Your Eye-Opening June 2022 Energy Forecast

Welcome to June, lovelies!

It’s been a strange few months and one wild ride, but we are fresh out of eclipse season and learning how to embody new codes of the Soul as we travel through the playful waves of the Sun in Gemini into Cancer season.

This month’s energies are prepping us for a large upshift in creative consciousness that will require strength and courage to move forward.

Essentially June is known as the sixth month. Yet, the collective numerology of June 2022 is the number “3” vibrations.

The energy of “3” carries the power of:

  • Self-expression
  • Fertility
  • Wisdom
  • Harmony
  • Creative power
  • Unseen energy

What Can We Expect Astrologically for June 2022?

We are still moving through some major astrological shifts this year, and June will continue to level us up in brand-new ways.

Themes this month represent the beginning of synthesis that brings together and reconciles the conflict between opposing forces in our lives. The Soul’s multidimensional blueprint is expanding, and opportunities emerge under this month’s acceleration embodiment portal, bringing about advanced integration codes.

There is an enormous shift in karmic relationships, playing out through hurt, past imbalances, and soul contracts. Saturn’s retrograde at the beginning of the month is the practice of learning to create loving boundaries and self-discipline in your life.

This month’s collective emotional themes will involve vulnerability, confusion, boundaries, and overload. Yet, mid-month, underneath the Full Moon, you’ll begin to feel more connected to your truth and purpose spiritually.

Summer Solstice brings nourishment with the Sun in Cancer and one powerful reminder—don’t get sucked into drama or conflict if it is not yours. Because of emotional overload, you may feel the urge to distract yourself from being present.

Instead, learn how to release energies and emotions that aren’t yours effectively.

Focus on elevating gratitude for life and creating loving, heartfelt connections with ease and intimacy. Communicating openly and honestly will help you make harmonious and fulfilling connections based on trust and respect.

It’s time to be authentic and genuine in all your endeavors.

So, with that said, let’s explore the astrology of June 2022.

Read all about the major and minor transits for June 2022 now.

What are the Major Transits Happening in June?

June 3rd: Mercury Direct

Tangible Ideas Take Hold

After an eventful and dramatic retrograde, Mercury stations direct 26 degrees in Taurus. The change from beginning retrograde in an Air sign and ending in an Earth sign represents the grounding and stabilization of our higher mind in the sacred presence of the heart.

Here, we begin to take things more practically and slowly.

When Mercury clashes with Saturn later this month, minor arguments, challenges, limitations, and authority issues will appear. It is vital to discern what information at this time is helpful to you and what is not.

The hard work you put in now is sure to be worth it in the long run.

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June 4th: Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

Time for Restructuring Traditional Structures

Saturn, the taskmaster, goes retrograde 25 degrees in Aquarius, prompting a radical awakening and shifting of power on this Universal number seven day that carries the frequency of self-awareness, wisdom, and inner magic.

Saturn retrograde represents a phase of karmic rebalancing and facing the blocks that hold you back from stepping up and taking responsibility for your life. Saturn’s retrograde will encourage the collective to slow down and think about our priorities. It illuminates critical lessons that will prepare us for a new level of self-discipline and Soul growth.

Aquarius is the eccentric Air sign with a vision for independence and the force of social change. This four and half month period is a time of embodying the lessons you’ve learned with discipline, patience, and humility- stepping up and being the best version of yourself.

The Sun will form a harmonious trine to Saturn mid-month, while Venus clashes with Saturn a few days after. This energy helps you grow from your fears and limitations into the most authentic version of yourself.

On the other hand, Venus’s influence may hinder or stir issues within your relationships with others. Therefore, you should take things slow, examine, and reassess before moving forward.

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June 7th: First Quarter Moon in Virgo into Libra

The First Quarter Moon is a 90-degree square between the Moon and the Sun that represents a time of testing and making good on our New Moon promises. Half the Moon shines bright, while the other half hides in the darkness.

