October Numerology Brings New Beginnings

We are at an interesting point in the year, friends, as we are just a few short months away from the end of 2019. We are already thinking about the holiday season, and with that often comes the thoughts of a new year ahead. And with THAT, we begin thinking about this year and whether or not we’ve accomplished our 2019 goals. Have you? Don’t think about resolutions that didn’t last, but really think about where you were this time last year, and where you want to be… this time next year in 2020.

One divination tool that we can use to help us in this reflection process is the tool of numerology. Every month of every calendar year is accompanied by a theme of numerology and the energy vibrations of the number of that month. October 2019 is no different! October carries with it the theme of number 10, which in numerology breaks down to number 1. Number 1 is a master number that you can use to be the master of your Fate this month.

Here’s your formula; it’s simple: 1 + 4 = October 2019.

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October Numerology – New Beginnings

October numerology is all about new beginnings. This is fitting as we just launched a brand new season under the Cardinal sign of Libra. When the Sun entered Libra in September, a new cycle began.

Now we are in October and we are really watching some of those new beginnings from last month take hold, while seeing new ones ushered in. And October’s numerology of number one ties into all of that, with the power of intuition and leadership combined with new chapters helping you to really clinch those October 2019 goals.

October is the tenth month of the year and so to get to its numerology themes we need to break down the number 10. In numerology, we always break down 2 digit numbers into one digit by adding them together – 1 + 0 = 1. So October is always a month to launch some new beginnings.

Also in numerology, the number 1 resonates with the themes and energies of higher-level intuition, new beginnings, leadership, and really following the straight and narrow in life. 1’s of the world that have a life path 1 are always working to take charge in their life and in the lives of others.

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In October, we are resonating like life path 1’s a little bit. We want to use our intuition to take charge of our life. Also at this time of year we have the veil between our world and the Other Side a little thinner than usual as we get into the throes of Fall. That intuition is sending you a powerful message now, or maybe several.

What is your intuition saying?

If you are hoping to get to some real 2019 goals accomplished this month, make a list. Take charge of it. Number each item on the list in terms of what order you want those goals done, and then set a date on the calendar to do them by. Whether you have 20 items or 2, you’re on fire now for those new beginnings. Use your existing foundations of your year, and build on that.

And, thankfully, the numerology of October 2019 is going to help you do just that.

October 2019 Numerology – Building on Foundations

In addition to the energies of the number 10, October 2019 also has the energy of the number 4. We get this by adding up all of the numbers in the month, in the same way we add up all of the numbers in our birthday to get our life path number. Use this free life path number calculator to see this for yourself.

So for October 2019, we are adding up the digits of the tenth month of the year 2019. So that is 10 plus 2019 which needs to be broken down into single digits through addition like this:

1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 13 = 1 + 3 = 4

Now we have the energies that are like life path 4 merging with the energies of number 1 in October 2019. The energy of number 4 is very much like the fourth house in astrology, which rules your roots and the foundation of your life. That generally refers to either our actual home building, or the family or people that construct the foundations of our lives.

Most of our goals in any given year are all about serving our family’s needs. Even paying for the building we sleep in that we call home serves this function, even if you live alone. But at the same time, as we start thinking about the holiday season, more and more family stuff is at the top of our mind.

So take this energy from October, which is 1 using intuition and leadership, and combine it with the energy of numerology 4 which is foundations and family. Then work on the foundations you want to build new beginnings for the people that you love the most.

Even though 2019 may be almost over, it is never too late to launch new goals, or plan new things to help you get closer to them. Build on the foundations that you have already started today.

What foundations are you building on? What foundations CAN you build on?

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Final Thoughts…

We are wrapping up the year 2019 and in October we see the end of the tunnel. This brings with it some powerful energies in a month where the veil between the Other Side and this one is very thin. Use the powers of numerology and the number 1 this month to tap into that intuition and unlock your potential to launch true progress towards your goals. Start using your life path number and past life number today during this intensely spiritual period. Get your free past life number calculated now.

Then, discover the energies of numerology 4 symbolizing October 2019 and stack those goals in the middle of the foundations and support system that surrounds you. When you do, you are unstoppable, this month, and beyond. It’s never too late to be the Captain of your Fate. Nothing says that by December 31 you need to be the most successful person in the world, either. Take your time. But, start now. What goals are you working on this month?

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