Chiron Retrograde in Aries: Accept Who You Are

From July 8 to December 13, the asteroid Chiron will be retrograde in the Fire sign Aries, which will bring to light identity issues that we have still carry buried from our past. This is a great opportunity to get clear with who you truly are and stop acting like everyone else.

It will reveal how you people please to avoid stepping into your true identity and it will allow you to finally turn directly into the path of your soul. In more practical terms, you’re not going to believe your own excuses anymore and you’re going to feel the fire underneath you that will compel you to accept your true passion in life.

This is an exciting time when we get to see how our past experiences and environments have shaped our present life behaviors and how we are sitting on the sidelines of our own life because of them.

Get ready for some spiritual growth and reflection on who you truly are and why you’re here. We have five actions you can take to use this Chiron retrograde in Aries energy instead of just finding yourself swimming in emotional memories of the past.

Recognize & Write Down Patterns

Although only an asteroid, Chiron, the cosmic wounded healer, helps us heal and it often brings to mind past experiences that are affecting us now. Pay attention to things that stand out to you or trigger you to react or feel hurt. Those patterns are revealing a past wound that can now be recognized and healed. Chiron can even help us heal past life experiences as well.

Set your intention in meditation to see the root cause of your biggest triggers and ask the Universe to help you heal from that experience instead of block the pain.

Healing means seeing that you can learn something from the experience so ask what the experience can still teach you in order to shift the energy. For example, an abusive home may have been a lesson to always speak kindly to others.

Acknowledge Who You Blame

When Chiron is retrograde, it often feels like our old wounds are just as fresh as when we first experienced them. You may have a conversation that resurfaces the same feelings from a breakup or a difficult time with your parents where you were trying to get them to accept you.

The feelings could come flooding back in just from something that reminds you of that time. When the feelings come up and you feel that anger or that resentment towards someone, sit with it and welcome the feeling so that you can learn from it.

When we blame others for our feelings, we give away our power and we allow ourselves to be broken into pieces instead of whole. Chiron helps us become whole again by taking responsibility for our feelings and no longer making others the cause of our pain.

If you notice you often think about something from your past or talk about it in anger, this is a great time to allow yourself to have the feelings that come up but release them once and for all so they do not have control over you.

When we are free from blame, we are able to decide how to react and not play the victim in our own life. It allows us to take the driver’s seat and decide which direction we truly want to go instead of feeling pushed around. Write down who you feel you blame and how it may be keeping you from being yourself.

Get Clear With Your Passions

Chiron also governs the synchronicities and signs that show up in our lives to help us heal. The healing inevitably leads us towards a more clear picture of who we are and what we came to earth to do. The layers of fear that can develop over the years can shed now that the brave Aries energy is helping us move forward and face down the ghosts of our past that keep us running away from our true desire. Notice what you feel drawn to do the most by sitting down and writing where your thoughts go when you daydream.

Write down what makes you the most excited in life and what past experience or experiences may have made you feel that your dream wasn’t valid or wasn’t worthy of your time. Often those who are afraid to trust their heart will scare others into living in fear. What does your soul truly want and what makes your spirit dance? Take some time to journal about this and you’ll see the moments you may have had false starts where you started to shine and feel free but allowed something to shut you down.

What Would You Do if You Didn’t Care What Others Thought?

It’s easier to see whose opinions matter to you now and it’s also easier to see how that affects your decision making. Take inventory of who is affecting the way you live your life and if that is in alignment with who you feel you want to be and what purpose you want to take on in this life. You are taking back your power by taking time to see this deeper truth. The things that people have said that made you shy away from being a more pure version of you may come to light. You may see how you have dimmed your light out of fear of being judged.

Widen your lens to see that there are people like you who live their life joyfully. You do not have to conform because people may criticize you. Write down the actions you want to take now that you’re ready not to care what people think. Often the people we grew up with or the people that have known us the longest are the opinions that we fear the most. You don’t have to live in fear. When you live the purest version of you, you show other people how to be free as well.

Release Wounds of the Past

Wounds related to your identity are likely to resurface now. Perhaps embarrassing moments or bullying memories may come to life. Maybe you will remember a past life where you were condemned for speaking freely. When something in your current life seems to bring up strong emotions, take that as a cue to sit and find what wound was just reopened. What insults or failures made you stop believing in yourself or made you feel like you weren’t actually capable of accomplishing what you truly dream of?

Mars, the planetary god of passion and war, is the planet that rules Aries, so you can expect to feel some real changes happening in terms of your life goals during this 6-month phase. With Chiron in Aries from 2018 until 2027, this theme of uncovering the identity we hide from the world will continue to play out. The sooner you start to welcome your feelings to the table to deal with them, the sooner you will free yourself from the shackles of the mind.

Wear your scars proudly. Remember, some of the people that go on to help the world the most also failed the most before doing so. Just think of how many incarcerated criminals go on to help people make better choices for example.

Closing Thoughts…

We also have some other retrogrades occurring during this time, which makes it a time of reflection and healing on many levels. If you feel like you’re moving forward with less speed, it’s because we are now being asked to look backward to learn in order to move forward with more wisdom when the time is right. Surrender to the process and you’ll reap the most rewards.

Mercury retrograde in Leo will begin on July 7th and last until the 31st, so it may feel like you’re having to kick start your engine multiple times to get anything done. You can expect some miscommunications and stalled plans to occur but look for opportunities to rejuvenate yourself with some rest and relaxation this summer.

We also have Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in retrograde! This means we are able to see how we block our success, how our own actions come back to us and how our subconscious mind either attracts positive or negative situations into our lives. We may feel a bit out-of-body since many of the planetary influences are digging up the past so we can find a deeper sense of freedom in our lives. Don’t think of this is a negative time but, a time of true liberation that is like a parade for your soul, creating an empowering revolution in your life for the rest of the year!

If you have felt a bit wonky, chances are your friends are too. Give them a heads up about what’s going on with the planets by sharing this article with them!

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