As a result, there is a desire to build, create, stabilize, and grow as light increases.

This month’s First Quarter Phase in Virgo will form a beautiful trine to Uranus and the North Node, making it a very productive time to clear out any unnecessary clutter and take the necessary action to achieve goals.

For your New Moon vision to be secure, you must clear away the obstacles. Emotional sensitivity can block the forward motion of your dreams.

So, be sure to check in with your feelings and take it easy to avoid possible headaches or nervous tension. A New Moon ritual will help you focus on the outcome you want.

June 11th: Venus Uranus Conjunction

The Heart Awakens

Venus, the Goddess, and the Great awakener are tightly conjunct in a brand-new cycle that activates the awakened heart. This conjunction is a tremendous awakening that will generate a new frequency for the planet.

This year, Venus and Uranus have been on an influential journey, both stationing direct back in January. They are now initiating the spark of the eternal light, carrying us toward heart-centered connections.

You can expect this influence to bring excitement and sudden change: possible new creative and romantic movements and unexpected shifts in the economy.

June 13th: Mercury Direct enters Gemini

A Time for Reconciling Polarities

Mercury continues to trace its steps forward, moving back into its home sign of Gemini. Here, we have a fantastic opportunity to reassess retrograde lessons and bring balance to the duality of the mind.

There’s been a series of dramatic events and changes within structures of relationships and society. Mercury retrograde opened a doorway into the underworld of the collective unconscious.

Post-retrograde shadow ends June 18th, providing immense clarity, empowerment, and strengthened communication.

Now is when you apply and assimilate the insights and research from the previous phase. Once you grasp the wholeness of everything, you can shift your mind toward the present moment.

Expect an outpouring of messages to flood the airwaves and take root in the higher mind.

June 14th: Full Moon in Sagittarius

Be Inspired by Truth

Last month’s Full Moon acted as a powerful agent of transformation that ushered us beyond the veil and into the realm of the unknown. Now, June’s Full Moon comes in like a cosmic dose of joy, faith, optimism, and hope for the future.

In Sagittarius, the sacred ceremonial bonfire, June’s Full Moon invites us to realize we are free to write our lives and express them in the way we seem fit. Unfortunately, we often become confined to social constructs and views, unable to understand our truth; this is your cosmic breakthrough.

The Full Moon will also tightly conjunct the Galactic Center, delivering new revelations that will lead you on a new path that better fits your higher blueprint.

This Moon was also connected to the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius in December 2021. So, you can expect to wrap up significant themes as you learn how to take personal accountability that will steer dynamic change in your life.

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June 15th: Venus and the Nodes, Mars, and Chiron

A Time for Reevaluating Relationships

After an expansive Full Moon, Venus forms a new cycle with the nodes of dharma and karma, while Mars and Chiron help us become more passionate about issues surrounding unhealed wounds.

While opposing the South Node, Venus’s conjunction with the North Node stimulates your sense of density and purpose in life. The transcendental point of this transit blesses relationships with commitment, growth, and mutual support.

At the same time, Mars and Chiron aspects are opportunities to release inner aggression and learn how to work with the energy to achieve your goals in healthy ways.

June 20th: Last Quarter Moon Pisces into Aries

The Last Quarter Moon phase is a time in the Lunar cycle to follow up and complete activities while taking closing action. Darkness heightens at this time, signifying a powerful release and shedding of the past self.

In addition, psychic sensitivity enhances as the Moon moves through Pisces into Aries.

June 21st: Summer Solstice, Sun in Cancer

Get Ready to be Transported into Higher Consciousness

Summer is heating up in more ways than one, marking a dynamic passage that requires resilience, refinement, and the courage to surrender. Today, the Summer Solstice activates the start of Cancer season and the transition from action to nourishment, or logic to intuition.

Summer Solstice allows us to harness and reflect on the energies we’ve cultivated since Spring, transmute the darkness with light, and trust that just as the Sun rises, we too shall rise again.

