6 Easy Ways to Use Crystal Spheres

If you’ve ever seen a classic “fortune teller” or psychic in pop culture and television, you may be familiar with the classic image of a clairvoyant staring deeply into a crystal ball… but just what in reality is this object actually for?

Gazing into a crystal ball and relaying psychic messages may have seemed like a magical and distant accomplishment that only a few skilled psychics could really achieve. Nowadays, though, we know that the once-mysterious tools of astrology and divination are actually very accessible to everyone!

The same goes for the mysterious and quite famous crystal sphere!

If you’ve got yourself a crystal sphere or are interested in picking one up for yourself, you’re in for a real treat. There are actually a great many straightforward yet very powerful uses for this special little object!

What is a Crystal Sphere?

First, it’s important to make sure we actually understand what a crystal sphere is, especially since there seems to be so much mystique surrounding this seemingly simple little object.

A crystal sphere is exactly what it sounds like — it’s any crystal, from amethyst to tourmaline to obsidian, in a spherical shape. Different crystal spheres may have different uses, just like how any other crystal holds its own unique, special properties.

Additionally, the reason behind its mystery and mystique is actually quite simple!

The “crystal ball” has so much history behind it that its origins are ultimately tough to trace back to just one source. However, what is certain is that whether you trace them back to China, Ireland, Egypt, or anywhere else on the map, the crystal sphere has incredible magical roots in scrying and divination.

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6 Easy Ways to Use Crystal Spheres

Next — just what can you use this gorgeous object for? There are probably more answers than you initially thought of! Let’s take a look at some simple yet effective ways of putting that crystal sphere to good use.

1. Grounding & Meditation

It’s not a secret that meditation and other various grounding exercises can do wonders for the soul.

Next time you plan to take on an average meditation session, consider integrating your crystal sphere into the practice! If you have one crystal sphere, you can hold it in the center of your lap with your palms and allow it to assist with grounding you. And if you have two crystal spheres, you can place one in each hand instead.

Whether you’re deep in that introspective zone or trying out the latest visualization techniques, a good meditation session can be just what we need to bring us down to earth — and a crystal sphere can easily enhance that experience.

2. Scrying

Ready to flex those psychic muscles? Believe it or not, you don’t actually have to be a born-clairvoyant to practice scrying. It’s time to get your divination on!

With the right crystal sphere of your choice, scrying — the practice of gazing into a reflective surface and decoding the images you see comin’ through with your Third Eye — can be your next best divination friend.

As the TV may have taught you, the crystal sphere can often be the right tool just for that!

For this particular practice, a dark crystal sphere, like obsidian or tourmaline, is more ideal. And like with any divination tool, it can help to have more intentionally chosen your sphere; make sure it’s one you love and trust.

3. Enhancing Your Green Thumb

Earth and fire may not always mix, but how about earth and… earth?

It may seem weird to place your crystal sphere with your beloved house plant, but it’s actually a no-brainer. After all, a crystal is ultimately of the earth, and as a result, it naturally supports its fellow earthly companions.

In particular, a sphere is a perfect shape for taking in and letting go of things, as it can do so from literally all angles — after all, there are no harsh edges. As a result, a crystal sphere is a perfect conduit for recycling and recharging any stagnant energies that were lingering around your favorite plant!

4. Intentional Decor & Reminders

Obviously, a crystal sphere makes for beautiful house decor, but you can take this seemingly simple use to another level too.

Consider filling your crystal sphere with a positive intention, whether that’s beauty, self-love, or a strong work ethic, and placing it in a spot in your home that you see frequently. Then, whenever you pass by your beloved crystal sphere, it will remind you of and uplift you with your positive intent!

Yes: it’s really that simple — and it works, too.

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5. Classic Crystal Cleansing & Healing

Of course, any crystal can be used to your advantage in any of the healing arts. A crystal sphere is really no different!

Utilizing the healing and cleansing properties of your crystal sphere is quite simple, and how you choose to take advantage of it is ultimately up to you. In reality, you really only have to be around your crystal for it to take on its healing effects, but placing it under your pillow or right on your heart, for example, can help you absorb them with more intention.

When it comes to crystals and all their unique healing properties, the field of study is extremely vast and interesting, and using your crystal sphere to dip your toe into this can be a great way to start.

6. Reflexology

Finally, there is a more practical and obvious use for a crystal sphere that still manages to slip under the radar quite often — reflexology.

A crystal sphere is really the ideal shape, and often the ideal size, too, for applying some much-needed massage to the stressed parts of your body. Intentionally using the sphere to apply light pressure to your body can actually do wonders, especially given its energetically healing properties.

Give it a go, and grant yourself that little extra self-care through this unique crystal sphere use.

Time to Get the (Crystal) Ball Rolling!

Literally and figuratively, you can now be on a roll when it comes to putting your crystal sphere to good use!

Whether it’s for meditation, some plant magic, or simply as your new favorite house decor, the range of uses for a crystal sphere is truly numerous, and there is bound to be one or two that strike a chord with you. You can apply as many of these uses to your life as you wish, as well as perhaps discover some of your own unique ideas in the process.

At the end of the day, this magical little object may have been surrounded by so much mystique and hype for good reason after all.

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