8 Crystals for Love & Romance

Have you been looking for love? As Valentine’s Day rolls around the corner and romantic Pisces season looms ever-so-soon, romance is on the mind (and heart) for many.

With matters of the heart, astrology can always help.

Understanding how your zodiac sign works with the transits from the Universe can help you attract the kind of love you deserve in your life and move past the kinds of love that didn’t work for you.

Usually, we already know this much! However, it can also be convenient to know which crystals are best for intimacy and romance. This can be especially helpful to know if we are looking to spice up our relationships, attract new love, or perhaps even move away from love from long ago.

Let’s learn about the crystals that can help open up our sensual sides, as well as attract a new love into our life.

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8 Crystals to Inspire Love, Romance, & Intimacy

1. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz will be the first healing crystal experts will refer to when it comes to matters of the heart. Pink is the Universal color for love and healing, and the power of rose quartz allows a two-way flow of love into your life.

As a result, rose quartz is an excellent crystal for love in all forms. This romantic stone helps promote trust and love between two people, clearing away any blockages that may cause mistrust, anger, resentment, or bitterness towards the other person.

However, it’s not just for romantic love, or even love between two hearts. It also promotes self-love and encourages a sense of worth and confidence in people who lack love for themselves.

If you’re feeling blocked in love because you have created walls or become guarded, rose quartz opens up those gateways to help you feel more confident in love again. Wearing rose quartz or carrying it in your pocket will also help you feel more worthy of the kind of love you are looking for.

Wear it in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or any jewelry, or slip a stone into your wallet or handbag, and you will have the healing power of love by your side every day!

2. Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is another healing crystal that can foster love, being the same color as the Heart chakra.

When it comes to healing relationships or attracting love, green aventurine works on your confidence, helping you feel you can conquer the world and go after any love you want in your life!

This kind of confidence can act as a pure magnet for your true heart’s desires, as well as a supportive, equally strong, and confident love. As a bonus, this success stone will also help you with achievements in the way of money and luck.

Sometimes the only thing between us and everlasting love is the confidence to go after it — or believe we deserve it. Using green aventurine will give you that boost!

Put some under your pillow for sweet dreams to help you feel bold in love, and don’t forget to slip a green aventurine stone into your wallet or purse for success in money too.


3. Orange Carnelian

Carnelian is a bright and vibrant orange stone that varies from the palest peach to a flame red.

Its color oozes warmth, life, and vitality… and these are exactly the benefits it can offer when you use it as an intimacy stone, being both stimulating and empowering.

Carnelian—and most of the orange stones—overall provide a boost of vital energy. They enhance any physical activity, including bedroom gymnastics. So if you’re looking to spice up your love life, you need to look no further than this vibrant stone.

They’re also motivating and tend to be a good luck stone. All in all, if you’re looking for love or seeking to deepen a current relationship with some extra passion and flame, then wear or carry carnelian with you!

4. Smoky Quartz

Sometimes what we need goes beyond a bit of a confidence boost or an extra oomph in the realm of passion.

When it comes to serious hangups and discomforts surrounding love, a stone that assists with the healing of past resentments or disappointments is where to start.

Smoky quartz assists with this exact set of needs! Beyond being an excellent helper for dispelling false ideas that hinder your self-confidence, it also acts as a repellent for negative energies in general.

So, while you work through any negative thinking patterns or harmful beliefs surrounding love or self-image, it might be a good idea to keep smoky quartz nearby. Leave one on your desk where you journal, by the mirror, or on your person for the best results.

5. Red Jasper

Red jasper is a powerful crystal for strengthening our passion, drive, and motivation in general.

This lovely stone can encourage us to have fun in love and intimacy and enjoy the human body’s sensual, physical nature. It also inspires confidence and vitality, bringing adventure and excitement to a relationship that may have become mundane or dull.

Overall, as a stone intimately connected to our root chakra, it makes sense that red jasper can have such a profound influence on our drive and confidence.

6. Pink Topaz

Also known as the “soul mate crystal,” pink topaz is rumored to be ideal for attracting your soul mate. So perhaps if you are single or dissatisfied, maybe wearing or carrying a piece of pink topaz can help attract your soul mate to you!

However, as we learned before, pink is a particularly fortuitous color in general when it comes to love and romance. Like other pink stones, pink topaz will help with increasing existing affections and attracting new ones.

If you are a fan of rose quartz and have been searching for similar stones, a pink topaz might just hit the spot.

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7. Citrine

Citrine is a wonderful yellow form of quartz that draws abundance and prosperity. Because of this, it’s usually considered for business affairs and finance.

However, like other yellow and orange stones, it also increases your sensual awareness, assisting with ridding you of inhibitions like a lack of self-confidence that may have otherwise prevented you from enjoying yourself.

And finally, citrine is a Solar Plexus chakra stone that greatly enhances how you interact with others. It can help you understand your partner’s needs — not just get in tune with your own.

An evidently eclectic stone with many ways to help, you can snag a citrine for various uses.

8. Moonstone

Moonstone’s energy is loving and gentle, and that’s what makes it an asset for passion and romance.

Moonstone opens the heart and allows you to accept love. Soft, wholesome, and gentle, it can be a major assistant if you’re working through old wounds and still want to remain open and vulnerable to real love.

Additionally, it helps repair broken relationships and reunite two people who really want to be together, as it encourages real communication to begin. If your relationship is on the rocks, moonstone is great for putting both parties in the ideal heart and headspace.

While moonstone may overall be helpful with some of the murkier or damaged parts of our lives, its energy is nurturing and sweet and can be just the soft embrace we needed to be open to love again.

How to Use These Crystals for Love

How you choose to use, place, or view your crystals is up to you and what you find to be personally empowering. More than an outsider’s opinion, what is ideal is self-awareness of how different crystals feel to you in different places or uses.

Usually, however, there are a few placements and methods that are worth trying out.

When it comes to intimacy or self-confidence, placing these powerful stones under a pillow where you sleep or by the mirror can make a big difference. This can help re-energize you during the night or give you the extra confidence boost you need in the morning when you see yourself in the mirror.

Alternatively, the crystals that can get wet could benefit you in the form of an intimate bath! Placing the crystals in water can help you soak up their energies.

And finally, when it comes to love and relationships between two people, to bring you and your partner closer, consider acquiring two different stones — one for yourself and one for your lover so that both of you benefit from the potent power of the stone.

Just remember that whether in your purse or on the nightstand, what matters most is your intention to connect with the stone and what it has to offer.

The Magic of Crystals for Love & Intimacy

Crystals are yet another tool we can turn to when we seek to understand what’s going on in our lives — as well as to take back the control we feel we have lost.

At the end of the day, no one is an expert in romance and intimacy.

This area is vast, complex, and different for everyone, with different people requiring different needs and holding different beliefs. However, what these crystals can do is help assist you in your own unique and individual way so that you can have a happy, fulfilling love life.

As with all things that crystals are involved in, do what feels right for you… and then let the crystals work their magic!


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