You Pulled the Justice Tarot Card – Now What?

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The eleventh card of the Major Arcana, appearing right after the Wheel of Fortune, is Justice.

Lady Justice holds a sword in one hand and the scales in the other. Through her wisdom and sound judgment, she seeks balance between all and strives to bring harmony and peace where there is conflict.

This is a Tarot card that personifies karma, fairness, and ethics. In astrology, Justice represents the Cardinal Air sign, Libra, the only sign of the zodiac represented by an object, not an animal or person. Libra seeks harmony and balance in all things and is concerned with injustice and equality.

What Does the Justice Card Mean?

The Justice Tarot card is associated with the following meanings:

  • Respecting justice
  • Insisting that there is fairness
  • Finding equality
  • Doing the right thing
  • Doing what must be done
  • Seeing things from all sides
  • Understanding the law of karma
  • Settling old debts
  • Being impartial
  • Acting with integrity and honesty

What Does the Justice Card Mean in Love & Relationships?

If you pull this card in the position of how someone feels about you, it means they feel they have to be fair with you. There may be an issue between you that requires analyzing, and this person feels that they want to do the right thing by you.

As feelings, the Justice Tarot card can also mean that they feel there is a karmic connection between you both, especially if the 6 of Cups or the Lovers are also in the reading.

If you pull Justice for how someone sees you, it indicates that they see you as someone fair, strong, and ethical. They appreciate these qualities about you. They see you as someone who is honest. They see you as an equal.

What Does Justice Mean in a Career Reading?

In a career reading, the Justice Tarot card can indicate careers in the legal system or where justice itself is required. This can include lawyers, solicitors, paralegals, and clerks. It can also indicate jury duty.

This card can also highlight that there is an issue in the workplace that will soon be put right. There may be a problem surrounding unfairness or inequality in the workplace, and Justice highlights that the issue will be resolved.

What About Justice as an Obstacle?

As an obstacle card, Justice indicates a pressing issue is not being confronted or resolved.

There may be inequality or a lack of fairness in some aspects of your life. You may be out of balance, or something in your life is out of balance.

Someone may be preventing true balance or fairness from happening. There could be a relationship that is out of sync where someone is giving too much, and another is taking too much.

The Justice Tarot card as an obstacle indicates that there is a lack of fair play.

What About Justice in Reverse?

As a reversed Tarot card, Justice can indicate several things.

One is that you or someone else is living in denial. There is a matter that is not being addressed. Balance and harmony cannot be achieved until the situation or person is addressed.

This card also indicates that you are being too harsh or overly critical of yourself or others. You are not being fair to yourself or others, and it is time to re-examine your thought process.

Reversed, this card indicates dishonesty and lying. If pulled into a relationship reading, look for the 7 of Swords or the Moon, highlighting deceit in a relationship.

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How to Make the Justice Card Work For You

In our lives, we seek balance, fairness, and equality, whether on a personal or a collective level. Justice represents one of the fundamental parts of life itself – the desire for fair treatment and balance, harmony, and strong morals.

The Justice Tarot card comes in handy when we are facing a dilemma in our lives, especially a moral one. There is a famous Biblical story about King Solomon, also called Wise King Solomon, who was known for his wisdom, fairness, and very “Justice” attributes. He was known to wear a sapphire ring.

Sapphire is the birthstone of September, the birthstone of Libra, which Justice represents.

In the story, two women came to Solomon with a baby, arguing that each was the mother. It was impossible to know who was telling the truth, so after hearing both sides, King Soloman turned to his guard and said:

“Cut the baby in half and give one half to each woman.”

Immediately, one woman shouted, “no, don’t! Let her have the baby!” The other woman shouted, “yes, give us one half each!”

King Solomon immediately ordered the baby to be given to the first woman who shouted, citing that the real mother would never allow any harm to the baby.

There are many instances of using our own wisdom and sense of justice that we can apply today (perhaps not as extreme as this, but certainly in our everyday lives!). Using our common sense and tapping into our innate wisdom, we can apply fairness and ethics to our moral dilemmas, even when our decision is difficult.

Some ways we can harness the energy of Justice are:

  • Write down your own set of values. What are your values? What are your primary morals? Where do they come from? What drives you to this set of values? The more we understand our moral fiber at a deeper level, the more easily we can apply it to our lives in a practical, grounded sense.
  • Harness the energy of crystals. Some crystals are especially powerful when correlating with the Justice Tarot card. Sapphire, moonstone, lapis lazuli, and aquamarine can help you distinguish between truth and lie, enabling you to dig into your own values with greater ease. Meditating with any of these crystals can help you see things with greater clarity and seek the truth at a deeper level.
  • Practice awareness. The situations you find yourself in, the things you see in the external world, the stories you read about, the dilemmas those around you are in – think about them and ask yourself, what is the right thing to do? What beliefs or literature can help you navigate your own moral code? Tapping into your intuition through meditation and harnessing crystals such as selenite and labradorite enables you to enhance your awareness and see the ethics behind everything, no matter the situation.

Let Justice Guide You

Every aspect of our lives is impacted by the energy of Justice. The world is filled with injustice, and inaction is often due to a lack of awareness, as well as a lack of will. Once we can utilize this awareness, we can begin to see how our own personal energies and talents can bring greater balance and harmony.

We are all here for a reason and walking an individual path. Our set of values shapes us and determines who we will become. Our beliefs do not define us but are integral to who we are. Our actions are based on our value system. It is through Justice that we begin to understand cause and effect and how karma truly works. We begin to understand our morals, convictions, and desires at a stronger level, and with this understanding comes greater strength and determination.

Let Justice guide you and be your ally as you navigate the world with conviction and strength in your heart.

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