Your August 2023 Angel Card Reading

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August brings us through a massive quantum leap to heal old stories and transcend old narratives.

This season is about having faith and opening to the wonders of the Universe while welcoming the new into your life. As the fire of Leo season blazes, it aids our ambitions and goals, igniting our spirits with determination and passion. Meanwhile, the Sun’s movement into Virgo brings a season of harvest and grounding, encouraging us to reap the fruits of our labor and find stability amidst the cosmic waves.

This month, our angelic allies act as guiding lights, illuminating our path and offering immense support and guidance to help us move forward and consciously shape a better future. As we navigate the astrological shifts of August, their presence becomes a source of comfort, compassion, and strength, soothing our souls during emotionally charged moments.

Connecting with our angelic companions allows us to tap into their wisdom, love, and guidance, providing confidence to navigate the tumultuous waves of transformation. It’s a source of comfort, compassion, and support during these emotionally charged moments, offering solace and strength as we navigate the depths of our feelings.

So, let’s explore this month’s angel guidance for each zodiac sign to uncover who guides you through August’s astrological transits.

Your Angel Card for August 2023


Nanael #53

With Leo season in full swing, the fiery energy of the Lion bolsters your confidence and ignites your passion, propelling you forward toward your aspirations. And with the North Node in your sign, you are experiencing a new energy, infusing your life with a sense of purpose and direction.

To help you navigate the abundant energies of August, the angel Nanael steps forth as your guiding ally. Nanael is a powerful celestial being, supporting you in connecting with your inner world and spiritual essence. This angelic guide inspires meditation, encouraging you to delve deeper into your spiritual practice and enhance your connection with the divine realms.

Nanael also aids in the following this month:

  • Powerful communication
  • Heals trauma of the ego
  • Great charm and confidence
  • Ability to better discern
  • Greater connection to spirituality
  • Regency hour 5:20 PM to 5:39 PM


Mihael #48

August brings you a deep sense of inner and outer peace. The challenges that once caused turmoil in your heart now give way to a tranquil serenity. Mihael’s soothing energies support you by creating a harmonious balance. If you have been experiencing issues in your relationships, Mihael will help bring about material peace and fidelity.

Angel Mihael’s presence amplifies the manifestation process, turning your dreams into tangible realities. This empowering angel also invites you to explore and embrace your sexuality. Mihael’s energies encourage a deeper connection to your sensual nature, allowing you to celebrate and honor this aspect of yourself. As you embrace your sexuality with confidence and self-assurance, you’ll experience a newfound sense of liberation and empowerment.

You can also work with Mihael for the following support this month:

  • Improves communication and relationship issues
  • Greater ease in associations and partnerships
  • Increased clairvoyance and improved perception
  • Regency hour is 3:40 PM to 3:59 PM
  • Activates and supports the function of a healthy heart and sacral charka


Nemamiah #57

As you enter August, the celestial energies lead you on a delightful journey of new beginnings, romance, and fun. This vibrant and exciting period promises a kaleidoscope of experiences to savor and enjoy.

To aid you in navigating this thrilling chapter of your life, your angel guide, Nemamiah, stands ready to support you with the gift of discernment. With Nemamiah’s presence, you can make wise decisions and see the world with greater clarity and understanding.

As you move through August, expect to experience greater freedom and liberation in all aspects of your life. With Nemamiah by your side, you will break free from any limiting beliefs or habits that have held you back in the past. Embrace this newfound sense of liberation of your true power and potential.

For additional support, you can work with Nemamiah on the following:

  • To help reveal the cause and rectify problems
  • Cleanses and aligns the solar plexus and throat chakra
  • Hard work and receiving the recognition you deserve
  • To help fix communication issues during arguments
  • Strength in the face of challenges or difficulties
  • It helps one overcome fatigue
  • To aid in manifesting prosperity and success in all areas of life
  • Regency hour 6:40 PM to 6:59 PM


Habuhiah #68

This month brings a newfound capacity to restructure your life and adjust your vision, aligning harmoniously with your goals and aspirations.

During Leo season, your attention turns to financial matters, prompting you to look closer at your monetary affairs and explore ways to enhance your financial stability. When Virgo season takes the stage, your attention shifts to communication and thought processes. This period encourages you to fine-tune your ideas, articulate your thoughts precisely, and communicate effectively with others.

To help you navigate any lingering and pesky emotions that might arise during these transformative times, the angel Habuhiah guides you throughout the month. This angelic presence is a soothing balm for your soul, restoring balance and harmony after facing challenges. With Habuhiah by your side, you’ll experience a profound healing process, allowing you to release emotional burdens and embrace a greater sense of love and compassion.

