Your January 2021 Energy Forecast

Happy January!

We have entered a power month full of dynamic aspects and transits fueled by the recent Great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. New beginnings, fresh perspectives, high ideals, forward-thinking energy, and the new age of humanity coming together.

The numerology of 2021 is “5”, the vibration of expressing our innate soul gifts and talents. Freeing ourselves from the system and living an authentic life.

In 2020, we learned that to restore the foundation. We must purify our internal elements, focusing on our emotional bodies. Now our focus is directed towards the mental body and all its functions. Purifying the mind through the element of fire. This is the actualization of our higher self and spiritual desire and will to achieve: freedom and liberation, the rising of a new age.

The celestial and cosmic shifts we experience this year will be dramatic, with the first few weeks of this month leaving us feeling anxious, restless, and tense, but full of psychic insights and quantum leaps in consciousness.

Mercury kicks off the mental body purification on the 1st. When we become present, our mind surrenders and roots in the heart. We are no longer drawn towards limiting behaviors and patterns. This also helps us ground any nervous tension experienced when Mercury causes extreme energetic shifts that disrupt our nervous system.

The Universe wants us to enter the new year grounded in our hearts, minds, and souls.

Any unresolved issues that surface, we now have the power to apply our spiritual will and desire to overcome those issues faster than the speed of light. We are being guided to change our perceptions, thoughts, and calibrate towards a higher vision.

This month wants you to take center stage in your heart.

Let’s explore the planetary conversations that spark psychic insights all month.

Your January 2021 Energy Forecast

January 1, 2021

Mercury Sextile Neptune (Capricorn/Pisces 18 Degrees): Enlightened Clarity

First of 3 aspects, 1/1, 4/29, and 12/26.

Mercury starts the month off easygoing sextile to Neptune.

This aspect provides our inner operating system a boost of enlightened clarity and divine Universal wisdom. Mercury acts as our psyche, with Neptune acting as the transcendent point to the collective consciousness. Together they push us to explore the deeper parts of our reality, let go of fixed and rationally determined ideas, and see with the clear light of intuition. The mind has gone through powerful calibration and purification of attachments within the past year.

Attachments to old stories, hurt, thoughts, and pain. To gain the expressions of your soul, you need to release the mind from its 3d prison and confront the unhealed ego.

This year is about using our higher mind to align with new opportunities that we didn’t see before. Don’t ignore or reject those opportunities that are present. Those are the talents of your soul.

Mercury in Capricorn provides us the stability to ground the intuition of Neptune in our foundation. Earth and water empower our mind, body, and soul. Beware of illusions and misunderstandings. This is a perfect time to journal your thoughts.

January 4, 2021

Mercury-Pluto Conjunction (Capricorn 24 degrees): Rebirth of the Higher Mind

First of 2 aspects, 1/4 and 12/30.

As previously mentioned, Mercury is active all month. January is a mini Mercury retrograde before the shadow and the retrograde periods. For the rebirth of the higher mind to take place, we have to expose the darkness of the subconscious for magic and manifestation.

This conjunction between Mercury and Pluto is significant because it exposes the darkness of the subconscious for transformation to take place before total rebirth when Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius.

This aspect may be disruptive and challenging on your intellect, communication, and nervous system.

It is important to stay focused on transmuting the negative effects of this transit towards a higher channel. Your mind is a powerful lens of creation. Negative expressions of this energy can cause the abuse or misuse of power or sexuality and ignite violence. When your ego is insecure and feels threatened, it protects itself by burying the truth in the deepest parts of your subconscious.

Those secrets need to be released. There is so much power in the unknown parts of the intellect.

January 6, 2021

Mars Enters Taurus: The Grounded Warrior

Just the station we need after Mars’ intense journey in Aries. A journey that uncovered our aggression, anger, impulsiveness, and fear. All organic fuel for grounding the inner warrior.

Mars in Taurus creates the need for emotional, physical, and material security. Our drive is more geared towards slow and steady wins the race. There is no reason to rush. Repeat to yourself: I FLOW WITH THE UNIVERSE! ABUNDANCE FOLLOWS ME!

