How to Use This Full Moon to Get What You Want

The full Moon is a magical time, and the full Moon in Aries brings the opportunity to take that fullness and energize it so you can start to get what you want out of your life. Aries Moons always bring a sense of urgency, and you’ll be in a hurry to do things.

If you hurry too much, though, you might miss something important, or overlook a fabulous opportunity to do something exciting. You’ll need to stay busy to stop from frustrating yourself, but make sure that you’re at least being constructive!

Full Moons bring everything to a peak. Your emotions will be strong—even more intense because of the Aries fire sign energy. Why not put that to good use, and steer it toward manifesting what you want to see happen? You need a goal, and a focus. Your resolve is strong and your patience short, so you’ll have to find a happy medium in order to get things done.

Make a List

As we’re coming up to the full Moon, make a list of what you want to see happen in your life. Make it realistic! There’s no point saying you want to be a famous opera singer if you’re tone deaf. Work within your limitations, but don’t be frightened of pushing the boundaries.

Maybe you can’t be a famous opera singer, but you could work with the theater company, right? If you don’t know what you want to do, then make lists to prioritize things. Make one list that is everything you are able to do. Perhaps you have a flair for making soap, or maybe you’ve got a good head for numbers, or play a musical instrument.

On another piece of paper, write down everything that you have to do; like you have to file your taxes, or you have to get the oil changed on your car, for example. On a third piece of paper, write down what you want to do. What makes you excited about your life, where’s your passion? That goes on the third list.

Now, throw away the first and the second list. The first list is what is standing in your way of achieving the third list. Sure, maybe you can play the piano like Elton John, but if that’s not what you feel passionate about doing, then why spend your time doing it?

The second list is stuff you have to do, no matter whether your manifesting your bliss or not, so don’t worry about it. It’s the third list that needs your attention.

Go through that last list, and put what you wrote in order of priority. What’s the most important to you? What comes next? Then what? That gives you a blueprint of how to start making the most of your life, and how to begin to get things organized so that you can accomplish your heart’s desires.

Grab a Candle

Now that you’ve got your list, grab a candle! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Choose the appropriate color for what you want to achieve:

  • Red: Energy and passion, vitality, stamina, adventure, and your basic needs met.
  • Orange: Health, purpose, protection, and a more active sex life.
  • Yellow: Happiness, self-confidence, teamwork, self-acceptance, and fitting in with others.
  • Green: Money, prosperity, wealth, abundance, and financial security.
  • Pink: Love of all kinds, self-worth, compassion, kindness, romance, and unconditional acceptance of others.
  • Blue: Good communication skills, being heard, and hearing others, helpful and positive conversations with someone.
  • Indigo: Insight and awareness, developing your psychic powers, learning a new skill, seeing things clearly.
  • Violet: Spiritual needs, finding your life’s purpose, understanding and awareness, communicating with ascended masters, guides, and angels.

Pick the color of the candle that is most associated with what you really want. For example, if top of your list is finding a new job, you could go with either red or green. If you are looking for a new church family, a spiritual place to belong, your choices would be violet, or blue, or yellow.

The candle doesn’t have to be fancy; a little votive or tealight candle is fine. Just remember your basic safety, and keep it on a heatproof surface and away from anything flammable.

When the Moon is Full

On the evening of the full Moon, take your list and place it under the container that holds the candle. Light the candle, and envision the items on the list coming alive, and being part of your life. They’re no longer words, they’re not even wishes. They’re goals that you and the Moon are going to make happen. How cool is that?!

Once you’ve got your candle burning, point the index finger of the hand you use to write with towards the palm of your other hand. Tap on your palm until you feel the bony bit under your index finger, where your finger joins your palm.

You’re going to use something called EFT and tap on this energy meridian to activate it. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, and it is a form of energy psychology that helps you to remove the emotional blocks that are standing in your way of success.

You’re tapping in this particular place because this part of your hand is known as the Mount of Jupiter in palmistry. Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion, and you want your plans to grow and expand and become reality, right? While tapping on this mound, hold the image that you want to realize in your mind’s eye, and softly say the following words:

“Success and joy be mine tonight,

By fire fleet and candlelight

By earth and air and water, too

And by the power of the Moon!”

As you say the word Moon, make one final tap on the mount of Jupiter, then draw a circle around it with your finger. Immediately pinch or snuff out the candle. That’s it! You’re finished—or at least, you’ve finished setting up the energy to make your goals a reality.

Keep the paper under the candle dish. You can repeat this on ensuing full Moons if you like for an extra boost of energy. However, you’re going to have to do more than light a candle to make things happen, you’re going to have to put in some real effort!

Making It Happen

Every time you feel your resolve start to wobble, remember why you started. Remember what it is you want. You’ve cleared the emotional residue. You’ve set up a positive energy. You’ve harnessed the energy of the universe with the candlelight and the Moon.

All of this won’t get you anywhere if you’re not prepared to push the envelope and work towards your goal.

The beautiful thing about this is your hands are always with you. Every time you see the Mount of Jupiter, let it remind you that the universe really is on your side. The challenges—and trust me, they’ll come—are there to make you prove how badly you want it, and what you’re prepared to do to get it.

Don’t get so fixated on one idea that you become too rigid in your thinking. You’ll have to take some detours on the road to making your dreams a reality, and that’s okay. It’s even okay to abandon one idea and move onto the next one if you get started and find it isn’t what you wanted.

Let’s say you thought you wanted to be a pop star, and you got a band together, and got some recognition and started to tour… and then you realized you didn’t like being away from home and living out of a suitcase. There’s no harm in going back to being a session musician in your own town, or even telling yourself, “Been there, done that,” and going on to try something else.

The whole point is this is your life. It’s not a dress rehearsal, this is the final act! Don’t spend it doing something you despise or waiting until it’s the right time. Don’t wait until you’ve saved up so much money or lost so much weight or moved to this town or that town.

Start today, right now, using the Aries full Moon to get the whole of the universe working with you so that you can manifest your heart’s desires!

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