to believe in yourself and your life mission
  • Power to grant all wishes concerning family, love, work, and well-being
  • Regency hour is 1:20 PM to 1:39 PM


Mihael #48

Gemini, as you embrace the month of June, you continue to bask in the radiance of your birthday season, a time of great significance for you. This month marks a significant change and transformation, illuminating the pathways ahead and beckoning you toward brighter horizons.

Amidst this profound energy, the angel Mihael steps forward as your guiding light, offering invaluable support and nurturing your journey toward growth, wisdom, and clarity. Mihael’s presence encourages you to tap into your innate intuitive abilities, enhancing your clairvoyance and empowering you to navigate life’s complexities with heightened insight.

One aspect in which Mihael mainly aids you is in embodying your divine sexuality. This angelic influence helps you embrace your sensuality and connect with the sacred essence of your being, unlocking a deeper understanding of your desires and pleasures. By embracing your divine sexuality, you will experience greater self-confidence and empowerment in all areas of your life. Mihael’s divine energy is not limited to personal growth, as this angel also lends assistance in matters of the heart. Whether seeking a resolution to relationship issues or yearning for marital peace and harmony, Mihael’s guidance and support will be ever-present, helping you forge deeper connections and find greater fulfillment in your interactions with others.

You can call on Michael for the following support this month:

  • Finding pleasure in all forms
  • Helps materialize divine intentions
  • It grants inner and outer peace
  • Activates the heart and sacral chakras
  • Regency hour is 3:40 PM to 3:59 PM
  • Overcoming jealousy, disagreements, or inconsistency


Jabamiah #70

Cancer, as you step into June, you embark upon the enchanting realm of your birthday season, ushering in a brand-new chapter filled with promise and success. It’s time to embrace your innate brilliance and allow your light to shine. Throughout this celestial celebration, the angel Jabamiah emerges as your guiding force, offering unwavering support and guidance throughout the month. Jabamiah’s presence empowers you to transform negativity into positivity, guiding you toward personal growth and renewal. This angelic influence enables you to regenerate your energy and reestablish harmony in all aspects of your life.

Jabamiah’s divine essence is not limited to internal transformation, as this celestial guide also aids you in finding love in all circumstances. Whether it be romantic love, self-love, or love within your relationships, Jabamiah’s gentle guidance helps you cultivate a deep sense of connection and compassion. So embrace this opportunity to open your heart and allow love to flow effortlessly into your life, nurturing and enriching your experiences.

In addition, you can call on Jabamiah for the following guidance this month:

  • Alchemy, creativity, and healing
  • Rebirth and lifting of all obstacles
  • Aiding the deceased into the other world
  • Activates the sacral and solar plexus chakras
  • It helps one become more loving despite any challenging circumstances
  • Regency hour is 11:00 PM to 11:19 PM


Hekamiah #16

The summer sun shines brightly, illuminating a path of new opportunities and exciting adventures for you in June. This month, you will step into new responsibilities and leadership roles and foster meaningful relationships. The joyous atmosphere of summer fun welcomes you with open arms, urging you to embrace the challenges ahead.

In navigating these new endeavors, your angel guide for the month is Hekamiah. Hekamiah will be by your side, providing unwavering support in coordination and organization. With the assistance of Hekamiah, you will find the strength to maintain balance and prioritize your commitments effectively. Setting realistic goals, managing time wisely, and remaining disciplined is essential. Remember to take breaks and indulge in self-care, for even the most potent leaders need moments of rest and rejuvenation.

In addition, you can call on Hekamiah for the following guidance and support this month:

  • Developing intuition
  • Overcoming betrayal
  • It grants wealth and uplifting energies
  • Releasing one from negative and lower energy
  • Purifies the body of dark emotions and energies
  • It brings harmony to children and relationships with children
  • Activates the sacral and third eye chakras
  • Regency hour is 5:00 AM to 5:19 AM


Yerathel #27

The vibrant summer energies of June infuse you, Virgo, with a remarkable sense of self-assurance, freedom, and positivity. Guiding you throughout this month is angel Yerathel, a divine presence offering unwavering assistance and serving as an abundant source of revitalizing energy. This angel’s influence extends to multiple facets of your life, including social relationships, teaching, and communication, facilitating enhanced clarity and profound connections.

Angel Yerathel’s divine intervention extends beyond mere guidance. Their angelic presence helps alleviate confusion, creating a clear path for embracing true happiness. As you navigate social interactions, you will effortlessly engage with others, fostering meaningful connections and strengthening bonds.

