Why You Need Fluorite Crystals in Your Daily Life

You may be looking over at your crystal collection, feeling it to be essentially complete, but what if we told you there’s just one little mineral flying under your radar?

Hint: it’s fluorite!

Whether you’ve hoarded a ton of this gorgeous crystal or you’re new to the fluorite scene, today, we’re lending some attention to a crystal that you may know for its stunning exterior but still find yourself unaware of its other varied uses!

All About Fluorite

We love to absorb and work with every crystal’s powerful and healing energy, but first, it helps to understand exactly what we’re working with!

Fluorite is a mineral that is more practically used to manufacture steel and various metals to remove impurities and used for some forms of glass and enamel.

It makes sense, then, that its spiritual usage is often related to removing negative energy, as well as being a grounding force and stabilizing agent in any home. However, its uniqueness doesn’t stop there!

Fluorite also naturally appears in all colors, from green to purple to yellow to entirely transparent. All in all, it’s truly a versatile and flexible yet simultaneously grounding and calming companion to keep in your collection!

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Why You Need Fluorite Crystals in Your Daily Life

Your briefing on fluorite on a fundamental level is all done, but perhaps you need more convincing.

Let’s talk about some of the versatile ways that this special crystal can be applied in your spiritual practice or lifestyle in general.

1. Clarity for the Mind

Fluorite is beloved for its ability to neutralize and stabilize, whether it’s spiritually or literally, in its practical usage.

So, when we’re anxious and having a hard time keeping our thoughts in check, fluorite can be a valuable friend.

While it may not send all of your anxieties out the window (crystals are great helpers, but not always made of miracles), blue fluorite, in particular, is known for its powerful assistance in the realm of communication and creating clearer visions.

2. Home, Sweet, Home

Sure, fluorite is a sweet way to stabilize the mind and body, but what about the home?

Rest assured, fluorite has you covered there, too!

A popular way of taking advantage of the powers of fluorite is simply keeping one in the home. Because of its stabilizing qualities, it has the capacity to harmonize the energies of an environment as well.

Keep one on your desk, on a table by your doorway, or by your favorite houseplant — wherever your heart so desires — and set some intention for your fluorite to assist with grounding your space. It’s that simple!

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3. Protect & Peace Keep

Let’s say you’re all cleansed, clear, and feeling ready to go and face the world. Your home is a place of safety, and fluorite has got your mind feeling totally clear.

But what about when you want to venture outside, outside of the confines of the safe space fluorite has created for you? You guessed it — fluorite can help you out there too!

Fluorite can indeed bring you back down to Earth when you’re feeling off-center, but it can also keep your peace too.

Keep one on you as you go about your day – whether it’s in your bag or by wearing a crystal necklace – to keep the spirits that you had at the beginning of your day going (no matter where you go).

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4. Promoting Intuitive & Psychic Flow

By now, you’re likely seeing the running theme of fluorite being able to ground, peace keep, and protect in vastly different areas of life.

But we’re not even quite finished going over the versatile uses of this powerful crystal.

One more stop to address is how fluorite can clear up the blockages and imbalanced energies preventing you from fully connecting with your intuition and psychic capabilities.

Purple fluorite is particularly known to assist with the Third-Eye chakra, grounding your spirit from any external distractions and linking you with the intuitive senses within.

A Grounding Meditation to Use With Fluorite

Fluorite is a crystal with an abundance of grounding, protective, and cleansing uses.

But before you run off and try them all, it’s always a good idea to take a moment to meditate with the crystal to forge a connection with it.

Here is a very simple but effective meditation exercise to help you connect with your fluorite and experience its grounding energies.

  1. Find a quiet, peaceful space. Light a candle or diffuse your favorite essential oil to set the mood and settle into a comfortable position.
  2. Place your fluorite crystal in your palms, in the center of your lap. Make sure to check your posture and allow yourself to sit upright if possible as if your body is a strong tree aligning with the roots of the earth.
  3. Take deep, cleansing breaths in and out. Take some moments to align and check in with your breathing without feeling any need to rush or speed up or slow down. Just appreciate the flow of air throughout your body and lungs.
  4. Engage in some simple visualization techniques. Imagine that a green, healing essence is moving from your fluorite crystal into your lungs with each inhale. As you exhale, imagine any stagnant, unhelpful energy is exiting your body in a grey color. You may repeat this for as long as you like.
  5. Gratitude! Thank your fluorite crystal for its assistance with your grounding meditation.

Finding Balance With Fantastic Fluorite

The truth is now abundantly clear: fluorite is a powerful crystal that would be silly to overlook (especially for crystal lovers!).

Because of its balancing and gentle presence, fluorite is truly a crystal that can be used by anyone and everyone, regardless of your previous experience with crystals (or lack thereof).

And remember: even if you find yourself not fully resonating or clicking with this grounding mineral, it’s always good to test the waters with new crystals to see if you find a new match or crystal companion to assist with your daily life.

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