How Does a Free Online Tarot Reading Work?

Are you wondering if it’s worth your time to get free online tarot readings? Well, let us explain to you how it works so that you can see the many ways tarot can actually help improve your life! Tarot is a tool that helps tap into the creative side of the brain which allows access to our intuition and helps us to perceive how our own emotions and thoughts affect our reality.

Many people disregard emotions as just annoyances that get in the way of completing tasks or accomplishing goals. However, our emotions and the thought patterns that guide them are actually generating energy at all times. When you use an online tarot reading to help you reflect on the direction of your emotional energy, you can conjure energy that will attract what you want and repel what you don’t. Now we’re cooking!

Don’t quite understand how it works yet? Don’t worry. Understanding how a free online tarot reading works is more about using it than understanding how our thoughts and energy activate the law of attraction. They say energy flows where attention goes, so it can help us see where we are focusing and how that is either attracting negative or positive results. This tool is your way to start using your magic.

What to Expect in a Free Online Tarot Reading

It’s important to know what to expect from an online tarot reading and how it will be different from a person offering you a reading. Both can be helpful as they offer you different levels of insight. An online tarot reading will help you first understand the types of questions that are good to ask the tarot. They often have to do with how we approach love, what our life purpose is, and what the best course of action is. It’s not that the tarot tells us what is going to happen, rather it clues us into understanding how our own energy and perspectives are creating a projection of the future. It helps us see how we can create the best possible outcomes without manipulating anyone.

Those who are able to see how energy affects their lives have the ability to see through the matrix where it seems we have no ability to affect the outcome of situations in our life. The tarot essentially helps us take responsibility for our intention, our thoughts, and our creative power. The cards you get familiar with through an online tarot reading allow you to speak the language of energy so you can see your own with more clarity.

By tapping into your intuition through the tarot, you get a bird’s eye view on how you are creating your life, how you can shift it, and how to see areas you may be focused on that are not in alignment with what is really going to bring you happiness. The archetypes and symbols of the tarot will open your third eye to understand beyond the standard way of seeing things so you can perceive what your higher spiritual wisdom has to show you. When you read the cards, they will start to speak to your intuitive side and activate and each time you use them it will get stronger.

If you need to familiarize yourself with the tarot, start with these Tarot Card Meanings Made Simple: Each Major Arcana Card Explained.

The Process

The process of getting a free online tarot reading is actually really fun and simple. You will usually get a spread which shows you the cards and then allows you to read their meanings. As you read the spread, it will bring ideas about your life and how you’ve been approaching things to your mind naturally. This process is subjective in your interpretation, but it’s still very valuable because your heart, which is the strongest energy center in your body, will start to communicate with you.

Your heart center has a tremendous amount of energy that can attract jobs, love, and friends to you. When your heart is wounded or closed off, it will attract similar energies and therefore negative situations. The tarot can help you see inside of yourself to help you see what ways of thinking are blocking your creative energy. This internal process occurs when you read the cards and just allow your stream of consciousness to follow. Certain deep truths will arise in you as you ask questions about your life and read the spreads.

Live vs. Online Tarot Reading: What’s the Difference?

The difference between a live and online tarot reading is that in a live tarot reading, you have someone shuffling the cards and interpreting the spreads for you. They will use their own intuition to offer what feels like the most relevant interpretation of the cards based on the energy they pick up in you. However, they can also only perceive your energy through themselves, which means that their level of understanding will only be as deep as they have gone within themselves. That means that you are receiving the information through their lens of experience. The risk with a live reading is that they will offer advice based the energy they perceive from you. If they offer fear-based advice and you take it seriously, it could alter your ability to perceive possibilities.

The Pros of a Free Online Tarot Reading

An online tarot reading offers you direct access to your own intuition. If you’re not used to exercising the muscle of your intuition, it can take time. It’s good to practice using an online tarot reading when you feel uncertain or when you’re trying to see a way to accomplish something. Each time you’re able to use the information of the spread to positively alter your life, you’ll see how the tarot helps you get your own answers. While it may take a little more time than having someone tell you what to do, everyone has the ability to develop their intuition and connection to their spiritual self.

In a practical sense, free online tarot readings have many benefits you may not yet have considered. Besides being free, you can do a free online tarot reading at any time, even in the middle of the night. There’s also the protection of your information, which means that you do not have to share sensitive personal information with someone. You also don’t need to worry about someone scaring you into spending a lot of money as some non-ethical psychics have been known to do.

Most Online Tarot Readings are Free

Seriously though, how cool is it that you get to learn the tools of magic without even paying? People who create the online tarot readings are passionate about making it useful and empowering for you to use their software. Tarot enthusiasts know that learning the tarot for yourself means you get to take the steering wheel of your life back into your own hands in the areas that are most important such as love, career, health and spiritual growth.