Our actions are more focused, and we are learning to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. This aspect also gives the divine masculine a source of empowerment and the courageous ability to overcome deep-rooted trauma and obstacles. Any insecurities that come up will test your self-confidence and worth. When you feel worthy, your actions are confident, soaring with power. You deserve the good things in life and the fulfillment of your desires.

Great things may be achieved under this transit when your actions are aligned with patience.

January 8, 2021

The divine is activated today with the North Node, Moon, and Sun. This potent event will unveil as time goes on, initiating us into higher levels of self-mastery.

Venus Enters Capricorn: Divine Feminine Structure & Order

Venus’ placement in Capricorn is complex as symbolized by the natural square between Venus-ruled Libra and Capricorn. Yet it is divinely rewarding thanks to Taurus ruled Venus’s natural trine to Capricorn.

This placement may inhibit the sensual flow of Venus and tends to disrupt the fluidity of her functions. By overcoming fear of emotional depth and restructuring your values, you end a cycle of struggle. Struggle in your finances, self, and relationships. Displaying some self-control is needed when it comes to matters of the heart. If you desire stability and commitment, become stable, and commit to yourself.

Venus in Capricorn seeks to bring feminine structure and order to our lives. As within, so without. If you want to change, commit yourself to responsible behaviors, and be present in your heart. This is also a perfect aspect to get your finances in order.

Mercury Enters Aquarius: The Universal Mind

WithMercury in Aquarius, we experience the need for mental freedom and the spontaneous urge to display our originality. Mercury is a key influencer in elevating and grounding our communication consciousness, thus revealing the higher mind. Symbolized by Aquarius’ natural trine to Mercury-ruled Gemini, this Air energy strengthens mental functions by giving it confidence and force.

The negative side of this station is that it brings up past mental insecurities in the inability to effectively communicate in a clear and precise manner. Believe that you can see reality from a higher level. Your mind is key to quantum leaps of consciousness.

This is the birth of the Universal mind.

Sun Sextile Neptune (Capricorn/Pisces 18 Degrees): Increased Intuition

This easygoing sextile stimulates the structure of our imagination and intuition granting new insights and the ability to ground in our spiritual self. This is where your personality meets your spiritual self and all its glory.

Although Neptune is generally considered a malefic planet, the transcendent point is reached when you face the chaos, illusions, and self-delusions by manifesting compassion.

Intuition is increased during this time as the Sun in Capricorn shines light and structure on all illusions. To be present, you have to understand the ego and its insecurities for the higher self.

Mercury Square Mars (Aquarius/Taurus 1 Degree): Irrational Actions

First of 3 aspects, 1/8, 2/10, and 3/23.

The first of three squares between Mercury and Mars, our mental process and thinking are challenged, pushing us to make rushed decisions that cause display aggression and anger.

Every aspect Mercury engages in before his retrograde, during, and then direct, is the restructuring of the mind and its true power. We have to become fully present and focused on our thinking, not letting emotions disrupt our communication and mental processes.

Mars in Taurus wants to be grounded in the higher vision, but it takes the story of the mind to make that grounding possible.

What story have you been telling your mind? Are you letting the shadows of the subconscious control your emotions and thoughts? Mercury and Mars provide a series of stepping stones to calm the mind down when experiencing anger and fear, resulting in irrational actions.

January 9, 2021

Venus Trine Mars (Capricorn/Taurus 1 Degree): Twin Flame Union (As Within, So Without)

New opportunities are provided for both men and women to holistically come together in balance towards a higher vision, as Mars manifests in Earth energy with Venus. This creates the need to achieve fulfillment in love and long-term relationships.

This harmonious trine between Mars and Venus is an opportunity to overcome decades of heartbreak. A new foundation consists of healthy, loving, and positive relationships. People are meant to experience love in a relationship, not continuously live out childhood and parental trauma.


