What Does the Universe Have in Store for You in 2023?

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Is abundance something you are craving as you move into 2023?

Did you know the Law of Attraction and astrology go hand in hand? By combining these two principles, you channel the Universe’s energies to become more aligned with your desires.

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful Universal law. It shows you where you place your thoughts and how energy can create your reality. You will manifest and attract that energy if you are constantly being negative.

Utilizing it, along with astrology and numerology, can take your manifestations to the next level. Understanding these concepts and how universal factors can influence the flow of abundance in your life will help you better align with the abundance you deserve.

January 2023 Themes

2023 is a spiritually transformative year for many, and the first month brings an abundance of energies from direct planetary stations, an Aquarius New Moon, and the Lunar New Year.

Some of the themes we will experience this month are:

  • Finding peace, solitude, and silence
  • The embodiment of love and wisdom
  • Mastering passions and emotional impulses
  • Development of greater awareness and clairvoyance
  • Discovery of spiritual charisma and hidden mysteries

January 2023 encourages you to stop second-guessing yourself and understand that you are worthy and deserving. Put aside any worries you have been carrying because the cosmos is working in your favor. So, keep working, planning, and sticking to your goals. Focus on what you want and keep faith alive in your heart.

In addition, to better harness celestial energies, one must understand abundance is not only limited to material things.

Instead, abundance is an appreciation of life’s fullness, joy, and strength of the mind, body, and spirit. It also means that you are connected to your higher self and aligned with the infinite Universe, which is the source of all.

From a cosmic perspective, abundance is beyond our worldly needs. It’s the discovery of what the Soul needs to express itself fully.

You probably have a long list of things you need to manifest or manifestations you need to review. But before you go crazy. Set realistic goals. Remember the old saying, “ask, and you shall receive?” Well, what you put out into the Universe comes back.

So, it’s crucial to ask and put out exactly what you want and trust that it will show up.

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How to Attract The 4 Types of Abundance in January

The year begins with the heart of Capricorn season, unleashing new awareness as we cross the threshold to realize our boundaries, duties, and responsibilities. Capricorn season reminds us to structure our dreams into something tangible and not waste energy or resources. The Sun’s journey through this Cardinal sign is an opportunity to connect with your inner authority, gain emotional maturity, and release self-judgments or self-imposed limitations.

Capricorn also reminds us of gain, wealth, and status. In comparison, the Sun in Aquarius leads us toward new ways of self-expression and manifesting our wishes and dreams.

1. Material Abundance

Regarding manifesting material abundance, Saturnian-ruled Capricorn and Aquarius provide a rich foundation for building new systems.

Material abundance is often the area most people focus on when it comes to manifestation. Material abundance includes our basic financial needs and professional and financial achievement.

The following days are ripe for manifesting material abundance:

  • January 4th
  • January 24/25
  • January 29/30

On January 4th, 3:07 AM CT, a Venus-Jupiter sextile will create a delightful atmosphere and enhance the intention setting. This transit is an indicator of abundance and good luck. Both Venus and Jupiter have your back in terms of work and money. It’s a fruitful time to lay the groundwork for improving financial situations.

Not long after a magical New Moon, a Sun-Jupiter sextile from January 24th to January 25th brings optimism, happiness, expansion, and good luck to manifest material abundance. This is a perfect time to rediscover your passions and inner motives. Opportunities are on the horizon, even if you don’t sense them yet. It’s time to take action. Do not sit around. Chances may increase using networking and social connections.

Another money-making indicator occurs on January 29th, 7:45 PM CT, when the Sun and Mars form a harmonious connection. Again, this is an excellent time to manifest and take well-calculated risks. Expect a boost of self-confidence and enthusiasm. A First Quarter moon in Taurus currently encourages you to get serious about wanting your intentions to take hold and manifest.

If you’ve been struggling with attracting abundance, try a cleansing ritual, meditation, and self-analysis, and reassess your goals and projects to ensure you are working at a healthy pace and not forcing yourself to manifest.

