10 Vital Affirmations for Aquarius Season

Even though the bold and eccentric Aquarius season may always have some element of predictability and maintain a wildcard status, there will be no other time quite like Aquarius season in 2022.

The progressive water-bearer will be ruling the skies until February 19th, making the bulk of February quite the Aquarian storm.

Whether or not you struggle with this Airy sign, are an Aquarius yourself, or generally tend to vibe with Aquarian energy, affirmations can help anyone and everyone align with the flow of the moment.

Let’s discover more about Aquarius energy and see what affirmations may help us get in tune with the radical water-bearer.

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What is Aquarius Energy?

Radical, progressive, and a bit of a wildcard, Aquarius traits and tendencies will tend to lean towards the side of eccentric whenever possible.

Like fellow Air signs Libra and Gemini, Aquarius energy is social and people-oriented, keeping others at the heart of whatever they do. However, Aquarius can also ironically be known as more of the lone-wolf type than its Airy peers. How Aquarius conducts their social affairs is a little unique — go figure.

This is because Aquarian energy loves people as a collective more than one-on-one, seeing the big picture as a Fixed sign. This means that Aquarius qualities also tend to be more idealistic, community-focused, and also easily lend themselves to activist causes.

As a result, Aquarius season tends to be full of a weird balance between individuality and independence mixed with socialization and humanitarian thought.

And if you can roll with the dual nature of this energy instead of trying to lean only into one, you may be able to accomplish not just your goals but make meaningful contributions to the goals of your community and loved ones as well.

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10 Vital Affirmations for Aquarius Season

1. “I Embrace My Eccentricities & Quirks.”

Part of the Aquarian charm is, of course, the uniqueness and eccentricity that its energy can bring to the table.

It’s easy to feel out of the loop or have your unique qualities enhanced more during Aquarius season because of this. This affirmation centers these traits as a positive so that you can thrive within this energy rather than feel averse to it!

2. “I Pay Attention to the Needs of Others.”

As natural humanitarians and social creatures, Aquarius water-bearers tend to pay close attention to what the world and their close communities are in need of.

This Aquarius season, this affirmation can help you embrace this tendency and allow you to focus on what the world around you needs. With those intentions at heart, you can inspire and create great good in your communities!

3. “I Nurture & Care for My Own Needs.”

Likewise, it’s still important that you remember to take care of yourself as much as you do others.

Sometimes Aquarian energy can get you too caught up in what others are needing, so this affirmation keeps it all in balance by ensuring you’re taken care of as well!

4. “I Am Universally & Divinely Connected.”

Spiritual, radical, and expansively-thinking, Aquarian energy thrives when we consider how everything is connected.

By reminding yourself of how you are connected to the Universe or just the wider collective of humanity, you can feel at peace with this Aquarian tendency.

5. “My Intentions & Plans Are Pure & Meaningful.”

The Aquarius skill of attaching themselves devotedly to one cause is powerful.

This affirmation makes sure that whatever you choose to dedicate yourself to and fight for this 2022 Aquarius season will be in the name of something positive, pure, and well-intended.

It also supports your belief and firmness in your goals and ideas and affirms that they have great good to provide the world!

6. “My Independence Supports Me.”

As we know, Aquarius habits can sometimes lean into lone-wolf tendencies—it is easy to feel lonely when Aquarius season rolls around.

However, this affirmation reminds you of the importance and power of your independence. True radical and revolutionary ideas will need independent minds, thinkers, and leaders, after all!

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7. “I Find Beauty in the Small Stuff.”

As much as with Aquarius season, we must see the bigger picture. It can be easy to get so caught up in the large image at times that we forget what is right in front of us.

Use this affirmation to support your ability to see the beauty in the small things in your day-to-day life as well.

8. “I See Worldly Obstacles As Opportunities For Change.”

Part of the dilemma of seeing so much of the big picture is that you can also easily see where there is so much wrong. This can easily be a vehicle for negative thinking, which won’t send you down a constructive or helpful path.

With this affirmation, you can instead frame this awareness of pain or turmoil in the world as opportunities for you to create change and make a difference!

9. “I Encourage Others’ Individuality & Freedom.”

Embracing your own unique qualities, quirks, and traits is even better when combined with embracing the same thing in others.

When you can see differences in others as positive and important to the development of humanity and the world as a whole, that’s healthy Aquarian thinking!

Use this affirmation to make the process a smooth and easy one.

10. “I Am Unique, Radical, & Dynamic.”

Finally, use this affirmation to center yourself on some of the best Aquarius qualities.

After all, without the uniqueness, radical ideas, and dynamic expansion that Aquarius energy and season brings to the table, the world would be a lot less bright.

Remembering These Aquarian Affirmations

There will always be an element of unpredictability to Aquarius season. After all, this sign of incredible change and expansion would demand no less!

That said, affirmations like these can help you feel at peace with whatever these unpredictable changes might be, or perhaps even get you to create your own with more confidence and ease.

Use them throughout Aquarius season in whatever way is meaningful and powerful to you — journaling them, verbally repeating them, or whatever else!

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