Mercury Conjunct Saturn (Aquarius 1 Degree): Structured Thinking

Mercury and Saturn link up, providing our communication sector and mental process a boost of invigorating Aquarian energy that grounds our inner operating system in 5d. Believe it or not, Mercury and Saturn have so much in common with each other that gives your ideas’ organization and structure.

Saturn’s harsh discipline, limitations, order, and stability are needed to calm down the wandering mind. The mind moves at the speed of light and will take you back to limiting patterns if you are not grounded. This aspect may also bring up childhood insecurities regarding authority, communication, and your thoughts. Remember, you have the power to push your mind to achieve its highest potential.

Discovering the limits of the intellect are tools to transcend it and realize its ultimate purpose. Organize your surroundings. Your environment is a reflection of your mind. Clean it up and organize.

January 11, 2021

The “11” vibrations of alignment and balance are open today, amplifying the upcoming New Moon.

  • Jupiter sextile Chiron (Aquarius/Aries 5 degrees)
  • Mercury sextile Chiron (Aquarius/Aries 5 degrees)
  • Jupiter conjunct Mercury (Aquarius 5 degrees). First of 3 aspects occurring 1/11, 2/14 (13 degrees), and ¾ (17 degrees).

The Inner Guru

The planetary energy today is amplified by 111: Mind, Body, and Soul. True expression, revealing its inner Guru and the pathway to truth.

This easygoing sextile between Mercury, Jupiter, and Chiron is the portal to healing our inner truth and revealing our soul expression. Occurring at the master degree of 5, in a number “5” year. This aspect opens up new pathways to rediscover your spiritual truth and heal from any past religious or educational trauma.

The power between the planetary alignments and energy shifts brings forth great manifestation and the power to find a higher meaning in life. Mercury makes three pivotal conjunctions to Jupiter, prior RX, during, and after.

In order to unleash your creative gifts and potential, you have to believe in yourself. This dynamic series of conjunctions with Mercury and Jupiter give us the ability to discover how to regain control of the mind and tap into new spiritual insights that will fuel a new life this year. Your thinking is more alert and focused during this time, blended with the expansion of Jupiter and all his abundant glory.

These alignments are just in time for the New Moon that closes the eclipse gateway, previously opened underneath the Scorpio New Moon last November.

January 13, 2021

Capricorn New Moon

Today’s New Moon marks the closing of the eclipse gateway that opened on Nov. 14th, 2020. This energy represents our inner operating system’s new framework and a foundation built on love—the rebirth of your inner authority and shared power of the collective.

It is our conscious responsibility to own our power and live authentically. Capricorn energy symbolizes the government, the executive command center of our crown, and anchor to Earth.

Mars Square Saturn (Taurus/Aquarius 3 Degrees): Frustrations & Untamed Desires

First of 2 squares, 1/13 and 11/10.

Grounding your actions and impulses may prove to be a challenge under this transit. Saturn’s limitations block Mars’ impulsive drive.

The first of two Mars Saturn squares, this is the entry checkpoint for our goals this year. Write them down now and set a schedule for yourself because when November 2021 swoops by, you want to be able to show for it. You deserve to show the world what you are made of.

Work through the ego’s attempts to make you feel like you are not worthy of your soul’s desires. Move away from psychological defense patterns, lack of courage, and defensiveness. This is a great time to reevaluate your resources and what future actions you can take to increase your income. Don’t fret over past actions.

You have the tools to help you not make future mistakes. Have faith in yourself!

Venus Trine Uranus (Capricorn/Taurus 6 Degrees): Magnetic Encounters

Change and openness are brought on when Venus and Uranus link up in this harmonious trine. While there is some minor tension due to the natural square between Venus-ruled Taurus and Uranus ruled Aquarius, this combination brings a change of heart and amplifies magnetic encounters.

If you can respond to the call of higher consciousness from your heart, this transit will prove to be extremely rewarding. This energy also increases romance, sexuality and brings on a profound change in your personal values. Relationships will experience an unexpected change.