Additionally, Angel Yerathel’s supportive energy aids you in the following this month:

  • Activates the sacral chakra
  • Communication and teaching
  • It helps one release guilt or regret
  • Aids in clear thinking and tackling difficulties
  • Creating a harmonious and positive atmosphere
  • Regency hour is 8:40 AM to 8:59 AM


Nith-haiah #25

Libra, a refreshing wave of energy surges through your career and professional sector in June as the Sun reaches its zenith. This period heralds a renewed sense of purpose and dynamism in your professional endeavors. June holds significant power for you, as it revolves around mastering spiritual forces, manifesting your desires, experiencing revelations, and accessing profound love and wisdom.

To navigate these transformative changes, the angel Nith-Haiah gracefully guides you throughout the month. Angel Nith-Haiah is a beacon of strength and resilience, offering valuable support during challenging situations. With their divine presence, you are endowed with the gift of tolerance, enabling you to navigate difficulties with poise and grace. This angel’s guidance helps you overcome misfortunes and prevents agitation from derailing your progress. Through their compassionate assistance, you will find the strength to rise above obstacles and maintain your focus on the path toward growth and success.

In addition, you can work with Angel to gain the following support this month:

  • Tranquility and peace
  • Access to one’s life mission through dreams
  • To release anger or conflict in relationships
  • Increased physical strength and mental clarity
  • Activates the sacral and third-eye chakras
  • Regency hour 8:00 AM to 8:19 AM
  • For emotional strength and support, connect with this angel on June 28th


Hahaiah #12

June brings a dynamic and stimulating energy for Scorpio as the summer unfolds, paving the way for exciting adventures and a newfound understanding of the world. The warmth and vibrancy of this season will ignite a fire within you, propelling you towards thrilling experiences that broaden your horizons. However, as the summer fun heats up, you can rely on the divine presence of your angel guide, Hahaiah, to provide you with tranquility and inner harmony.

Hahaiah, your guiding angel, offers you invaluable support during this transformative period. With their gentle presence, they assist you in transcending destructive attitudes and negative tendencies that may hinder your personal growth. Their ethereal energy is a beacon of light, illuminating your path toward positive change and self-improvement. With their assistance, you can harness the power within you to overcome challenges and embrace a more enlightened perspective.

You can also call on Hahaiah for the following support this month:

  • Dissolves aggression
  • Protection and wisdom
  • Increases psychic abilities
  • Aid in interpreting dreams
  • Activates the third eye chakra
  • Overcoming addictions, dependencies, and phobias
  • Inspiration to take care of your inner world and home
  • Regency hour is 3:40 AM to 3:59 AM
  • For added emotional strength and support, connect with this angel on June 15th


Vehuel #49

June is an exciting month, Sagittarius, as it commences with a powerful Full Moon in your sign. This celestial event sets the stage for profound awakenings and realizations, propelling you toward a remarkable journey of elevation and wisdom. Serving as a guiding light during this transformative period is your angel guide, Vehuel, who brings forth inspiration and liberation from instinctive desires.

Vehuel’s presence in your life during June augments your spiritual journey with profound insights and illuminating experiences. Vehuel’s guidance grants the wisdom to discern the proper path toward personal growth and fulfillment. This celestial ally encourages you to explore uncharted territories and embrace fresh perspectives, freeing you from stagnant patterns that may hinder your progress. Throughout the month, expect to encounter numerous opportunities for self-discovery and expansion. Vehuel’s influence encourages you to broaden your horizons, seek knowledge, and engage in meaningful conversations that foster personal and professional development.

In addition, Vehuel can provide the following guidance and support:

  • Enlightenment
  • Meditation and visualization
  • Purification from negative energies
  • Activates the solar plexus and third eye charkas
  • Regency hour is 4:00 PM to 4:19 PM


Lecabel #31

In June, Capricorn, the arrival of the summer solstice is a gentle reminder to honor the stages and cycles of both the seasons and life itself. As The Sun moves into your relationship sector, a significant celestial presence accompanies you throughout this transformative period. The angel Lecabel steps forward to offer its unwavering support, guiding you towards emotional mastery through reason.

With Lecabel’s assistance, you can make informed decisions, plan strategically, and embark on a new level of business success. This celestial energy grants you the foresight and understanding necessary to strategize and plan effectively, enabling you to manifest your professional aspirations.

In addition, Lecabel provides the following assistance and support:

  • Courage and tenacity
  • Aids in managing emotions
  • Strategic business planning
  • Problem-solving to find practical solutions
  • Activates the sacral and solar plexus chakras
  • Regency hour is 10:00 AM to 10:19 AM


Rehael #39

The summer season unfolds, Aquarius, and it ushers in a radiant energy of abundance and a fresh mindset that aligns harmoniously with your dreams and aspirations. This transformative period brings the guidance of the angel Rehael, who serves as your celestial companion throughout June.

