Beneficial Thought: Uranus in Taurus Roadmap & Relationship Checklist

It’s wakeup and shakeup time in love!

We have the shock planet Uranus entering Fixed Earth sign Taurus this month, and this is a transit that is going to last seven years. This is the change-making expect-the-unexpected planet of Uranus heading on into the Earth sign that is known for stability and financial affairs. Expect grand innovations, as is the theme that Uranus rules. Expect money matters to be important, and expect some unconventional commitments in love to come your way. Uranus can be scary, but that’s only because it liberates you from the power structures that restrain you from old ways of thinking.

Time to break out of a rut and bring this Uranus energy into your love life.

What is Uranus in Taurus?

Uranus spends many years in one sign, so it takes a while to travel through the zodiac, almost 100 years. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was between 1934 and 1941. The Great Depression was an event that was triggered during a Uranus in Aries transit in 1929. During this time, President Roosevelt enacted the Social Security Act, which would mandate Americans to take care of those less fortunate. The Works Progress Administration under this same President also led to jobs for millions.

When finances are stable, so too are relationships. Expect some grand innovations over the next few years that will make your money AND your love matters more stable, through the power of change.

Some innovations you can expect to see in the financial sector will likely involve a more cashless society, as Taurus likes to keep their money, but see it grow. Robots will be able to do more over the next few years, and you are going to see radical freedom shakers get to work as the Boston Tea Party did during the last Uranus in Taurus cycle.

You’re going to see more unconventional relationships. Things like long-distance relationships won’t be as difficult, and we are already seeing that now. Skype, FaceTime, texting, and emails, have replaced long love letters sent to soldiers by lovers a few times a year in days of yore.

You can expect the LGBTQ community to gain a stronger presence in the everyday world. This is the land of unconventional relationships. Age gaps won’t matter as much as they may have, and this is regressing almost a little bit. Historically speaking, a woman married at 18 wouldn’t think twice of marrying an older man if he could give her father a dowry. Today, and in the coming years, age gaps will be revolutionized by more equality and fewer power imbalances in relationships.

With shock planet Uranus in sensual, Earthbound Taurus, we are going to see radical and liberating changes with technology and relationships. How you interact with others is going to change. And those communication developments are going to attract relationships of all kinds.

Instead of just waiting for it, here is your roadmap and checklist to enjoy Uranus in Taurus when Uranus enters Taurus for seven years on March 6.

Uranus in Taurus Relationship Checklist:

The shock waves that will arrive when Uranus enters Taurus will be practical and liberating in a way that will help you to establish your own sense of security. Embrace them. That is rule number one with any Uranus transit. Changes are coming. Release the fear, and plunge forward into the relationship of your dreams. You are the one shaking up your love life now.

Be bold in communications.

Taurus rules the throat and so is very direct in their communication patterns. This is the throat chakra center and the chakra that is critical to your communication skills. It’s time to speak freely and ask for what you want in love. Communicate. You will have a wide variety of tools at your disposal to do so. Text, email, reach out, and touch your lovers and shake them up a little bit with some bold proposals. A big change is coming in love, and you want to be in the driver’s seat.

Get poetic, and use those five senses, baby.

It was in 1855 during a Uranus in Taurus transit when author Walt Whitman published his collection of poems we know as Leaves of Grass. This was an ode to nature and all of the sensual pleasures that Taurus loves so much. Here, Mother Nature is pondered in soo many ways. That’s how Taurus rules. They see smell, taste, and feel with their fingers in the dirt of how sexy life is. Get poetic, and use those five senses baby.

Reject fear.

Taurus, as the Fixed sign of the Earth signs, is very direct, bold, and a little bit stubborn. Some call that “stubbornness” loyalty. Taurus also isn’t very afraid of life so long as they have a comfort zone to come back to. Uranus shakeups are always exacerbated by the fear of change. So, reject fear. Tell fear that it has no place in your life. Embrace it. That will allow you to make some relationship changes. Put yourself out there. Reject fear, and reject the fear of rejection. Who cares if you ask for something bold and don’t get it? That’s all part of the process baby. Be fearless and ask for what you want, and what you need in love. Look for those Uranus transits in your Daily Horoscopes for guidance on when to make those fearless moves.

Enjoy radical beauty.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, lover of beauty, and all things sensual and luxurious. Venus is the attraction planet. Begin celebrating beauty in ways that you never have before. Doll yourself up a little bit more. Keep preening. Know that beauty attracts beauty. Stay beautiful, enjoy beautiful things, and remember that no matter what, you ARE beautiful. That’s how you attract the beauty of the sensual world with Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus.

Start a garden with a partner.

Exploring Mother Nature is a way to celebrate the innovations that will come during Uranus in Taurus. But if you want to grow in a relationship, start a garden with a lover. Get your hands dirty together. Create something together. It’s a bond that will grow every year, every time you see those blossoms arrive over and over again in your house of love. Use innovations in this garden, don’t leave it to dirt and seeds. Decorate it. Add a fairy garden. Explore the depths of your creativity… together.

Know your worth.

Taurus has high standards, and not just when it comes to wealth. Taurus does well financially and develops a sense of beauty in their lives to uphold the high standards that are the result of hard work and accomplishment. You need to do the same thing in love. If you aren’t being treated your worth, change it. That may mean a shakeup or even a breakup, but when you find that realization that you deserve better, it’s very empowering. It’s the Universe’s way of saying there is something better out there.

Concluding Thoughts…

When it comes to Uranus activity, we all fear those unexpected changes. But we shouldn’t, and we certainly don’t have to.

With Uranus in Taurus, the more we embrace those changes and reject fear in love, an unconventional relationship evolves. And Taurus plays for keeps. This transit is going to be all about growing together in the most unique and liberating ways. Celebrate it. Embrace change. Reject fear. Reject the fear of rejection. Your love is yours for the taking.

Stay on top of your Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes to find out how this transit will touch your relationship and love styles over the coming months and years.

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