The Best Divination Tool for You, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered what the best divination tool is for your Chinese Zodiac sign?

Perhaps not, but it is a fascinating topic and one which can undoubtedly help you, depending on what sign you are!

Divination is a method of predicting the future. It is not for answering questions such as, “Will I win the lottery?” or “What will be the name of the person I will marry?” but divination tools can be used more like guidance and advice that can help lead you in the right direction.

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Do I Have to Have Psychic Ability to Use Divination?

Hey, everyone has a psychic ability to some degree! It’s just a question of tapping into it. It takes a combination of intuition and knowledge to use divination, and the best part is that anyone can do it!

But different divination works for different people. If you already use divination, you will be familiar with this. You may be naturally skilled in one but find another one difficult.

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Time to Try These Divination Tools

So which divination tool is best for your Chinese Zodiac sign? Read on to find out?



As a Rat, you have a keen and methodical mind. Problem-solving is a specialty of yours, and you can spend hours analyzing and thinking in order to come up with a solution.

Numerology is the divination tool for you. It’s quite scientific in its methods and also combines plenty of knowledge for you to sink your teeth into.

This ancient method of divination assigns spiritual significance to numbers and allows you to dig deep when using divination so that you have plenty of information to analyze and think about.



Bibliomancy is the art of using books to offer guidance and advice.

It is quite a simple method of divination. You simply ask a question, open a book and read the page or paragraph that you feel most drawn to.

As someone who prefers things to be straightforward, Ox, this is the best divination tool for you and provides you with quick instructions and guidance that allows you to ruminate it on your own afterward.



As a sign who values your open and adventurous mind, Tiger, the Tarot is the divination tool for you!

The Tarot consists of 72 cards, each of which tells its own story. When cards are drawn for a Tarot reading, all of them come together to paint a picture that gives you an answer to your question.

As someone who loves exploring stories and likes variety, the endless possibilities of the Tarot work well with your naturally creative mind and sense of adventure! Plus, you can experiment with different Tarot decks, depending on your mood.

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Automatic Writing

As a sign that doesn’t like things to be too complicated and someone with powerful intuition, automatic writing works very well for you.

You simply take a pen and paper, clear your mind and then let the words flow onto the paper.

This allows your mind to stay blank and relax as you are writing, Rabbit. The words that appear come from your intuition and soul and can help guide you with whatever issue you are facing.


Crystal Ball

You are the type who doesn’t stop until they have reached their goal, Dragon! The crystal ball can be challenging, but it can be extremely rewarding—and this is just the way you like it!

Gazing into the crystal ball requires patience and self-mastery, two things that you are determined to build on. The images that appear in the crystal ball are messages from your subconscious and the universe, answering the question you ask of the ball.

With practice, you can become a fantastic crystal ball reader—and you know you can get there!


Tea Leaves

Many may be confused trying to understand how tea leaves can read your future, but not you, Snake! You are someone with the patience and mind to understand this particular form of divination.

Take a cup of tea with tea leaves at the bottom and place the leaves before you. Studying them then gives you answers to the questions you have. It requires quite a bit of studying too, which you enjoy, and combined with your strong intuition, you can become a powerful tea leaves reader in no time.

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Scrying Mirror

I know we joke about the Horse being a little on the vain side, but a scrying mirror really is the tool for you!

Gazing into a mirror while clearing your mind and ensuring you cannot be disturbed can yield images, thoughts, words, and patterns that can be very revealing.

Writing down everything that you see in the mirror (which isn’t your reflection!) can be mind-blowing. Who would have thought a mirror could be such a powerful form of divination?


Oracle Deck

As one of the most sensitive and intuitive signs of the Chinese Zodiac, dear Goat, the Oracle deck works perfectly for you.

Similar to the Tarot, the Oracle relies on laying out cards while having your question in mind. You then divine answers in the cards and transform them into messages from your subconscious and the universe.

This particular form of divination is mostly intuition-based, and as someone who has a very powerful intuition, it works wonderfully for you.

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Palm Reading

As someone with such a quick and inquisitive mind, you like to be challenged, Monkey. Palm reading combines powerful knowledge with strong instincts.

You have both, and the study of palm reading can take a long time to master.

However, of all the signs, you have the greatest ability to do this if you put your mind to it, Monkey. Studying something you are passionate about yields wonderful results for you, and palm reading can be especially helpful to guide you in the right direction and even let you know how things will turn out.



You’re quite the explorer, Rooster, and you have a curious mind that is always asking questions.

Dowsing is the divination tool for you. It includes using a rod or pendulum to find things that are missing or seek answers to your questions. This requires determination, which you have in bucketloads. Your dowsing device becomes like an ally that you come to rely on in times of need.


Osteomancy (Bone Reading)

This one might seem obvious for those born in the year of the Dog, but the reading or throwing of bones has become increasingly popular in recent years. Traditional Osteomancy involves tossing, or casting, bones onto a piece of cloth and using the positioning to answer complex queries.

Considered one of the most ancient forms of divination, the roots of bone throwing stems from places like China, Japan, the Middle East, Northern Africa, and parts of Europe.

However, modern Osteomancy might not involve bones necessarily.

You could try throwing shells (bones of the sea) or rocks (bones of the Earth) as well, depending on your comfort level—throwing other objects is known as casting, but only Osteomancy is the practice of casting bones.

As you are a person who is keen to find solutions to problems, both your own and others, using these materials can provide you with great insight. Not only does the use of bones seem perfectly fitting for Dogs out there, but for someone who is curious and always loves to learn more, Osteomancy is a great divination tool for you.


Fortune Cookies

You like your creature comforts, Pig and the fortune cookie is a great divination tool for you!

It keeps things exciting and simple at the same time. Fortune cookies provide you with a usually one-line prophecy that can help guide you in the coming future.

These can be obtained at Chinese restaurants or Chinese stores. Use your strong intuition to pick the ones that draw you in the most!

Which Divination Tool Will You Try?

Divination is something personal to all of us. You may find yourself drawn to just one form of divination or even multiple forms.

Remember, it is something that everybody can master.

We are all magical to varying degrees. It’s not a question of whether we can. It’s a question of whether we want to tap into this side of ourselves.

Hopefully, this article can help get you started on using the best divination method for you. Once you have got into the swing of things, you’ll likely feel a need to branch out into more forms of divination and explore this fascinating topic further!

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