The Connection Between Numerology & Crystals

One of the most wonderful aspects of working with metaphysical tools such as numerology, astrology, and crystals is the fact that these tools can easily be used together — and when they are, their healing properties and clarifying abilities are more enhanced than ever!

One of the most potent (but underrated) combinations for divination and healing is numerology and crystal healing.

In the system of numerology, every number possesses energy — and once you’re familiar with that system, you can begin to take notice of how the energies of numbers permeate your personal life (like with birthdays, your home address, and more!).

And on a more earthy note, crystal healing utilizes the physical, emotional, and mental healing properties of certain crystals and gemstones. In recognizing the power and unique qualities of different crystals, you can apply those special properties where necessary to empower different areas of your life.

While the connection between the two systems of healing and understanding can seem a little strange at first, there’s more to this combo than meets the eye!

Combining the two involves using numerology to determine which crystal will provide the most powerful healing and purifying properties according to your personal Life Path Number — one of the core numbers in numerology.

And yes, in fact — each Life Path Number can correlate with a crystal or gemstone that perfectly resonates with the energy of that number!

Finding Your Life Path Number

To find your Life Path Number, you’ll need to do some birthday math or use our free Life Path Number Calculator.

We’ll use April 15th, 1987, as an example. First, take a look at the actual birth date. Using April 15th, you will then add those numbers together until you get a single digit. 1 + 5 = 6.

Then, you would add together the numbers of your birth month. Because April is the 4th month, no further reduction is needed.

Next, you need to add/reduce the numbers of your birth year. 1 + 9 + 8 + 7 = 25 = 2 + 5 = 7.

Finally, all three numbers from the birth date, month, and year will be added.

6 + 4 + 7 = 17 = 1 + 7 = 8

So, if you were born on April 15th, 1987, your Life Path Number would be 8.

It’s that simple!

Your Numerological Crystal Pairing

Once you’ve discovered your Life Path Number, you’re ready to learn about the best crystal to use, according to numerology and how the energies align.

Life Path Number 1

As a Life Path 1, you are bold, confident, and brave, needing a crystal that could match your determined spunk and spark.

Garnet is the most powerful crystal for this Life Path Number, increasing self-confidence, opening the Root chakra, and balancing energy flow within the body to promote physical peace. Its energy is also compassionate and emotional, very much in tune with your outgoing and giving spirit.

With so much initiative energy, you can often use a grounding force, and Garnet can provide that peace without diminishing your shine!

Life Path Number 2

Those with Life Path Number 2 fall under a more sensitive, giving type.

Prone to sharing and creating harmony, you’ll often need energy that understands your desire for diplomacy but still allows you to balance this out with a healthy dose of self-care.

As a result, this number benefits from using certain types of rutilated quartz due to its ability to promote diplomacy but still carry the energy of personal security.

Additionally, it can assist with fostering self-awareness and self-love, which twos can often need more than other numbers.

Life Path Number 3

If your Life Path Number is 3, you will likely benefit from the powerful crystal amazonite.

You are a creative and communicative force for everyone in your life, often being the life of the party. As such, you’ll need a stone that understands your social nature.

This stone bolsters clear communication, imaginative creativity and allows you to better share your personal story. Most importantly, it has associations with the Heart chakra, which will help you make sure that your message is still on task and comes from a place of intention and compassion.

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Life Path Number 4

The number 4 Life Path resonates most clearly with jade, a crystal that provides balance, security, and an overall sense of expansion and abundance.

As a Life Path Number 4, you carry with you a strong sense of tradition and values, caring deeply about sticking to your commitments and showing those you care about your real loyal intentions.

Jade shares your desire for collective abundance and promotes wellbeing for those who are equally willing to stick to the long-haul for something important.

Life Path Number 5

Social, curious, and a kind of jack of all trades, the Life Path 5 needs a crystal that can keep up with its dynamic energy.

Aquamarine is the most powerful crystal for this Life Path Number, inspiring bravery, patience, and resilience. This crystal will bring out the best in your personality, emphasizing your adaptable qualities while still helping you sit down and focus when it really counts.

It often ultimately acts as a calming force for many users of this lovely crystal, but it won’t put out your inner fire either, making it the best of both worlds!

Life Path Number 6

Life Path 6 is detail-oriented and analytical, often being the first one you want to call when you need an honest opinion or some real advice.

On the other hand, sixes can struggle with being too analytical because of their natural exacting eye, needing a stone that can help with relaxation while not pushing the skills of focus and responsibility out of the way entirely.

As a result, the number 6 Life Path is most enhanced with the use of peridot. This crystal eliminates feelings of jealousy, irritability, and resentment and inspires feelings of positivity and acceptance, perfectly aligning with the needs and mission of any number 6.

Life Path Number 7

Contemplative, intuitive, and sometimes a little otherworldly, a Life Path 7 might be some of the first to be interested in the mystical world of crystals!

While you probably won’t want to limit your selection entirely, a great choice for this Life Path Number is amethyst — an overall healer that reduces pain increases intuition, supports spiritual awareness, and promotes faith in yourself. Talk about a versatile stone!

Just like yourself, amethyst is both expansive and soft, willing to dip into mystical realms but equally able to affirm the beauty in everything you can already see around you too.

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Life Path Number 8

Citrine is likely the most beneficial crystal for those with the number 8 Life Path.

This lovely crystal manifests fortune and opportunity, increased self-confidence, and promotes mental clarity. As an 8, you are ambitious and tend to be known as a go-getter, easily landing yourself leadership positions wherever there are shoes to fill.

As a result, a powerful, radiant, and fortune-filled stone such as citrine aligns well with your entrepreneurial spirit. And as an added bonus, it additionally comes with properties that often promote positivity and joy — something you may need a little extra dose of in your high-powered and work-oriented world!

Life Path Number 9

The most harmonious crystal for a number 9 is rose quartz, a crystal of love.

As an idealist and humanitarian, you need a stone that aligns with your mission of sharing love with everyone. This stone opens the Heart chakra, inspires unconditional love for yourself and others, and restores harmony in relationships.

This is particularly important as it also emphasizes your interpersonal connections, something that 9’s can tend to use a little bit of help with (ironically, being a worldly humanitarian doesn’t always leave as much time for one-on-one connection).

Soft, pink, and full of the necessary loving energy, rose quartz can help you with your worldly ideals and help you out on a personal forefront simultaneously!

Working With Other Crystals

While certain crystals listed in this guide might be particularly powerful when matched with your Life Path Number, they are by no means the only crystals you can work with when practicing crystal healing!

Crystals do not save their healing energy for certain people, despite the fact that they may work more intensely when matched with your numerological energy.

Furthermore, discovering your Life Path Number can do more than just helping you discover your numerology gemstone—your Life Path Number can show you more about yourself, your personality, and the potential direction that your life might take.

And although numerology and crystal healing are powerful when their forces are combined, each metaphysical practice has much to offer on its own.

If you’re new to crystal healing and not sure where to start, you can also try our Crystal Healing Collection — the perfect set of crystals for anyone interested in harnessing the powerful healing properties of gemstones!

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