If you are seeking to change your life, online tarot readings are there for you regardless of your budget, your schedule or where you live. The ancient secrets of magic do not have to come at a high cost, they can be free as long as you take time to understand them and don’t expect instant results.


As we mentioned, there are many reasons why you may not want a live tarot reader and one of them is that often our deep questions are about finances, potential job changes, love interests or other information we wouldn’t want to be shared. Once we have shared our secrets with someone, there’s no guarantee that information is safe. Depending on your level of comfort with internet privacy, it’s often ideal for you to be able to read and interpret the spread on your own.

Get a Free Tarot Reading Whenever You Want – No Appointment Necessary

It’s not as if our questions only come to us in the daytime when a tarot reader is in the office taking appointments. Often we decide whether to take a job, leave a relationship, or ask someone out in the middle of the night when we have some peace and quiet. That means we can use an online tarot reading to help us right then while we are searching for guidance, at the moment when our intuition is strongest. When travelling, we may not have access to a reliable reader. When it matters the most, an online tarot reading is there to help you tap into spiritual truth. Instead of relying on someone else to be available, you can go within through the guidance of an online reading – even if it’s 3 am.

You Can Do an Online Tarot Reading Anywhere

Think about how many times you’ve been at work, on a date, or at a family gathering and struggling to feel at ease or know what to do. These are the times when we need to be able to connect to our spiritual truth and go within to find our answers. Using an online tarot reading on your phone or laptop allows you to use this helpful magical tool when life won’t slow down. Your spiritual self is always there to give you guidance, and for those who are still working on developing a strong uninterrupted connection to that frequency of our consciousness, the tarot acts as a bridge to help us communicate with our spirit.

Tarot is designed to help us see through the matrix and gain wisdom, so when you are around people who are negative, you can use an online tarot reading to remember you can always be happy when you connect to your spiritual truth. Most places we go nowadays have internet, and most of us have access to the internet directly on our phone. That means the internet can help you stay empowered and remember that your intention, perspective, and thoughts are ultimately what create your experience in life.

The Cons of a Free Online Tarot Reading

One drawback to an online tarot reading is that you may miss out on the spiritual gifts that you can access when you have a live reader. Someone who is truly trained and spiritually gifted can offer you deep insights by using tarot that could possibly be hard to see for yourself. Sometimes when we are making a decision or trying to break a pattern in our life, we can’t see what is blocking us. Sometimes it takes an external, more objective source to help us see our own patterns in order to heal our wounds. That is why it’s great to use both a trusted live reader if you feel really blocked, as well as an online tarot reading for the times you feel you are able to gain insight on your own.

Online Tarot Readings are Computer Generated

You may have been wondering if a computer generating tarot reading is really able to help you. When you start to see that tarot is designed to link you to your own intuition, it becomes clear that even if a computer is showing you cards, the ultimate goal of linking to your own personal spiritual truth can still be attained. While you may not get as clear specificity as a trained reader can offer, you can over time develop your own connection to your intuition which is ultimately way more empowering because you can get your answers on your own.

Little User Interaction

Depending on the software, you can influence your online tarot readings in different ways. Sometimes you can choose when to stop the shuffling and sometimes you can choose the cards – sometimes you can’t. Don’t get too hung up on how much control you have over these little details because inevitably, using the deck will still get you to the same place. Your ultimate goal is for the cards to unlock the code of your higher knowledge, which is already there! Even if you think it’s the cards that are giving you the answers, think of them as the area code that allows you to dial to the region in your consciousness that will give you the answers.

On the surface, it may seem that a robot is giving you a reading. But in fact, you are giving yourself a reading because you are calling upon your own higher wisdom through this tool. Many healers use different tools to access intuition, and if you find these online readings helpful, then they are. You do not rely on them, they are merely an access point that allows you to see what is already there. It’s not a robot guiding you, it’s you finding the interpretation of the cards that resonates deepest for you. Even if it were a live reader, you’d be intuitively taking the advice that resonates and forgetting the rest.

4 Questions to Ask During a Free Online Tarot Reading

The questions that we ask the tarot should not be about what will happen, what someone else feels or how to control someone. We do not ever mess with free will because it generates negative karma. The right type of questions to ask are the ones that empower you by helping you see how to create the best possible outcomes by using your creative energy, passion, and positivity.

1. Open-Ended Questions

Instead of trying to pull exact answers that we think we need, the tarot is better at helping us see new ways of looking at a situation so we aren’t limiting ourselves to black and white thinking. You can ask questions like, how can I improve my relationship, how can I change my behaviour to attract healthy relationships, or how can I remove any blocks to a career I love? The questions should be about how you can improve and not about what will or won’t happen because the future is not written in stone.

