Beneficial Thought: Venus in Aquarius in Love – Let Your Freak Flag Fly

What happens when the planet of attraction and true love enters the zodiac sign of equality, light working, and technology foresight? The amazing out of this world is what happens, also known as Venus entering Aquarius.

Venus focuses on what we idealize and pulls it in like a tractor beam. Whereas the greatest strength of Aquarius is the ability to concentrate and contemplate on building one′s ideal.

When it comes to Aquarius, I always think Sheldon Cooper of the Big Bang Theory, quirky, out of the box, thinks too much but has a soft spot you can’t help but adore. By merging lover Venus with quirky Aquarius, and acting on what you’re feeling (positive) – you manifest desires, wishes, and prophecies FASTER! Not too shabby heading into the most romantic holiday of the year, am I right?

What is Venus in Aquarius?

All planets are automatically always moving through the zodiac signs. Venus spends about 2 to 3 weeks at a time in each sign unless she is retrograde. This time around she is having her party in Aquarius. Venus enters Aquarius March 1 to March 26, 2019.

This transit is love and money planet Venus, the embodiment of love and beauty, entering Aquarius, the sign of unconventional innovation. You are combining the powers of beauty and intellect (Venus) with intellectual prowess to go after what you want (Aquarius). The mind is then in excellent shape to converse with the Universe and others on universal levels of intelligence.

In other words, it’s what we mean when we say, “I hear you” or, “You so get me!” Universal intelligence plus beauty equals sparks flying in love. You’re able to speak and engage via non-verbal-communication much easier to convey depth of emotion.

Aquarius also rules the eleventh house, the house of ideals and dreams, and group connections. Big dreams that connect you to humanity can be found here. Being able to attract experiences and people that can help you to achieve those big dreams when Venus is in Aquarius is very exciting.

Aquarius, like its′ counterpart Leo, adds “soul” to things and makes them easy to relate to or accept. It is very important to develop conversation or social skills and be adept at learning new cultures or being open to other philosophies. It’s all about being open to being different, and being different to being open, as well as open to all differences, no matter what causes them.

Being the attraction planet, Venus is not just open to differences, she’s very, very attracted to them. Being different is super hot. In other words, let that freak flag fly, and let others fly their flags with you as well. This is not the time for “conventional” norms in relationships.

This is about learning how to communicate and relate in relationships using words, thoughts, and non-judgy spirits. Isn’t accepting each other for what and who you are really what love is all about anyway? Yes. Yes, it is.

A Word On High Standards – Mind, Body, Soul Love.

The notion of “high standards” is a notion that will be very abundant during Venus in Aquarius. BOTH Venus and the Fixed sign of Aquarius have high standards. The best. This is how dreams come true in the eleventh house of Aquarius, and in the luxurious house of Venus. You need to put your best face forward, and you need to not settle for less. This applies to both physical best (body), and intellectual best (mind), in order to create a union of two souls as close to perfection as you will get on this plane.

It’s exactly what we mean when we say mind, body, soul, love. It′s all about becoming your best, doing your best, and expressing your best. It’s also all about not settling for less. When you do that, love at its best in your life feels “natural” to you. Yes, you must become more selective in who you share your beauty with.

Beware of casting “pearls before swine-like personalities” who only seek to abuse your relationship or who are only with you for what you can do for them. When you send the message to the world of lovers that you command the best, amazing things happen. Really sexy, amazing things happen.

You become confident, and then lovers, whether you are single or attached, flock to you like flies to the sweetest honey in all the land. Venus in Aquarius love is literally the whole package, for both parties.

Your dreams are about to come true if you put in the effort. Do you want them to?

A Word on Good Intentions

High standards and good intentions go hand in hand. In love, you can have low standards and good intentions and still have very satisfying relationships. You can’t have high standards with low intentions or this Venus fly-trap is going to get you.

Aquarius doesn’t play dirty, usually. Aquarius is about healing the world and not being a judgy judgemaster. Aquarius is also honest – brutally, brutally honest. If you try to mislead them, that fly-trap will get you. Tricking people into loving you is not okay.

Mixed messages are not okay. Pretending to love someone when you don’t is not okay.

Aquarius wants you to speak from your right to speak, and Venus wants to help you attract what is within your right to attract. When you do that, and all parties are engaging in fair tactics, the end result will literally astound you.

Concluding thoughts….

Do you want the whole package in love? Do you want to be considered the whole package in love? Then let that freak flag fly. You are pretty amazing. When Venus enters Aquarius, everybody knows it, no matter what zodiac sign you are. You do you, baby. There’s nothing sexier in the world. Keep your standards high, and don’t push up against the box. Break that mold, baby.

Stay on top of those Daily Horoscopes to make sure you know exactly how to channel Venus in Aquarius your way when the time comes. What love wishes are you hoping come true under Venus in Aquarius?

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