10 Affirmations for Ambitious Capricorn Season

Being both the last stretch of 2021 and the simultaneous kick-off for 2022, Capricorn season can easily feel like a huge “make or break” moment for many of us.

The pressure to check off any final boxes for 2021 coupled with the desire to set any exciting New Year’s resolutions may be high, but don’t worry — the energy of the wise old goat is actually here to help!

However, without knowledge of how the intensity of Capricorn energy can feel or look like, it’s not strange for Capricorn season to be overwhelming… even if you are a Capricorn yourself.

That’s where affirmations can come in and make a huge difference! With both a newfound perspective on what Capricorn season really is like and 10 effective affirmations in your support system, you’ll be ready to face this ambitious astrological weather with no problem.

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What is Capricorn Energy?

Ambitious, strong-willed, responsible, and practical, to be a Capricorn is to know what a true work ethic is! Much like its fellow Earth signs (Taurus and Virgo), Capricorn energy values good work and, as a result, easily acquires great rewards.

Capricorn also sports a Cardinal quality, meaning that leadership abilities and true ambition come much easier to the wise old goat. So, while Capricorns may seem cold and brooding, we know that deep down is plenty of passion and determination to get the job done.

And with the anxious but responsible influence of Saturn, Capricorn season essentially puts work at the forefront of everything you do. You can expect to get much done in Capricorn season, but you’ll have to balance this energy out as well.

In other words: work hard and play hard!

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10 Affirmations for Ambitious Capricorn Season

1. “I Carry Only What I Can Hold.”

The ambition and dedication of us all when Capricorn season rolls around can be truly beneficial for any projects, work-related matters, or even getting relationship goals checked off.

However, it’s also easy to bite off more than you can chew with this energy. This affirmation assures that you only pick up the workload that you can actually handle.

2. “I Work Well With & Without Others.”

This affirmation compliments what Capricorn already does very well as a Cardinal sign, giving orders and organizing independently.

However, it also acknowledges what can be a bit more difficult with the old goat’s energy — allowing others to work with, and not just for you. By affirming both, you can make sure that the balance is kept between leading and being a team player this Capricorn season.

3. “My Work Holds Inherent Value.”

Sometimes the gold at the end of the rainbow is particularly appealing, and rest assured that Capricorn energy can help you get there.

On the other hand, it’s just as important to remember that your hard work and dedication have inherent value whether or not you reach the ultimate goal that you had your eye on. With this affirmation, you can pat yourself on the back — rightfully so! — no matter the outcome.

4. My Sense of Responsibility is Strong & Reliable.”

With this, you can simply affirm what we know to be extremely true with Capricorn energy — much power comes from reliability and responsibility.

Sure, sometimes it’s easier said than done to fulfill the obligations we wish to keep, but this affirmation may just help you stay on the right track!

5. “I Enjoy the Present Moment.”

This isn’t to say that the future goals and ideas that you have aligned aren’t worth your time — no doubt, they probably are!

That being said, one common Capricorn pitfall is getting too stuck on the future. With this affirmation, you can stay present and happy with what you have and enjoy the process just as much as you will enjoy the future rewards.

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6. “Changes Do Not Shake Me.”

If there is one thing we know to be for certain in life, it’s that nothing can always be certain.

Change is an inevitability, especially with Saturn — the planet of a few things, but notably karma — sharing its influence over the skies thanks to Capricorn season. Repeat this affirmation to help you keep your cool as these changes come in with the tide.

7. “I Embrace Vulnerability & Openness.”

The stereotype that Capricorns come off as cold and overly work-oriented may be extreme, but it’s not always entirely unfounded. It’s just so easy to slip into a deep work zone and grind!

As a result, it can be hard for us to open up and share what’s on our minds with Capricorn energy in the air. Use this affirmation to help you ease into sharing your thoughts, feelings, and even anxieties with the people around you.

8. “Anxiety Rolls Off of My Shoulders With Ease.”

Of all the signs, Capricorn is one of the most anxious. This intensity and laser-like focus that Capricorn energy possesses are surely helpful for getting work done, but it also can create a huge pile of anxiety.

Rather than refusing to acknowledge anxiety or trying to avoid it altogether (which is easier said than done), this affirmation holds space for whatever unease you may be experiencing.

Then, when you’re ready, it also allows for releasing it all together!

9. “I Am More Than My Work.”

As great as it is to use Capricorn energy to get things done, sometimes we need the reminder that there is more to life than what we accomplish. Yes, work is important, but it definitely shouldn’t be everything all the time!

This affirmation centers you on living freely and embracing life and yourself just as is.

10. “I Am Resilient, Skilled, & Capable.”

Finally, use this affirmation to remind yourself of some of the best aspects of Capricorn energy that is simply found within.

Speak this affirmation into the world boldly and proudly in your preferred method of using affirmations. Then, watch as you show off the best sides of Capricorn energy effortlessly on a day-to-day basis!

Taking Charge With Affirmations

The intensity of Capricorn energy may seem initially… daunting.

It can definitely be difficult to attempt the balancing act of working hard but not getting too involved in your work to the point where the weight on your shoulders becomes too much to bear.

Nonetheless, Capricorn season truly does come with good intentions and blessings. With the hardworking and dedicated energy of the goat at your disposal, these affirmations will ensure that you utilize the very best aspects of the Capricorn spirit!

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