2. Relationship Abundance

Capricorn season approaches relationships with commitment, discipline, intention, and seriousness, holding all connections with high standards. This energy encourages a more outstanding commitment to healing, growth, and manifestation in intimate or platonic relationships: Mid-month, the Sun ventures off into Aquarius, who promotes connections of all kinds.

Combining these energies with other astrological transits makes it an excellent time for manifesting relationship abundance. However, the type of abundance will vary. For example, Capricorn provides structure and new foundations for abundance, whereas Aquarius helps us approach things more open-mindedly and deceptively.

Remember, an abundance mindset stems from love and compassion for yourself. It also consists of believing that you are worthy and deserving of love. So, pour into yourself the way you would want others to pour into you.

The following days in January are perfect for manifesting relationship abundance:

  • January 9th
  • January 11th
  • January 14/15
  • January 18th
  • January 26th

On January 9th, 9:21 AM CT, Venus, and Mars form a harmonious connection, and because of this, it is an excellent time for manifesting relationship abundance. Dating and connections in current relationships become gentle and softer. This transit is all about love and raw sexual desire, the balance of roughness with our softness, complementing our feminine and masculine energies—set intentions for balance, harmony, and softness internally and externally.

If you are single, something magical happens when these two planets come together that will change the direction of your love life. Of course, this energy also impacts platonic, business, friend, and family relationships.

Then, a Venus-Node square on January 11th is a beautiful time to review your relationships and any connections that may seem out of balance in giving and receiving. Set intentions for clearing out harmful karma in relationships with harm to none.

Feelings are easily aroused around January 14th and 15th, when Venus clashes with Uranus. Relationships are hit with sudden electric attraction, which makes it a great time to manifest flexibility and acceptance through change. Intention setting encourages focusing on balancing your needs for stability with your underlying desires for freedom and spontaneity. Experimentation in the bedroom would provide extra stimulation and excitement. However, there can be abrupt beginnings and endings. So, focus on living in the present moment.

Sun-Pluto conjunction on January 18th brings a massive amount of energy to relationships. Although, there is a potential for deep-seated issues to arise. This is a beautiful time to manifest healing for hidden issues of mistrust, jealousy, and power struggles in relationships.

Lastly, on January 26th, 8:29 PM CT, Venus enters Pisces, spotlighting our relationships to manifest unconditional and spiritual love. Relationships tend to have a more romantic, intuitive, and compassionate tone. It’s a great time to embrace love and explore ways to connect with others.

Make sure to check in on your daily love horoscope for more insights!

3. Self-Care Abundance

Self-care is a way to celebrate, honor, and nurture your mind, body, and spirit. It also enriches your manifestations and provides more harmony in your life. Self-care and self-love are putting yourself first to be your best self. Embodying your best self means that you nourish and nurture your well-being.

The vibration of self-care tells the Universe you appreciate yourself and are worthy.

We should practice self-care at least once daily; however, certain days hold more vital energies to deepen our self-care practice and connection with our higher self.

The more you care for and love yourself, the more you will attract positive experiences. Self-care is crucial to attracting abundance in your life, and the following days in January are excellent for raising your vibration and manifesting self-care abundance.

  • January 6/7
  • January 12th
  • January 21/23
  • January 30/31

On January 6th, 5:09 PM CT, a Full Moon in Cancer arrives, making it a highly emotional and intuitive time that is the perfect transit for manifesting emotional balance and self-care. Full Moons focus on release and refinement, helping you notice what needs to change. Connecting to the Moon can be calming to the mind and body, also helping to bring long-term goals and dreams to life. Remember to carve out time to parent and take care of yourself emotionally.

Use the weekend to deepen your self-care practice through:

  • Grounding yourself
  • Tuning into nature
  • Meditation
  • Deep breathing
  • Cleaning your physical space
  • Giving thanks

Then, on January 12th, Mars goes direct in Gemini, prompting a profound shift in our energies and physical drive. Mars’ energy is powerful near its stations and can often seem problematic. Therefore, self-care through exercise, yoga, music, and meditation will help curb anger or frustration.

Mid-month brings an electrifying shift during Aquarius season, with a New Moon, Uranus direct, and Venus-Saturn conjunction from January 21st to 23rd. Since the New Moon can offer a fresh perspective, you should use the energies to manifest from a place of abundance and not scarcity.

