You Need to Read Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for January 16 – 22, 2023

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Before you could even blink, we’re already close to the midway point of January 2023.

Time flies when the astroweather is shaking up our lives! And speaking of that, we’ve got a good number of events to look out for this week alone. For one thing, we can rejoice as Mercury enters direct on the 18th, ending the reign of its retrograde.

On the 20th, the Sun will also enter Aquarius, signaling the beginning of Aquarius season (say hello to an idealistic, humanitarian, and worldly energy). And finally, the New Moon in Aquarius will ring in this energy in full on the 21st.

So, what does it all mean? Well, we prefer checking in with the Tarot to find out those intuitive details. Let’s get that latest scoop!

Weekly Tarotscope for January 16 – 22, 2023


Queen of Wands (Reversed)

Although Aries wrestled with The Chariot reversed last week, you’re now facing the Queen of Wands reversed — just as you did… the week before the last one.

In other words, you’re toggling back and forth here between some difficult energy surrounding your ambitions and self-confidence. Lately, it may feel like you’re hitting roadblock after roadblock.

The harsh but necessary truth is that many of these roadblocks are self-inflicted, stemming from your own insecurities, self-doubts, or concerns about your ability to make progress.

In order to make strides forward, you’ll need to be willing to break the cycle — so be willing to look honestly into the mirror.


The Hermit

Taurus may have a fruitful, reflective week full of wisdom and insight up ahead.

The Hermit shines this light on you, steady bull, making it easy to soak up the rays of wisdom, knowledge, and insight you may need. Looking for answers? This is the week to seek them.

Of course, The Hermit is not all sunshine and rainbows and still comes with the requirements of honesty and hard work. You can’t just expect the answers to come find you; it’s important to set aside time to reflect, meditate, and ask questions.

And if you do so, you may just find that the Universe will respond!


The World

Gemini, the energy for this week is defined in one word: whole.

The World brings around a full cycle — aka, it’s a good time for closing out the old and letting in the new, but simultaneously feeling that sense of completion and fulfillment that you should get from doing so.

While this may sound big and dramatic, know that you can carry out this energy in a variety of small ways, too; you can set a goal at the beginning of the week and feel that same accomplishment at the end of the week when the box is checked!

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7 of Cups (Reversed)

Cancer, this week is full of decisions and internal confusion.

Unfortunately, the 7 of Cups reversed dishes out a disorienting energy that isn’t all that fun. It may feel like you’re constantly being pulled in different directions, despite ultimately just wanting to move forward with anything.

Be wary of falling into thought patterns that are actually traps (“I started this, so I have to finish it” or “I’m the only one who can decide this”) — anything that makes you feel tied down to an option or choice for no reason, basically.

And remember: your intuition? It shouldn’t sound like your anxiety.


10 of Wands

Leo may want to tread forward with their typical lion strength, but the 10 of Wands asks you to take a breather.

And not just that, but actually, this card points to some pretty heavyweight. You’ve likely been carrying way too much stress, too many responsibilities, and juggling too many ideas all at once.

While your energetic tank is impressive, it is nonetheless not infinite. 

Eventually, you will need to slow down, rest, and pass the torch on a responsibility or two.


The Tower

Virgo is facing off against one of the Tarot’s most well-known and feared cards: The Tower.

Truthfully, this card is not all as gloom-and-doom as people make it out to be. It tears down necessary structures, ideas, goals, and familiarities that, yes, may be comfortable but are ultimately no longer serving you.

In the wake of this change and transformation, it may be tempting to either resist the new flow or “power through” it as quickly as possible.

However, neither option will do you any good. It’s essential that you patiently and gently flow with the current here.


8 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Libra is meant to be having a productive week… or so you might think.

Although the 8 of Pentacles hints at various tasks and responsibilities being available for completion, the reversal of this productive card indicates you may be procrastinating (or simply not interested).

Here’s the thing: we’re all for a little R&R every now and then. But here’s the other thing: if you’re going to make this week about rest, make it about rest. Don’t make it about “not working.” Don’t stare at your work and think about finishing it only to not do it… and then not rest either.

This week, pick one thing or the other and commit fully.


The Chariot

Scorpio has a productive, driven energy embedded into the week ahead.

With The Chariot at your side, this week can be a bright one, especially when it comes to shining in the spotlight, accomplishing a goal or two, or simply charging ahead with even more progress toward your dreams.

Scorpios are a little underrated regarding your ability to get things done, and rest assured — the devoted Scorpion can get things done!

This week is your opportunity to show that off and prove it.


6 of Pentacles

Sagittarius, this week is all about what you’re able to give.

The 6 of Pentacles asks for your participation, particularly regarding generosity. And it’s not necessarily all material, too (although for some, it may be). But, for example, others may be in need of your classic Sagittarian wit and wisdom.

This is a resource, too, after all! Your time, your expertise, and lived experiences are also things that you can “give away” to the world around you.

This week, the Universe asks that you try.


King of Cups

Capricorn, this week is all about the heart.

Embracing the heart-centered and emotionally-mature energy of the King of Cups, you’re focusing on what feels right this week (emotionally and intuitively).

Although the wise goat is known for their practicality and get-it-done attitude, you have a soft side to you too, and you’re capable of spreading the love (especially in a fair, grounded, and responsible way, of course — in true Capricorn style).

Crack open a journal or have a heart-to-heart conversation this week; the odds are in your favor!


Page of Cups

Aquarius, a fun, creative, and intuitive energy, awaits!

Within the Page of Cups particularly, Aquarius embodies a youthful and imaginative energy for this week, letting their creativity take the wheel and self-doubt fall to the wayside.

This isn’t necessarily about getting anything specific done or coming to some specific intuitive epiphany.

Instead, it’s about embracing this energy for what it is and just being who you are without feeling the need to go anywhere or “do something” in particular.


Temperance (Reversed)

Pisces has been going through periods of organization and trying to re-orient all of this energy both in and outside of you.

Well, there’s good news, and there’s bad news. The “bad news” is that you’re not done yet (although, depending on your perspective, you may be able to think of this as a great thing, too, if you’re open to a bit more work!).

The good news is that this week you can focus more on just one area, with Temperance reversed spotlighting internal peace, patience, creativity, and harmony.

In other words, just look within yourself this week — no need to peek too far outside. In fact, scheduling intentional quiet time may help you speed up the process!

Up Next: Set Your New Moon Intentions

Now you know what the cards have to say about your week, and you’re briefed on what’s happening with the stars and planets.

At this point, you have all the information you need to approach this week’s astroweather with the best attitude and proper foot forward.

Especially with a New Moon on the horizon, it’s best to reflect on what kind of intentions or rituals will best suit you given the information you received through the cards.

The cards give you the roadmap; now it’s time to navigate the trails yourself in the way you see fit!

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