How Are the Planets Connected to Our Zodiac Signs?

The planets in the solar system are connected to each zodiac sign in a profound way.

When we’re trying to understand our personality traits, we can look to a birth chart, which takes the exact date, time and location of your birth into account, as well as the transits and positions of the planets in the solar system at the exact moment of your birth.

Depending on the astrological house or zodiac sign each of these planets fall into in your birth chart will have a heavy influence on how you view the world, how you feel about money, relationships and even your career.

Let’s take a closer look at the planets, what zodiac sign is ruled by each and how they influence our personalities!

Mars & Pluto

One might note that people born under the signs of Aries and Scorpio tend to be intense. This is because the masculine planet of action, assertive Mars, is accompanied by intensity at all times. It takes around two years for Mars to circle the Sun.

During this time, Mercury is retrograde for up to three weeks, giving Aries and Scorpio individuals time to reassess their life battles and conflicts. People born under these signs continually move in a forward direction and tend not to dwell in the past.

Scorpios are ruled not only by Mars but also by the planet Pluto. Since its discovery in 1930, astrologists have connected the planet to secret sources of power, which compliments the mysterious Scorpio zodiac sign perfectly.


People born under the Taurus zodiac sign are connected most strongly with the planet Venus. The most important aspect of being ruled by Venus is its connection, not only to art and beauty but most strongly to love and relationships.

It takes approximately eleven months for this planet to travel around the zodiac. However, it has a longer period of retrograde that can last up to two months at various times. Artists and lovers find this an influential pause. Venus acts as a muse to all zodiac signs.

In addition to ruling Taurus, it also rules Libra. Libras are strongly attracted to the sophistication of the art world, follow the elegance of the fashion world closely, and take love expressed over a nice dinner very seriously.


Gemini and Virgo signs are ruled by the planet Mercury. This planet travels around the zodiac so quickly that it can appear to be moving backward at times.

There are three distinct periods of Mercury Retrograde each year, which allows Gemini and Virgo signs to become excellent improvisers.

Known as the planet of communication, the planet Mercury enables Geminis their communication dominance, which Virgos reflect the planet’s organizational nature.

Jupiter & Neptune

Sagittarius individuals are ruled by the planet Jupiter, the largest planet in the entire solar system. Jupiter rules all expansions, excess and big things/events that take place throughout our lifetime.

It takes twelve years for Jupiter to transit through the zodiac, remaining in each individual sign for about a year. The biggest planet in the solar system will bring different influences to the world in every one of the zodiac signs.

The planet still holds some influence over Neptune-ruled Pisces, in that it sways their grand visions of how life should be. However, it rules Sagittarius and influences them to take chances and to have a good time.

Discovered in the 19th century, Neptune can be attributed to Pisces’ fondness for strong drink, their dreamy tendencies and many of their illusions about life in general.


Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations. It’s a sign of status, or discipline and of knowing one’s place in the world.

It rules the darkest months of the year in the northern hemisphere, offering opposition to the brightest skylights.

When taskmaster Saturn is in your chart, it increases your attention to time, your sense of responsibility and your self-control.


Uranus is the ruling planet of independent Aquarius and has a strong connection to the rebelliousness that can often trigger revolutions and political uprisings.

Unpredictable Uranus rules originality and intuition. It teaches us about being flexible and seeking to make progress in the world.


Understanding one’s planetary influences can help uncover the complexities associated with the construction of each personality.

They also help to reveal our core truths. When we use this information to understand other people, we can also gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

About The Author

Laranya Amoli Woodsmith

A self-described ‘word-nerd,’ Capricorn Laranya came to the metaphysical world after going through a particularly difficult breakup with an unsupportive ex. Suffering from recurring nightmares, she turned to dream interpretation to find an alternate meaning for what her brain was trying to tell her.She has since found a comforting home in the astrology community and continues to dive deeper into this unique and fascinating world, now working with gemstones and how they relate to the zodiac. Her passion for writing and helping others drives her to constantly explore new subjects. She is currently obsessed with her rune stones!
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