January 14, 2021

Uranus Direct in Taurus (6 Degrees)

Uranus stations direct in Taurus after a 6-month retrograde journey that began back on August 15th, 2020. Since Uranus is considered a generational planet, when it stations direct, it will cause a collective eruption of all the things that have been suppressed in the psyche since it stationed retrograde.

Lightning strikes so new consciousness may emerge. Uranus is that lightning, the planet of our higher mind that brings on a sudden change to jolt a new perception in the psyche.

Since Uranus is in Taurus-ruled sensual Venus, our confidence, finances, food, stocks, shared resources, and self-worth will be affected. Taurus energy teaches us to find the balance between material and spiritual life. Uranus brings sudden tower change and shifts of higher consciousness.

Energy suppressed since the Taurus Full Moon on October 31st, 2020 conjunct Uranus will be brought to the surface. Get ready for sudden revelations and unexpected change that builds a new life.


January 17, 2021

Jupiter Square Uranus (Aquarius/Taurus 6 Degrees): Spiritual Transformation

The last Jupiter Uranus square peaked back on April 20th, 2014, just before the Ebola outbreak, fighting across seas, and the shooting of then 18-year old Michael Brown that sparked an uproar across the United States. This aspect ushers in humanitarian change and transformation. Some degree of conflict with spirituality is also experienced during this time.

Sudden revelations gift the psyche the ability to see we all have the power to make an impactful change. There is subconscious tension, especially because Uranus is direct. There is no more hiding from the truth. Transcend the ego and learn to respect the paradigm of the collective.

If you are not willing to make a change, sometimes that change is forced upon you.

January 19, 2021

Sun Enters Aquarius

The sun enters the eccentric sign of Aquarius, representing a powerful portal of individualization. This energy grants the ability to realize the ego for what it is and its dominance over self. Helping you overcome some of the deepest psychological defects imprinted on your psyche, revealing your perfected self.

Aquarius’ are the rule-breakers of the zodiac that march to the beat of their own drum. The sacred vibrations of their heart. Aquarian’s are logically brilliant and emotionally detached. This year’s key lessons become emotionally detached for you, and you can express your true self, past the ego and flaws, and no shame in who you are, darkness and all.

Year after year, you have fought through the challenges. This time is different!

Ruled by Uranus, the Sun is now fully shining light on the changes and events that will shake up the status quo and usher in a new future. Even though the Sun is uncomfortable in Aquarius, it is in those uncomfortable places the soul emerges. The Aquarian Sun forms a powerful square with Mars on February 1st and a harmonious trine with the North Node on February 6th, 2021.

By the time we hit spring equinox, your soul will be guiding the way. Trust in the internal changes taking place.

Happy Birthday, Aquarius!

January 20, 2021

Mercury Trine North Node (Aquarius/Gemini 19 Degrees): Communicating Your Purpose

First of 3 aspects occurring this year, 1/20, 2/11, and 9/3.

New opportunities to sharpen your intellect are provided under this wonderful conversation between Mercury and the North Node, powered by Mercury’s recent conjunction with Jupiter.

When manifesting with the North Node, Mercury provides us with direct access to Universal wisdom, expressions, gifts, and talents used in past lifetimes, that unlock your destiny in this lifetime. Journal any new insights and meditate on your future.

Call on your guides for any help during this time.

Mars-Uranus Conjunction (Taurus 6 Degrees): Inner Masculine Awakening

The desire for change is increased under this powerful conjunction in rich Earth energy. Just the aspect we need to ground our spiritual desires, actions, and will to achieve. When sudden change arises, it’s important to stay focused and present. Change brings in so many new opportunities and pathways that reveal the life you deserve to live.

Work on controlling any anger or sexual impulses. Channel your energy into higher outlets. Start a new exercise routine and use this powerful combination between Mars and Uranus to strengthen your vitality.