In addition, Habuhiah provides the following support:

  • Healing
  • Prosperity
  • Connection to metaphysics, spiritual healing, and esoteric studies
  • Regency hour 10:20 PM to 10:39 PM
  • Activates and supports the function of a healthy throat chakra
  • Emotional power day is August 12th


Yehuiah #33

As you celebrate your birthday season this August, the cosmos usher in a highly transformational and abundant period. The celestial energies signal a new cycle of growth and prosperity, urging you to close out the old and welcome the new with open arms. Guiding you through this profound metamorphosis is the angel Yehuiah, a divine presence that inspires unwavering confidence and fortitude during these times of change.

Yehuiah’s essence empowers you to gracefully let go of the past or navigate through high-tension situations that may arise. This is a period of karmic realignment, where past actions and intentions manifest into tangible outcomes. Be mindful of the energy you put out into the world, for it will find its way back. Embrace the changes that occur as part of this cosmic process and remain open to learning valuable lessons from every experience.

In addition to the throat and third eye chakra activations, Yehuiah also provides the following support this month:

  • It allows one to work well with others and understand good or just authority. Inspires loyalty in relationships and fidelity to what is honest. Supports altruistic initiates and leads to a sense of duty.
  • It gives rise to scientific discoveries and helps you understand the structure of situations, a business company, or a mission. Enhances the capacity to plan projects and assume significant responsibilities
  • Connect with Yehuiah from 10:40 AM to 10:59 AM for intellectual guidance and support.


Umabel #61

August is here, heralding the arrival of your season and bringing a wave of transformative energy and positive change. However, this month is not only about celebrating another trip around the Sun; it also marks a significant event as your ruling planet Mercury goes direct at the beginning of your season.

This celestial occurrence aligns with the angel Umabel, who guides you towards a profound awareness of self, enabling you to delve deep into your subconscious and unconscious mind to uncover your true motives and desires.

Umabel’s presence encourages you to shift your focus from fears or challenges in your family or friendships to a more empowered outlook. Embrace the opportunity to direct your destiny towards a path of happiness and fulfillment. The Universe supports your personal growth and encourages you to let go of old patterns and limiting beliefs that may have held you back in the past.

Umabel activates the heart and solar plexus chakra. Call on it for the following this month:

  • To become more ambitious and to learn about your subconscious mind to find new solutions to attract good luck. It increases your capacity to learn and retain material, enables you to discover the unknown through the known, helps bring harmony into friendships, and strengthens bonds.
  • Access intellectual power and support between 8:00 PM to 8:19 PM.


Leuviah #19

Welcome to the vibrant month of August, beautiful Libra. The month begins with an innovative Full Moon, activating your creative and romantic side, leaving you buzzing with ideas. Leuviah, the guiding angel of this month, steps in to help you navigate the energies with patience and grace. Leuviah’s presence empowers you to let go of any emotional baggage and master your emotions, allowing you to approach situations with a balanced and composed demeanor.

Expect your creative instincts to heighten and your artistic endeavors to flourish. Use this creative energy to express yourself freely and explore new avenues of self-expression. Whether art, writing or any other creative outlet, allow the world to inspire you. Additionally, the Full Moon’s influence may bring romantic opportunities into your life.

Leuviah also activates and supports the function of a healthy sacral and third eye chakra. You can call on the angel for the following this month:

  • Mastering emotions and maintaining composure
  • Nurturing creativity and artistic expression
  • Embracing patience in challenging situations
  • Opening up to romantic opportunities
  • Providing strength to overcome obstacles
  • Regency hour is 6:00 AM to 6:19 AM


Achaiah #7

Welcome to a brand-new month, sassy Scorpio. August brings a heightened focus on your career and home life, infusing you with new energy to make significant changes. To navigate these transformative energies, the angel Achaiah steps forth, offering guidance with patience and fostering a deeper connection to your inner truth.

With Achaiah’s presence, you will find the strength to navigate career transitions and home adjustments with composure and wisdom. This angelic guide will empower you to make well-informed decisions and tap into your intuition to ensure your choices align with your authentic self.

Achaiah activates and supports the function of a healthy crown and solar plexus chakra. You can work with this angel to gain the following this month:

  • Supporting you in seeking harmony and balance between work and family responsibilities
  • Instilling a sense of purpose and direction in your professional endeavors
  • Offering protection and guidance during times of uncertainty
  • Nurturing your emotional well-being to maintain stability and focus
  • Inspiring a positive attitude and outlook to manifest your desires effectively
  • Regency hour is 2:00 AM to 2:19 AM
  • For emotional support, connect with this angel on August 24th


Mitzreal #60

Welcome to a fiery season, sexy Sag! The energy of August ignites a new adventure in your life, unveiling hidden gifts and talents you have yet to explore. As you embark on this thrilling journey, the angel Mitzreal gracefully guides you through the month, providing unwavering support to help you navigate any mental stressors or issues that may arise.