The cycle of the Sun reflects the nature of energy moving inward and outward. And the integration of light and dark with the Sun in Cancer reminds us of the importance of nourishment, rest, and self-care.

We’ve had some pretty significant shifts this year that make it easy to fall victim to anxiety and worry. So, it’s crucial to nurture yourself.

The Sun clashes with Chiron during Cancer season and gently connects with Uranus and the Nodes. Remember, you’ve laid the foundation. All you need is to nurture it and find purpose within its process.

Happy Cancer Season!

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June 22nd: Venus enters Gemini

Double Diamond Activation

Venus takes the heart on a multifaceted journey when entering Gemini on Wednesday, June 22nd.

In esoteric astrology, Venus is the Soul ruler of Gemini, representing beauty, poise, and the enlightenment of humanity. This influence allows the personality to embrace its higher self at a spiritual level.

At a physical level, whenever Venus flies through Gemini, there’s a constant need for stimulation and communication to remain satisfied in connections and intimate relationships. Familiar situations are dull and may seem tedious, as Gemini brings a sense of excitement and spontaneity to life.

June 28th: Neptune Retrograde in Pisces & New Moon in Cancer

The Spiritual Veil is Lifted

Finally, the month ends with major cosmic shifts when Neptune goes retrograde in its home sign of Pisces during the New Moon in Cancer.

Neptune Retrogrades are typically powerful cycles that lift the veil and deliver us toward the highest expression of light and truth. These are busy periods to avoid attachments to illusions, false dreams, and realities.

Neptune tends to strip away everything that has clouded your vision, making you come face to face with reality. Often, that realization is painful and creates extreme methods of escape.

At the same time, the New Moon in Cancer is an extra dose of heart energy and nurturing truth to help you get through emotionally confusing times.

A New Moon is an excellent time in the Lunar cycle to lay the groundwork for what you want to manifest in the coming months. It’s a strong entry point that teaches us to manage the darkness and still shine.

Cancer is the light of cosmic creation, intuition, and the force of emotional power in astrology. Cancer’s journey to inner harmony is an important lesson that teaches us to fully feel all our emotions without judging or holding on to them.

This New Moon provides nurturing care through intense times of change. At this time, the New Moon will be locked in a harsh square to Jupiter and Chiron, suggesting an emotional breakthrough that will allow us to heal wounds surrounding self-identity, cultural and spiritual beliefs, and ancestral trauma.

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Energy Tips for June

Although the surface of energetic shifts this month seems choppy, slightly frightening, and turbulent. When you detach from the mainland drama and spend time in solitude, you access the power of your inner knowing and ride the wave of trust.

This month’s oracle card is “Temple of Black Obsidian,” the dark healing chamber brought to you by the Isis Oracle Deck.

While much of the journey may seem to deal with confronting the external enemy, the actual journey resides in engaging with our dark self or shadow side.

The temple of black obsidian is a sacred healing chamber that offers lasting transformation. Like many themes of June, the biggest challenge in this chamber is to bring light to the part of us hidden from our awareness.

This oracle invites you to step into the chamber of honest, raw love. When the heart is willing to love unconditionally and not become overwhelmed or consumed by darkness, the gateway to the Light chamber opens up for you.

June’s ascension energies encourage us to create strong and healthy emotional boundaries.

Make productive use of this energy by:

  • Letting love in
  • Emotionally detoxing
  • Spending time connecting with your passion and purpose
  • Connecting deeper to your intuition, inspiration, clarity, and truth
  • Purifying the body through exercise, drinking fresh fruits and vegetable juices, smoothies, water, and tea

Overall, June signals a beautiful cohesiveness and balance of forces. It’s time to get clear about your values and beliefs, so you can make choices that will help you stay true to who you are.

Trust the process and know that your frequency, clarity, and state of alignment are the most powerful things in your life that you have to create.

With love, June.

Read all about the major and minor transits happening in June 2022 now.
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