January 23, 2021

  • Mars square Jupiter (Taurus/Aquarius 8 degrees)
  • Venus sextile Neptune (Capricorn/Pisces 19 degrees)
  • Sun-Saturn conjunction (Aquarius 4 degrees)

The New Earth Paradigm

It is a highly charged day fueled by yesterday’s Mars-Uranus conjunction. Our innate capacity to expand beyond this physical realm experiences minor conflict and tension. With the Sun conjunct Saturn, hard-work, faith, and patience will be required to overcome the challenges brought on by Mars and Jupiter.

While you feel a great degree of motivation to take on new goals and projects, make sure you are grounded in what you are creating.

Don’t take on too many things at once and overwhelm yourself. Mars in Aries gave us the key components of grounding our actions and desires. Misuse of this energy can lead to emotional or physical exhaustion. Be aware of any verbal attacks or the tendency to pop off at someone else during this time.

Stop, breathe, and allow the easy-going sextile between Venus and Neptune to bring ease and harmony to your life. Let your heart lead the way! It’s the key to unlocking your destiny!

January 25, 2021

Neptune Square North & South Nodes (Pisces/Gemini/Sagittarius 19 Degrees): Confused Purpose

This dynamic square brings on confusion, and it may be challenging to know in which direction to head. Sometimes we have to understand a part of uncovering our destiny involves dealing with insecurities and illusions.

Neptune’s square to the South Node shows that you may not have a clear idea of your innate gifts and talents.

You experience overwhelming stress and tension that clouds your vision and distracts you from your purpose. These insecurities create illusions, deception, addictions, and other self-destructive behavior in your life. You are being challenged to actualize the strengths of your past (South Node) in the pursuit of your destiny (North Node).

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January 28, 2021

  • Leo Full Moon (8 degrees)
  • Venus-Pluto Conjunction (Capricorn 25 degrees)
  • Sun-Jupiter Conjunction (Aquarius 9 degrees)

The Great Awakening

Today is highly charged as the Leo Full Moon ignites the skies underneath the Aquarian Sun. Followed by the powerful Venus-Pluto conjunction, along with the Sun-Jupiter conjunction.

This represents the great awakening of the perfected human—the gateway to living our soul’s expression. Our hearts are wide open, and we are receiving massive downloads of universal insights.

The Sun rules Leo currently in Aquarius, who sometimes prefers to stay invisible, while Leo wants to take center stage. Powered by the Sun and Jupiter both in Aquarius, this Full Moon is a powerful moment to show up, show out, and receive the divine flow of love. Allow your heart to take center stage and lead the way to your success. Venus and Pluto make this transition possible by providing the necessary tools for alchemy and heart transformation.

This year is about your individualized self and the path of Universal salvation.

January 30, 2021

Mercury Retrograde (Aquarius-Capricorn until 2/21/2021): Innovative Thinking

Mercury kicked off January on a powerful note and ends it that way, stationing retrograde until February 21, 2021. When Mercury goes retrograde, we already know to be prepared for miscommunications, travel issues, computer issues, arguments, and more.

Mercury tends to be more left brain, and when he stations retrograde, he forces us to use more of our right brain, adapting emotional intelligence and the conscious realization of our higher mind.

As we can see, January is an overflow of intellectual and elevating magic. The portal of refined alignment, balance, and creation. The new earth paradigm is coming together. This year is the collective focus of the new age and the higher mind. Healing the ego and revealing the higher mind grants you the ability to believe in who you are, what you are creating, and see why your purpose matters.

Energy Tips for January 2021

This month’s oracle card is Psychic from the oracle deck Sacred Symbols.

This is a reminder from your guides that you are to tap into the innate psychic gifts that will help you walk in your purpose from here on out. This is a time of quantum leaps in consciousness and access to Universal wisdom beyond your physical senses.

There is magic, power, and new psychic insights brewing all month. Now it’s time to apply all you’ve learned in the previous years and let your soul lead the way!

Make sure to:

  • Connect with your guides.
  • Engage in daily breathwork and grounding.
  • Give thanks.
  • Meditate
  • Practice self-care.
  • Protect your energy.

Tap into the magic, potential, and refined self-mastery of January. Happy 2021!


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