What Tarot Deck Should You Buy, Based Off Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you’re new to the Tarot scene or your deck collection is getting so big you need a new storage system, everyone needs a little more Tarot in their life.

It can be quite the conundrum to decipher which deck is right for you, especially with so many neat ones out there. And we all have different tastes and reading styles, which makes a simple recommendation sometimes not applicable (no matter how much you trust a friend’s opinion).

Regardless, Tarot readers can generally agree that what’s important is choosing a Tarot deck that resonates with you — one that you feel can actually speak to you and delivers a message with clarity and ease.

Today, we’ll look at some gorgeous Tarot decks that may pique your interest… but with personalization in mind, we’ll be deciding based on your zodiac sign!

The Tarot Deck You Should Be Buying

Make sure to look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs to get the full picture. (If you’re feeling even more in-depth, check your Venus sign too, which can resonate more closely with your personal sense of style!).

Not sure what your birth chart looks like? Check out our free birth chart calculator to find out!

Now, let’s find out what Tarot deck is right for you!


True Heart Intuitive Tarot

Something that speaks to the original spirit of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot is best suited for Cardinal sign Aries, a leader at heart. After all, it may not be the original Tarot deck in existence, but it certainly was a trailblazer in its own right!

Yet, the True Heart Intuitive Tarot is a trailblazer of its own, too, sporting modern art, an inclusive focus, and sweet touch, perfect for any loyal ram that dares to lead (but has a secret soft spot, too).


Pagan Otherworlds Tarot

Gorgeously hand-painted and meticulously designed with the Renaissance’s beauty in mind, the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot is a match for the Earthy beauty of Taurus.

After all, Taurus is Venus-ruled, with an appreciation for the finer things in life, lending this sign to a perhaps special appreciation for the craftsmanship of this deck! Nature-inspired and full of eye-catching detail, this deck is sure to please any bull in your life.


Tarot of the Holy Spectrum

As a curious and intellectual sign that thrives off of innovation, the ideal deck for Gemini matches their innovative spirit.

Artist Chase Vorhees intended for the Tarot of the Holy Spectrum to be an exploration of color and an “artistic challenge” for themselves — and what better of a match for Gemini, who is constantly pushing the bounds all the time?

Colorful and unique with a special color story language, this deck speaks to the curious but intellectually cohesive Gemini mind.


Whispering Spirits Tarot

The loving and sensitive soul of Cancer will appreciate the gentleness of the Whispering Spirits Tarot.

This eccentric but powerful deck speaks to the energy of your inner child, and the healing but playful nature of the art resonates deeply with a Cancerian touch. Its whimsy may not be for everyone, but it certainly is for the crab of the zodiac!

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Serpentfire Tarot

Gorgeous, bold, and majestic: these words describe our Leo friends, but they equally describe the Serpentfire Tarot.

There is a modern feel to the Serpentfire Tarot that still speaks to the age-old royalty of desert imagery and feminine archetypes. Sharing Leo’s Fiery spirit with an intuitive heart, this pair is a match made in heaven for any lion seeking a Tarot companion.


After Tarot

While Virgo’s Earthy nature may yearn for the classics, the Mutable side of Virgo wishes to innovate and look ahead too.

Enter: the After Tarot!

Drawing upon classic Rider-Waite-Smith imagery, the After Tarot depicts each Tarot card one scene following the standard images we know and love. This special twist can speak to Virgo’s love of planning while still paying homage to the classics.


Fountain Tarot

Any Libra knows how to keep a conversation Airy and light but still poignant and captivating. And you deserve a deck that knows how to keep up with your style, Libra!

Fresh and direct, the Fountain Tarot is a breath of fresh air. As a Libra, you’ll appreciate the detail of finely-crafted oil painting images it provides, but equally love the modern look and feel of this deck.


Wayward Dark Tarot

Dark and rich with occult knowledge, the Wayward Dark Tarot is artistically stunning but more than just eye candy.

Scorpio, equipped with their far-reaching intuition and fascination with the occult, will likely be looking for a Tarot deck that isn’t afraid to tread into hidden waters. The Wayward Dark Tarot is rich with symbolism and beauty, ready to be unpacked by any Scorpio’s keen eye and intuition.


Sasuraibito Tarot

As you may expect, the wild archer needs a Tarot deck to keep up with its wandering spirit.

That’s why the Sasuraibito Tarot is the perfect fit for Sagittarius! “Sasuraibito” most closely translates to “wanderer” from Japanese, and this deck certainly fits the bill of capturing a wandering soul.

It’s colorful, modern, and artistically divine, all while still speaking to traditional Japanese and Buddhist concepts.


Santa Muerte Tarot

Those who see the practical, hardworking exterior of Capricorn may be surprised to find any desire for delving into mysticism and the occult.

But it’s true — being Saturn-ruled gives the wise goat a special connection to karma, time, and discipline, making any divination-related action an especially serious tone.

That’s why the Santa Muerte Tarot, which of course, doesn’t shy away from darker yet grounded imagery surrounding death and mystic details, is a beautiful fit for any Capricorn looking to exercise their intuitive senses.


Numinous Tarot

Aquarius is often known as the radical rebel of the zodiac, so it’s only fitting that a Tarot deck matches their revolutionary spirit.

And what better fit than the Numinous Tarot? “Numinous” itself means “surpassing comprehension or understanding; mysterious” — which is also a fantastic descriptor for Aquarius themselves.

As a harbinger of change and a social butterfly, Aquarius will appreciate the inclusive and colorful approach of the Numinous Tarot, which brings a remarkably fresh look to the age-old tradition.


Tarot of the Divine

The mystical and folklore-inspired Tarot of the Divine is a stunning fit for enchanting Pisces.

A Piscean spirit is empathetic and capable of drawing upon the emotions and stories of others easily. That’s why this deck, which captures mythologies from around the world, is sure to captivate the fantastical fish.

All in all, with a soft but enchanting art style, the Pisces heart is sure to be pleased by the Tarot of the Divine!

Ready, Set, Shuffle

Ready to begin your Tarot journey? Or still on the hunt for the deck that makes your soul sing?

It may be tempting to rush to the first deck that catches your eye. But just keep in mind that there is truly no rush to finding the Tarot deck that is right for you, and there’s surely no rush to your Tarot journey in general.

Whether you have found the deck that speaks to your spirit or you’re still searching for some Tarot inspiration, know that even the most beautiful deck is ultimately there to aid your intuition — although some eye candy doesn’t hurt either, of course!

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