Make Plans for Your Dreams With Mercury Trine Uranus

This is the time of year when we all start looking forward, hoping to embark on a brand new year with brand new adventures. That is even more so the case after the way 2020 went!

Today, we get some help for this with a new beginnings transit: Mercury trine Uranus.

Mercury governs the mind, our plans, and ideas, while Uranus is “change,” the new, and the future.

Let’s break this Mercury trine Uranus transit down so you get a full understanding and can make the most of it this holiday.

Mercury Astrology

In astrology, the planet Mercury rules the mind. This planet governs communication, expression, ideas, plans, information, and knowledge. It’s also a highly active planet.

Mercury is the natural ruling planet of Gemini, the sign of the mind, and Virgo, the sign of practical work. Mercury keeps both of these signs busy, and they don’t like things to be too slow.

Mercury is the second-fastest moving planet (the Moon is first) and usually spends just a few weeks in one sign. The exception is when Mercury is retrograde, and then it can be a couple of months.

Mercury shows how you communicate, learn, and mentally connect to the world around you in your natal chart. In transit, Mercury shows where your mind is focused most.

For more on communication and Mercury, check out the article: How to Use Astrology for Personal Development & Interpersonal Skills

Uranus Astrology

In astrology, the planet Uranus rules change. This planet doesn’t want things to remain the same for very long and believes that change is a powerful way of growing and evolving. This planet is unconventional, innovative, and unique.

Uranus is the natural ruling planet of Aquarius, the sign of change, friendships, and individuality. Aquarius doesn’t want to be boxed in thanks to ruler Uranus and pushes outside of norms.

Uranus is a slow-moving outer planet, spending about seven years in one sign. It’s considered a generational planet because large swaths of people are born with the same sign placement (Gen Z, for example, seems to be linked by Uranus in Aquarius).

Uranus shows where you need things to be different in your natal chart, where you may experience many changes throughout your life, and where you need change. In transit, Uranus shows where changes are happening right now.

For more on Uranus, check out the article: Uranus in Your Birth Chart – Innovation, Originality & Rebellion

Mercury Trine Uranus in the Birth Chart


If you were born with Mercury trine Uranus in your birth chart, you’re someone who can think outside of the box with relative ease, and you may find that doing so is beneficial for you.

With Mercury trine Uranus, you can be open to new ways of doing things, an original thinker, have a good eye for the ways of the future, and a very sharp mind and intellect.

The Mercury trine Uranus man may be extremely innovative and inventive with your ideas and worldview. The Mercury trine Uranus woman can be open to all, exciting, and an excellent conversationalist.

Neither may seem overtly masculine or feminine, at least in their thinking or speech (Mercury is dual in nature, both masculine and feminine, while Uranus is kind of neither).

Mercury Trine Uranus Transit

This transit right now puts Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus. Trines are beneficial aspects that help us grab opportunities without too much effort, so Mercury and Uranus work well together.

Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury (basically, Mercury’s energy is elevated in Uranus), so they work together pretty well anyway. The fact that they’re trine adds to the positive energy.

Mercury in Capricorn is very practical and goal-oriented. We’re thinking about our goals for the new year and the big plans we need to make.

Uranus in Taurus has challenged us to change what we value and how we feel safe and secure. Changes made have likely been slower as we’ve wanted to be certain before taking action.

Having Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus now means we’re comfortable thinking about the new beginnings we want to embark on for the new year. We can gather all of the information and insights we need to make a practical, smart decision. Once we set ourselves down a path, we keep with it.

Is This a Transit for Manifesting?

Uranus is actually the ruler of manifestation (usually working in conjunction with Neptune, ruler of spirituality and intuition). With Mercury in this mix ruling the mind, we can use our minds and focus very clearly on what we want to manifest now and into the new year.

We just had an optimistic and expansive Sagittarius Solar eclipse last week, so the positive energy needed for manifesting is ripe for the picking at the moment. Keep this in mind as you concoct your plans for the new year.

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3 Steps for Making New Year Dreams With Mercury Trine Uranus


1. Make a list of everything you’d like to do, & then plot steps for each

There may be a lot of ideas swirling around, a lot of dreams and goals you’d like to pursue, so make sure to keep track of them by writing them down (or dictating on your phone, jotting on a sticky note, anything!).

Write them all down, even if it’s a lot. Then go through each and work out the steps that you’ll need to take to have success.

Don’t worry about having only to pick the things that are “realistic.” Uranus wants you to be open to what’s wild and out there (besides, almost everything great was unrealistic at some point!).

2. Gather information or get the advice you need

Mercury trine Uranus also makes us more helpful with one another, and we can go to friends and groups for sound advice or information we’re missing. Take it all in, and see if you can help in return on the way!

The information you need can be much more accessible now, and the advice you get may be exactly what helps you when you need it.

Make sure to keep track of the information and advice as well, so you’ve got it stored away and easily available.

3. Use manifestation as much as possible

As noted, this can be a great transit for manifestation, so make use of the energy. Just scripting (writing down what you want to achieve as if you already have) and tucking it away somewhere can instill some trust in the Universe to help you out.

Watch videos on manifesting, read books on manifesting, find articles on manifesting, and build up your manifestation knowledge.

This can help virtually every area of your life, which means that the long list of goals you created with step one isn’t so unrealistic!

Wrap up 2020 to Welcome 2021

Don’t waste the energy available to you today! Stay focused and make a little time to work with Mercury trine Uranus. Make a list, plan your steps, gather information, get advice, and manifest-manifest-manifest.

Good luck with 2021, and may the planets be on your side!

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