Venus-Saturn conjunction helps you set boundaries by teaching you how to say no to what is non-essential, so you can say yes to what truly matters. Poor boundaries can affect your emotional and mental well-being.

Lastly, the end of the month brings no significant aspects; however, a Moon in Gemini on January 30th and 31st can stir inner tensions, nervousness, and boredom- suggesting the need to manifest self-care abundance. Gemini energy encourages reading a book, listening to a podcast on a curious topic, writing, or bingeing a show that’s been on your watchlist for ages.

It’s normal to want to take a break and spend time alone. Recharge your batteries! Pamper yourself and celebrate making it through another year.

Other examples of self-care include:

  • Angel guidance
  • Alternate nostril breathing
  • Cleansing and fasting
  • Counseling or therapy
  • Life coaching and energy healing
  • Prioritizing your mental health
  • Taking a relaxing bath
  • Dancing to your favorite song
  • Getting a massage, acupuncture, or other forms of holistic therapy

Connecting with natural self-care is how you take back your power and attract abundance. Sometimes, that simply means taking a break!

4. Spiritual Abundance

Spiritual abundance is your ability to tap into your deepest inner self’s desires and manifest them in your current reality.

This has less to do with the material world and more with the connection to your higher self and the Universe. Spiritual abundance also means that desire, but with no lacking feeling, only trust because the Universe will support you in all forms. And most importantly, the Universe will provide when you care for your mind, body, and spirit.

So, commit to all areas of your life, especially your inner world.

The human spirit is abundant, not our resources, and by tapping into spiritual energies, you attract abundance in all forms into your life.

The first month of 2023 brings spiritual growth that will carry into the rest of the year. Excellent days to connect with your higher self to uncover happiness, joy, and inspiration to enrich and increase a deeper spiritual connection in your life are:

  • January 6th
  • January 13th
  • January 20-22th
  • January 26th

A Full Moon in intuitive Cancer on January 6th is the perfect ingredient for manifesting spiritual abundance. Compassionate Cancer encourages psychic energies at its highest vibrations. This is also a great time to cleanse the psyche and release emotional baggage that blocks you from your spiritual truth.

A Sun sextile Neptune transit on January 13th heightens intuition, imagination, creativity, psychic awareness, and spiritual abundance. As a result, you may be more attracted to the mystical and spiritual side of life or develop an interest in metaphysics.

Then, the Aquarius season begins on January 20th, along with a New Moon and Uranus direct on January 23rd, instigating change and new and inspiring thoughts. This is a beautiful opportunity to tune into what makes your spirit unique. New Moons and Uranus direct seek to break this paradigm and bring you into the realm of abundance.

Finally, the month closes out with Venus entering Pisces, the Sun clashing with the Nodes, and a Mercury-Uranus trine, between January 26th and 31st, stimulating greater receptivity to spirituality and the divine. Venus, in her dignified position, the sign of enlightenment and mysticism, inspires you to align with spiritual values such as gratitude, compassion, empathy, kindness, forgiveness, and unconditional love. These transits indicate a potential spiritual awakening, often triggered by a relationship or your sense of self.

Overall, 2023 is a highly spiritual year that aligns us with our divine selves. Remember, gratitude is the key that unlocks abundance. So, follow your intuition and spiritual guidance; it’s leading you toward success!

What Will You Manifest This Month?

Manifestation is the ability to consciously attract your desires into reality by changing your thoughts, focusing on the powerful mind, and setting intentions. So, get yourself in a constant positive frequency. Have gratitude, and apply the deep belief that you are enough, have enough, and deserve abundance in all forms.

Even when your energy is low or you are not feeling optimistic, don’t be hard on yourself and engage in negative thinking. Everything you experience is attracted to you because the Law of Attraction responds to your frequency. Therefore, your actions, feelings, and thoughts are vital in the Law of Attraction.

So, check in with your feelings this month, shift your mindset, trust yourself, and tap into January’s planetary alignments to attract and manifest abundance in your life.

Affirm, “I am worthy of abundance. In gratitude for blessings of the past, present, and future.”

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