During this time, you’ll feel inspired to embrace novelty and seek new experiences. As you delve into uncharted territories, Mitzreal’s guidance will encourage you to trust your instincts and explore the depths of your abilities.

Mitzreal cleanses and supports the function of a healthy solar plexus and throat chakra. You can work with this angel on the following this month:

  • Repairing one’s life after a significant change
  • Overcoming difficulties in accepting one’s mistakes
  • Interest in psychology and technology
  • Assists in dealing with conflict to bring peace
  • Regency hour is 7:40 PM to 7:59 PM


Daniel #50

Welcome to a new season, ambitious Capricorn. The energies align in August, bringing a harmonious and successful period in all areas of your life. To aid you in navigating these transformative energies, the angel Daniel steps in, guiding you to make healthy decisions, gain clarity, and communicate with truth. Throughout this month, you will find yourself in a state of balance and harmony, which will positively impact various aspects of your life.

With Daniel’s guidance, you will gain insight into making decisions that align with your highest good. Trust your instincts and draw upon your innate wisdom to discern the best plan of action in personal and professional endeavors.

Daniel cleanses and supports the healthy function of the solar plexus and third eye. You can work with this angel for the following this month:

  • Increased interest in music, singing, speech, and arts
  • Making healthy decisions in various aspects of life
  • Gaining clarity and insight into situations and opportunities
  • Providing guidance in setting and achieving new goals
  • Assisting in resolving conflicts with honesty and integrity
  • Regency hour is 4:20 PM to 4:39 PM


Rehael #39

Welcome to August, Aquarius. The month commences with a powerful Full Moon in your sign, signaling a time ripe for changes and new beginnings. To support you through this transformative portal, the angel Rehael steps forward, offering guidance in cultivating trust and confidence and facilitating healing to overcome anxiety.

Rehael’s presence will empower you to trust in yourself and the unfolding of the Universe’s divine plan. This newfound trust will help you navigate change with trust and embrace the unknown with a sense of adventure.

Rehael supports the function of a healthy solar plexus and throat chakra. You can work with this angel for the following this month:

  • Navigating through transitions and uncertainties with courage
  • Releasing emotional burdens and healing old wounds
  • Overcoming anxiety and fears about the future
  • Facilitating emotional healing and nurturing well-being
  • Guiding in making empowering decisions
  • Regency hour is 12:40 PM to 12:59 PM


Leuviah #19

August brings powerful changes into your life, dear Pisces, as it culminates with a Full Moon in your sign. During this period, the Universe urges you to overcome past hurt, bitterness, and loss, stepping into a newfound sense of happiness and success. To help you navigate this transformative energy, the angel Leuviah steps forth, guiding you to remember your life’s purpose and master your emotions.

Embrace the changes that come your way, for they hold the potential to propel you toward personal growth and fulfillment. Leuviah’s presence will empower you to release any lingering pain or resentment from the past, enabling you to move forward with a lighter heart and a clear vision for your future.

This angel guide cleanses and supports the function of a healthy sacral and third eye chakra. Leuviah will also help you with the following this month:

  • Overcoming past hurt, bitterness, loss, and sadness
  • Embracing powerful changes and transformations in life
  • Seeking clarity and direction for the future
  • Releasing emotional burdens and finding inner healing
  • Regency hour is 6:00 AM to 6:19 AM

Embrace the Rest of August

In conclusion, support surrounds you in myriad ways. The angels, your spiritual guides, stress the significance of unwavering trust in yourself and your innate abilities, the commitment to your core values, and the unyielding openness of your heart.

Angels exist beyond the veil and serve as ethereal bridges between the boundless spiritual realms and the tangible physical world. They stand as integral players in the grand symphony of your soul’s evolution, expertly guiding you through diverse cycles and seasons of life. These divine beings embody sacred qualities and virtues, illuminating the way as radiant beacons of higher consciousness. Their manifestations, be they in pure form or as reflections of our imperfections, gently unveil our faults and vulnerabilities, guiding us resolutely towards self-improvement and healing.

So, maintain your focus, blend your intentions with their divine guidance, and allow their presence to uplift and inspire you throughout August. Embrace the profound connection between the spiritual and physical realms, and trust in the transformative journey ahead.

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