How to Plan Your Entire Summer Using the Tarot

We’ll have a lot of uncertainty this Summer what with eclipse season coming upon us in July, along with a Mercury retrograde. Don’t freak out. You will not be stressed if you know exactly what lies ahead this Summer. One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself this Summer so that you can just enjoy it with your family and the people that you love is the sense of peace that comes with washing away uncertainty.

Here at Astrology Answers, we have this down pretty much to a science. Today we are going to talk about getting answers astrology can’t give you. Today we are talking about how to find answers using the Tarot. With Tarot and astrology, you can plan your Summer fun!

How the Tarot Helps With Planning

Because we are human, we can only do so much, but that doesn’t mean chipping away at uncertainty stops there. There′s a way that you can wash away that uncertainty yourself, in literally a matter of seconds, with a Tarot reading.

We can tell you that eclipse season and Mercury retrograde will be upon us soon, and that your love life is about to get super saucy (true story!) But we can′t tell you how that is going to happen. At least, not in the way that the Tarot can. The Tarot gives you the 5 W′s if you want them, any time, any day of the week. And who couldn′t use a little bit more of the “Who, What, Where, Why, and When” around the uncertainty of the holidays?

Do you want to start washing away some of that right now? You can, with answers supplementing astrology. All you need is your own set of Tarot cards. Uncertainty is just a card away from poof! – disappearing. Here′s how to use the Tarot to plan your days ahead in the Summer.

Daily Tarot Reading

A daily Tarot reading is very simple, and you can do it one of two ways: a 1-card draw or a 3-card spread. A one card draw is simply what its name suggests. Shuffle your Tarot cards while asking a specific question like, “How is my day going to go? What′s the most exciting thing that is going to happen to me today? Is the party/event going to go well today?” Then draw 1 card in whatever method of drawing cards works for you. Just rifle through the cards with your eyes closed, focusing on your question until it feels like one card pops out in your hand.

Sometimes you get bad news. Hey, it′s called being alive! Nobody has a perfect life. If you get bad news, it′s important to remember that there is good news around the corner more often than not. But what you will learn as you develop your relationship with Tarot is that it′s better to have this bad news in advance.

When that happens, pull another card and ask, “what/when is the next blessing or exciting thing going to happen to me?” You can′t get bad news with that question! In fact, if you word your questions properly to the Tarot, you will never get bad news. Every answer is information that you can use in your life, and it′s being shown to you for a reason.

Another way you can do a daily Tarot reading is using a 3-card spread. This will give you more information when there is a big event or a lot going on in the day and you want more information about the “hot spots” of the day. The three cards you’ll draw represent Morning, Noon, and Night. Shuffle and draw the same way you would with a 1-card draw until you have 3 cards in front of you.

The best part about a daily Tarot reading is that it hardly ever delivers bad news, and it′s always rock solid accurate information. The only thing that will change that is if you lose faith in your own super powers. The real blessing of a daily Tarot reading, or any Tarot reading, is that very often you’ll find all of your stress is just in your head. If the Tarot isn′t addressing your particular issues in the cards, they probably don′t actually exist in real life.

The Tarot never lies. That′s the real and true reason we turn to the Tarot: to wash away that uncertainty and ease our stress with information we can use every day. We also have a Daily Tarot here at Astrology Answers that can help you any time you have a question. Try out our 3-Card Tarot Reading tool and see how it works for you. Refer to that symbolism and have peace in your day in an instant.

Weekly Tarot Reading

There are 2 ways you can do a weekly Tarot reading. The first is a 7-card draw, 1 card for each day of the week you are asking about. This gives you a snapshot on the week ahead, and point you to some hot spots. You will learn when you will get important mail, if you will be going to parties, and about the people you will be interacting with. You will also learn if there will be any challenges in the mix – always good to know ahead of time. The 7-card draw is a great weekly Tarot reading for any week during a busy time of Summer stress.

You can also do a 4-card draw, and have each card represent 1 specific week of the month. Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4. If you see any hot spots or concerns on any week then do a 7-card draw for that week to get more specific on what days and what areas are going to need extra attention. You will also find out during these detailed readings if any awesome surprises are coming your way too! If the Sun or the Star or the World cards show up at any time, put your deck away and go enjoy your awesome Summer. The Universe has some exciting things in store for you!

Monthly Tarot Reading

A monthly Tarot reading can be very helpful in giving you a snapshot of the month and an idea of any hot spots that may be coming your way. Do one for each month of the Summer. Give your self a boost of confidence by asking the Tarot in a 1-card draw what your month looks like overall. Then expand on this reading by getting specific.

You can go into a 4-card draw with a card to symbolize each week as we discussed before. You could get even more detailed and do a 30 or 31 card draw to get an idea of what days specifically to look forward to this month. There are a number of ways you can do a monthly Tarot reading. These are the best to get day or week specific information about the month ahead. These are just some ideas, you choose what works best for you.

Concluding thoughts….

Many people think that the Tarot is a mysterious thing that is difficult to understand and thus difficult to use. But it’s not, if you stick with us!. The Tarot is a wonderful supplement to all of the answers astrology provides. Check out our Tarot deck and pick up one for yourself so that you too can have answers in an instant. Are you going to use the Tarot to help you plan for the Summer? Give us a shout if you need our help. What question would you ask the Tarot about your Summer?

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