A Resolution Ritual for the Full Moon in Aquarius

It’s that time of the month again….

The time when the lunar energies are at their most powerful and we, the Moon-gazing humans, have the chance to harness the lunar powers all for ourselves.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility, as Spiderman says, so when we are working with the Full Moon, it’s important to think about what we need instead of what we want.

That’s why Moon wishes that focus on winning the lottery tend not to come true. You might need the money, but even (or should I say, especially) in the spiritual world, things tend not to work out in a quick-fix way.

Let’s get into what this next Full Moon is all about.

Full Moon in Aquarius

On July 23rd, 2021, the Full Moon falls in progressive and unique Aquarius.

Yes, a second Full Moon in Aquarius!

A Full Moon in Aquarius intensifies the qualities of this Fixed Air sign. It highlights how we can make change and renewal through our connections with others. It encourages us to have the courage to do what we feel is right and make the changes that are necessary, no matter what anyone else thinks of us.

Aquarius marches to the beat of its own drum, but this sign often must overcome some kind of social stigma to progress effectively.

With the Sun in Leo, which encourages us to experience self-renewal and focuses very much on an “I” mentality, we find ourselves seeking a balance between the lunar and solar energies, which can be opposites, with one focusing on its interactions with others (Aquarius) and one focusing on its interactions with the Self (Leo).

This Full Moon also conjuncts Pluto, and this indicates a strong urge to break away from the past. The New Moon two weeks ago opposed Pluto, and the issues that were brought to light during the last New Moon are likely to reach a climactic explosion now during this Aquarius Full Moon!

So really, this Full Moon in Aquarius is inviting us to have the strength to be our true authentic selves, despite the obstacles and our fears.

That’s why a Full Moon ritual is so helpful!

Your Full Moon in Aquarius 2021 Ritual

It’s time to talk about a Full Moon in Aquarius ritual so that you can harness the powers of the Full Moon to your best ability.

Here is a step-by-step guide for your Full Moon ritual!

1. Write Down What You Need to Break Free From

It is likely that issues have been brought to your attention over the last two weeks that very much needed it, and your fears have risen to the surface.

This was the New Moon preparing you for the Full Moon.

What fears have been dominating you? Have you been afraid of speaking your mind or worrying about what others think of you? Write down your emotions and everything that has been happening.

2. Release the Fears

In this ritual, take the piece of paper you have written everything down on and release them.

How do you release them? Simply speak the issues and fears allowed and say,

“I release these issues and fears. They no longer have control over me, and I have the freedom and courage to be who I am and do what I want.”

You can perform this ritual with candles, crystals (tiger’s eye is especially good for this Full Moon ritual because it promotes courage and strength), or incense.

However, they are not completely necessary! What truly matters are your thoughts and your beliefs. The Universe hears your call, no matter what. The added extras simply set the tone nicely, so if you want to add them, feel free!

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3. Connect With Nature

For this ritual, you’ll want to connect with nature because earthing yourself in some way brings you closer to the lunar energies.

It is preferably done in the evenings or at night when the Full Moon is at her most brilliant and brightest!

Go to a quiet spot in the garden or among nature if you can, sit and look up at the Moon. Close your eyes and think about the issues and fears you have just released. Breathe deeply and envision the future you wish to have and the person you wish to be.

Spend however long feels right to you doing this.

If you are unable to find a spot among nature, meditating inside with a plant pot or flowers is fine.

Crystals are fine too! Selenite and moonstone are especially helpful for connecting you to the Moon. As long as you have something connected to nature, you can perform this part of the ritual and help yourself connect to the lunar energies.

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How Will You Embrace the Full Moon in Aquarius?

This Full Moon in Aquarius brings us the chance to march to the sound of our own drum (or at least acquire the drums to start doing it in the first place!).

It can mark the beginning of newness as we reinvent ourselves and break away from restrictions that hold us back.

Finding the courage to be ourselves is not always easy.

This is something our Aquarius friends must experience through life, and when the Full Moon shines in Aquarius, this particular feature of life shines bright for all of us.

What areas of your life require you to push through the boundaries? How can you make a difference in this world and to yourself and those around you?

Aquarius is the sign of originality, the progressor, and the round peg in the square hole. To operate in this way in such a world that often demands we are like everyone else can take lots of courage and determination. With the solar energies in Leo, the sign of courage, we can bring together both the Moon and Sun and find the courage within to be who we truly are.

So when the Full Moon bestows Aquarius energy on to us this July, try out this Full Moon ritual and get ready for the march. The world awaits you and is eager to experience the creative and passionate gifts you have to bring it!

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