The 5 Best Crystals for Dreamwork & Enhancing Psychic Gifts

All crystals are good crystals. I can say this with confidence!

Every crystal has got the same purpose, to help us in some way. However, the way each crystal goes about helping us is different. The types of help each one offers are different too.

For example, if you were looking to generate greater kindness, empathy, and love in the people around you, you wouldn’t use a crystal such as black tourmaline, which is very specific for warding off negative energy and rebounding it back to the person who unleashed it. Like most black crystals, Black tourmaline is a crystal of protection as opposed to enhancing positive energy.

You would use something like rose quartz, a high-vibrational crystal that amplifies compassion and love. Its energy is pure and designed to enhance positive energy rather than protect it from negative energy.

Therefore, knowing the specific purpose of each crystal is important, depending on what you hope to achieve.

The benefits of crystals apply to dreamwork and psychic gifts too.

How Do Crystals Work With Dreams & Psychic Gifts?

Dreams are a portal to the unconscious mind which is filled with infinite possibilities. There are several ways we can access it – meditation and intense concentration are just some examples. Another is through our dreams.

Through our dreams, we can access parts of ourselves that are hidden to our conscious mind – the shadow, for example, the side of us that lurks in the darkness and which we only become aware of when it is dragged into the light of our conscious.

In dreams, we can discover our own unique psychic abilities.

Dreams of the future where you have a dream about an event, and it happens; dreams where you are picking up on another person’s thoughts and feelings, and then you find out this is how they think and feel about you in the waking world; dreams where you find yourself in mysterious yet vivid realms and experience lucid dreaming. These abilities are a part of your unconscious mind.

Hence why dreaming is such a tremendous and exciting activity!

Discovering your unique abilities for dreamwork, which also strengthen your psychic gifts, can be enhanced using certain dream work crystals.

Some popular ones, such as amethyst and selenite, help a great deal and are good all-rounders, but the five crystals listed below are not quite well-known, yet their power is potent.

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The 5 Best Crystals for Dreamwork & Enhancing Psychic Gifts

When using these crystals, it is always important to prepare yourself first. Ensure you are in a good frame of mind before sleeping. Don’t watch any horror shows on Netflix, for example!

Free your mind and meditate for 10-20 minutes to clear it of hassles or events that have happened that day. This will help your conscious mind understand and access information more easily while you are dreaming.

A cup of ginger tea before bed can also help. Ginger is a source of melatonin that helps produce restful sleep and cleanses the pineal gland, which is where all the magic happens.

You can put these crystals under your pillow while you sleep or leave them by your bed. You can hold them in your hand and meditate while you fall asleep.

It is not necessary to use more than one on any given night. Each one is unique and powerful in its own right.

So what are the five best crystals for dreamwork and psychic gifts?

1. Preseli Bluestone

This is an ancient crystal, the properties of which are so magical that they form the inner ring of Stonehenge, the world’s most famous prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England.

It is best meditated with as you fall asleep. You may experience seemingly random flashes coming into your mind.

Preseli bluestone connects you to the very ancient magic of the Earth; the thoughts that enter your mind when working with this crystal are not random or coincidental. Everything you see is being shown to you for a reason. It is also a powerful crystal for exploring past lives, especially in Celtic Britain and Ancient Egypt.

2. Tremolite

This is a potent crystal, and care should be taken with it, meaning that it has the ability to go very deep within yourself, and meditating with this crystal should be controlled and monitored.

Tremolite connects to the crown chakra, and it is common to experience a state of trance with this crystal. It brings deeply hidden fears and anxieties to the surface, so if you sleep with it under your pillow, you may experience nightmares of some sort.

However, these nightmares are designed to help you as they will assist you in realizing where your fears lie and their source. Vivid dreams also happen under the influence of this crystal.

Holding this crystal in your hand as you drift off has the ability to produce a tremendous effect that will carry on into your dreams.

3. Shamanic Dream Quartz

As the name suggests, this is a crystal strongly associated with dreamwork and is often used by shamans and magical practitioners to travel through people’s dreams and across realms.

It is a crystal used by those who wish to practice astral projection and lucid dreaming.

Shamanic dream quartz is a great crystal with comforting energy, like a friendly and strong guide leading you into a strange land for the first time. Its purpose is to heal and to help find the source of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical ailments.

It is best used to keep under the pillow during sleep.

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4. Merlinite

Named after the sorcerer Merlin in the Arthurian Legends, this crystal is known for attracting good luck and magical experiences into your life.

Above all, this is the best crystal for discovering more about your shadow side and bringing it into the light.

For as long as the shadow is unconscious and hidden, it will continue to affect us in our waking life. The source of many of our problems in the waking world is connected to our shadow. Merlinite is a crystal of duality, so it not only makes the darkness conscious but also helps you find a balance between light and dark.

Anyone interested in self-healing can benefit enormously from merlinite, which also enhances psychic abilities. Meditating with it and keeping a piece nearby as you sleep will help its energy seep into your dream world.

5. Black Moonstone

All moonstone crystals are good for enhancing psychic work, but black moonstone brings extra grounding and protection when using it.

This crystal helps calm your mind and enables you to connect to the feminine (Yin) within you. It is in the feminine that the subconscious mind is activated and can access parts of the unconscious hidden to us from day-to-day life.

Black moonstone is best used in conjunction with the lunar cycles, especially the Full Moon and New Moon.

Nurture Your Dreams & Psychic Abilities

Anyone serious about dreamwork and nurturing their psychic abilities can benefit hugely from using the dream work and psychic crystals listed above.

Many crystal stores have these crystals, and they can also be found online. However, choosing the crystal in person is advised whenever possible so that you can get a feel of the stone’s energy and vibration.

The unconscious realm is a mysterious world, and though we all feel it on some level, only some choose to dig deeper. Our shift into the Age of Aquarius brings the notion of dreamwork, psychic power, and crystals to the forefront of our interests, leading to healing on both an individual and collective level.

We all dream. We all have psychic talent.

Whether we choose to explore them further is up to us, but if you choose to delve into the wonderful world of dreams and psychic talent, let the dream work crystals above assist you.

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