How to Work With Full Moon Dreams

The Full Moon is a time of magic and mystery. During the time of the Full Moon each month, people feel an unusual pull towards it that they cannot explain, or they behave in ways that appear strange.

The magic of the Full Moon has been honored since time immemorial. Our ancestors kept calendars based around the Moon, and when it reaches its full stage, this is when our energy is at its highest.

During the New Moon, we set intentions and think about what changes we would like to see in our lives over the coming weeks. It is during the Full Moon that a light shines on how these changes are manifesting and even what we can do to bump things up a bit.

Full Moon Dreams

One of the best ways to understand the magic of the Full Moon is by paying attention to your dreams.

During the Full Moon, our intuition and subconscious mind are amplified. Dreams are more vivid than usual, and so are flashes of insight that we have during waking life.

By paying attention to the dreams we have during the Full Moon, we can recognize patterns within ourselves and realize how the intentions we set during the New Moon are affecting us now.

For example, you might have a dream which causes you a lot of anxiety and fear. This dream could be highlighting a fear that exists within you, which is holding you back from achieving the intentions you set during the New Moon.

The Full Moon is here to bring this to your attention so you can release and conquer your inhibitions!


How to Work With Dreams During the Full Moon

Below are ways you can work with your dreams during the time of the Full Moon.

1. Keep a Dream Journal

Keeping a dream journal is a good idea at all times of the month, but during the Full Moon, it is especially crucial!

The dreams you receive at this time will enable you to tap into the deepest part of yourself and recognize areas that need your attention. It is not uncommon to have clairvoyant or prophetic dreams at this time either.

Write down your dreams after you have had them.

The energy of the Full Moon lasts for the first three days prior and the last three days after the Full Moon. All dreams at this time are likely to have a powerful impact on you. You might not be able to remember every detail, but write down everything that springs to mind, including how it made you feel. Your feelings are an important clue in understanding your intentions at a deeper level.

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2. Practice Releasing Affirmations

Part of the magic of Full Moon energy is releasing whatever is holding you back. Your dreams provide clues as to what this may be. This is also beneficial to do during the Waning phase, but during the Full Moon, you can do it with greater energy and concentration.

Mantras such as I release all that is holding me back from my dreams or I release my fears and inhibitions are good to chant to yourself during the night of the Full Moon.

Repeating the affirmations sends a clear message to your subconscious mind that it is time to let go. If your dream has highlighted to you something specific that is holding you back, then creating a mantra relating to that specific aspect is a great way to harness Full Moon energy.

3. Harness Dream Cycles

Certain crystals are extremely helpful in enabling you to tap into your dreaming state and understand what your dreams are trying to tell you. During the Full Moon, the combination of the following crystals can help:

  • Moonstone: This crystal amplifies the power of your intuitive side during the Full Moon. It also helps regulate your emotions so that you do not become emotionally overwhelmed and make sense of everything.
  • Selenite: Another powerful crystal associated with the Moon, selenite brings calm and serenity to your inner self and helps to shed light on confusing aspects of your dreams.
  • Shamanic dream quartz: This is an intense crystal that strengthens the magic within you and helps you to delve deeper into your dreams while in your unconscious state. Your dreams will be stronger and more vivid.

Place these crystals under your pillow during the Full Moon period, or put them on the bedside table or around your bed. The crystals should be charged prior to use so that they are ready for you each month.

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4. Eat Clean!

Eating clean is pretty important during all times of the month for your health and well-being, but during the Full Moon, it’s especially important if you want to harness Full Moon energy.

Healthy eating, free of toxins and chemicals, helps you to act as a conduit for Full Moon energy. This enables your subconscious to more easily send you dreams that you can analyze and interpret better upon waking – and, most importantly, remember!

Release With the Full Moon

The Full Moon is a time of illumination and release. On some level, everyone feels the energy of the Full Moon and reacts in different ways to it.

If you have been wondering why your dreams appear more vivid or significant at certain times of the month then look to the Moon as it can provide guidance as to why.

Once you learn to interpret your dreams using Full Moon energy, a range of doorways and opportunities will open up for you. It takes time, so be patient with yourself – and trust in the magic of the Full Moon!

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