For more examples, here are 9 Sure-Fire Questions to Ask Yourself Before Doing a Love Tarot Reading.

2. Closed-Ended Questions

Although closed-ended, yes-or-no questions are not generally as useful as open-ended questions in free online tarot readings. That said, sometimes it’s helpful to ask if someone or something is in your best interest, whether it’s a course of action, a goal you have, or someone you’re considering having a relationship with. The cards that come up will guide you to see further into the energy linked to these decisions. You can do a spread for what each decision represents for you and notice how each spread makes you feel. These types of spreads are good if you are trying to get a clear direction or seeking yes/no answers.

3. Follow-Up Questions

Often when you ask an open-ended question, the answer will guide you to see something within yourself that is blocking you from achieving what you want. You can then ask follow-up questions, such as how can I remove this block? You can also ask for clarity on a specific card that came up. For example, if a card came up that suggested a distraction in your life, you can do a spread to help you understand how to eliminate that distraction. If it showed you needed some healing, you could do a spread to help you see more into how to heal the energy you’re holding onto. If your reading suggested that it’s time for a career change, you could ask an open-ended question about where to re-focus your energy.

4. Keep All Questions Focused On You

Instead of thinking happiness will be found in landing the right job or dating the right person, we need to let the tarot guide us to be the type of person that is happy from within. That means we ask the tarot how to stop living externally and start living internally. This empowering, transformative process allows spiritual maturity because we let the tarot guide us to take responsibility for our intentions, words, and actions. We can they allow the tarot to show us how to align to our soul’s purpose, which will inevitably bring us the most happiness. The tarot doesn’t show us what we want to see – it shows us what we need to see. Our environment teaches us to look outside of ourselves for happiness while the tarot helps us find it within by shifting our perspective and holding us accountable for taking control over our own lives.

How Accurate is a Free Online Tarot Reading?

Ultimately, the depth of your reading is the depth of your own self-reflection. If you are willing to see your own areas of improvement, you’ll get a lot more out of it. If you are just wanting good things to happen without really releasing negative viewpoints, the tarot will do you little good. Tarot is not about giving you happiness by revealing Mr.Wonderful, it’s about helping you see that you need to be the person you want to attract and revealing your own shadows to you so you can shine brighter through your own rebirth.

For more on this, check out this article: Is a Free Online Tarot Reading Accurate?

The accuracy of the software may only differ from the accuracy of a live reading in that the person receiving the information isn’t used to being in an intuitive space. If at first you feel like you’re only getting a glimpse of information from your free online tarot reading, it’s probably because you need more practice. Each card has a wealth of wisdom and symbols that can speak to your soul. The more you sit and listen to your soul’s wisdom when you read the cards, the more helpful information you’ll access. The truth is a feeling, not something your mind finds but something your heart senses. When your body feels at ease, it is the truth.

How Do I Prepare Myself for a Free Online Tarot Reading?

Ask that your intention in the reading be as pure as possible. Ask that your ego step aside while you do the reading as well. Prepare yourself to enter this ritual with humility and openness so that you can learn something about yourself. Allow yourself to trust that your intuition is there and that you will always find helpful guidance from the tarot. Never use the tarot to test its magic but put yourself into an awareness that you have a soul that has guidance for you if your intention is to access it. Remember that your soul wants to help you evolve spiritually and it wants to help you remove negative thoughts from your life.

Before you sit down to do the free online tarot readings. Write down the open-ended questions or specific directions you would like insight on. The more specific you can be about your questions the better. Meaning that you want to know about how to strengthen your confidence to attract love instead of just asking about love. Or prepare a specific question about your career such as how can I align to my purpose for ultimate happiness instead of just ‘how can I make money.’ The answers our intuition will show us will be much more helpful when we ask the right questions.

Here are 8 important reasons to include a free online tarot reading in your morning routine.

Concluding Thoughts…

Some people think of tarot as something to be feared, but that is not the case. Remember the future is not written in stone – you do have control in many ways over your life. The more positive and loving energy you can generate with the guidance of the tarot, the better your life will be and the more positive things you will attract. The tool of the tarot is only valuable to us if we have good intentions when we use it. Always come back to the question of what your own intention is. Is it coming from fear or love?

Use a free online tarot reading to get to know the tarot by doing a quick spread like this one every morning. Over the course of a month, you’ll know the tarot well just by doing this simple ritual. Once you know the tarot and you see how helpful it is, you’ll be able to get a Tarot Deck like this and help your friends. Ultimately, we all want a deep sense of connection to those around us, and the tarot can provide the map to those connections.

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