Under the guidance of Rehael, you embark on a journey of inner healing and expansion. This divine energy supports your emotional well-being and encourages you to release past traumas or limitations that may hinder your progress. Through Rehael’s influence, you will find the strength and resilience to embrace personal growth, allowing you to step into a higher version of yourself.

In addition, you can call on Rehael for the following guidance and support this month:

  • Increased confidence and stamina
  • Better communication in relationships
  • Healing and emotional and mental regeneration
  • Reestablishes love and understanding amongst family members
  • Activates the solar plexus and throat chakras
  • Regency hour is 12:40 PM to 12:59 PM


Hariel #15

Pisces, June presents you with a profound opportunity for purification and the closure of an old chapter, allowing you to embrace the present moment fully. As you navigate these transformative seasonal changes, the angel Hariel steps forward as your guiding divine presence throughout the month. Hariel shows you the gifts of discernment, inspiration, a deeper connection to spirituality, and liberation from self-destructive habits.

Under Hariel’s angelic guidance, you can discern between what no longer serves your highest good and what aligns with your true path. This heightened discernment empowers you to make wise choices and embrace new opportunities that support your personal and spiritual growth. In addition, Hariel’s energy is a wellspring of inspiration, fueling your creativity and allowing you to channel your inner visions into tangible manifestations.

In addition, you can call on Hariel for the following support this month:

  • Cleansing and clarity
  • Peace through communication
  • Connecting with like-minded individuals, finding your community
  • Assistance in changing unhealthy habits and freeing the body from all impurities
  • Activates the crown and third eye chakras
  • Regency hour is 4:40 AM to 4:49 AM
  • For increased emotional support and healing, connect with this angel on June 18th

Tips for Connecting With Your Angel Guide

Connecting with your angel guide can be transformative and enlightening. Whether seeking guidance, comfort, or a deeper understanding of your life purpose, working with your angel guide can help you access the wisdom and insight you need to move forward.

When we acknowledge the signs of the Universe through our guides, we open our eUniverse field to receive more abundance and prosperity. This strengthens the lines of communication between the physical world and the divine. Remember, you are never alone. Angel guides cheer you on and help you discover the highest version of yourself.

  1. Set aside quiet time for meditation and reflection: Find a peaceful space to relax and focus your attention inward. Clear your mind, breathe deeply, and create an atmosphere of calmness and receptivity.
  2. Practice gratitude and positive affirmations: Express gratitude for the guidance and support of your angel guide. Use affirmations such as “I am open to receiving divine guidance” or “I trust in the wisdom of my angel guide” to reinforce your intention to connect.
  3. Pay attention to synchronicities and signs: Be mindful of the messages and signs that the Universe and your angel guide may be sendiUniverseway. For example, notice repetitive numbers, meaningful coincidences, or intuitive nudges that guide you in a specific direction.
  4. Keep a journal: Write your thoughts, dreams, and experiences related to your angel guide. Reflecting on your spiritual journey can help you gain deeper insights and make connections you might not have noticed otherwise.
  5. Use visualization techniques: Picture yourself surrounded by a loving, protective light and imagine a strong connection with your angel guide. Then, visualizeThen, visualizeThen, visualize conversations, ask questions, and listen for intuitive responses or inner guidance.
  6. Seek out angelic guidance tools: Explore different tools and methods that can help you connect with your angel guides, such as oracle cards, meditations, or angelic music. Find what resonates with you and incorporate these practices into your routine.
  7. Express gratitude: After connecting with your angel guide, express gratitude for their guidance and support. This will deepen your connection and strengthen your relationship with your angel guide.

Embrace the Rest of June

In conclusion, as you navigate the energies of June, it is crucial to remind yourself that your support comes in many forms. The angels, your spiritual guides, emphasize the importance of trusting yourself and your abilities, staying true to your values, and keeping your heart open to love and kindness. Gemini season has ushered in a profound spiritual awakening, bringing forth the new state of consciousness you seek to manifest. It is a time of great potential and transformation.

Remember that angels exist in unseen realms, bridging the gap between the spiritual and physical worlds. They are assigned to your soul’s evolution team, guiding you through your life’s various cycles and seasons. In addition, they represent divine qualities and virtues, acting as a beacon of higher consciousness. They either manifest purely or reflect our distortions, depending on the contents of our internal issues and unconscious memories. Nevertheless, they help us recognize our faults and weaknesses, guiding us to rectify them.

So, maintain your focus on healing and transforming any distortions with the assistance and support of divine guidance. Connect with the energies of this month’s angel guide through practices such as mantras, incense, prayer, or meditation. Create a sacred space by invoking the powers of pure love and light, and welcome the presence of your soul evolution and healing team.

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