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This January 2024, the New Year is moving forward with some of the most productive energy yet.

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius will end on the 1st of the month, kicking us off with much-needed clarity for the New Year.

We’ll also be handling handfuls of Capricorn energy this month, with Mars moving into this grounded, down-to-earth sign of the goat on the 4th (amidst already ensuing Capricorn season itself).

So, if you’re feeling particularly motivated and productive, the stars and planets may be why! In order to process what this all means on a more personal level, we’ve referred to the Tarot for guidance (with one Major Arcana and one Minor Arcana each!).

What Does the Tarot Have to Say for January?


The Chariot & Queen of Pentacles

Aries, this month is a powerful one for making strong headway in the areas that matter most.

The Chariot is a wonderful beacon of strength and productivity, no matter what. Still, the Queen of Pentacles hints that you may find stronger success in fortifying your daily routines, career and work, and skills and hobbies.

While this is a positive omen for those trying to make progress in finances, career, and the home, know that you can take this progressive energy and truly channel it into any of your goals with some determination and patience.

After all, nothing can stop a truly determined Aries.


Death (Reversed) & 4 of Cups (Reversed)

Taurus’ January may feel a little sluggish and frequently uninteresting, at least on the surface.

Death reversed, and the 4 of Cups reversed to create a push-pull dynamic of wanting to make progress and move on from boredom and dissatisfaction (4 of Cups reversed) but ultimately struggling to find the groove of transformation and change that works for you (Death reversed).

This may often manifest into a whole lot of… well, nothing actually transpiring externally.

However, this internal battle may actually lead to some fruitful contemplation and self-reflection.


The High Priestess & 5 of Wands (Reversed)

Gemini, tune into your intuitive inner voice.

The High Priestess indicates that a lot of your power this month will be internal. That is — your internal voice, your intuition, and the strength of your unconscious.

If you do this, you will be able to sift through the inner conflicts that the 5 of Wands reversed brings and perhaps also peel through any external lingering chaos that pops up from time to time.

Just hold onto that piece of wisdom: let your intuition lead.


The Hierophant (Reversed) & Ace of Cups (Reversed)

Cancer is feeling disconnected from the society surrounding them, and it’s taking a toll on the heart.

The Hierophant often represents authority, structures, and traditional systems surrounding us. Reversed, you may struggle to connect with and resonate with the systems dictating your daily life.

This will likely manifest in the discomfort found in the Ace of Cups reversed, your emotional tank and intuitive resources feeling like they’ve run dry or are particularly lacking.

When the world won’t fill up your cup, it may be time to nourish those reserves of self-love for yourself rather than waiting on what exists around you.


Strength (Reversed) & 2 of Wands

Leo, the month ahead won’t always be easy, but the path is much clearer now.

Last month, the 2 of Wands reversed challenged your plans and considerations for the future, pointing out weak spots in your next ventures. Now, this card is upright, indicating that the clouds have parted, and you have a much stronger grasp on where you’d like to go from here.

Strength reversed hints that you’ll still need to work through any self-confidence issues and continuously check in with yourself in the process.

However, this is still a challenge that a brave lion such as yourself is capable of handling.


The Empress & 2 of Cups

Virgo has a lot of love to give, and the world is finally ready to receive it.

The Empress has you showing up in an abundant, beautiful, Venus-ruled energy that is ready to give and receive love in abundance. You’re feeling creative and receptive to new things.

Where might you find those opportunities for love and joy? Well, the 2 of Cups hints that it may very well be in your interpersonal connections and relationships.

Keep an open heart and mind to those who approach you this month, whether they are new people or existing connections in your life.


The Devil (Reversed) & 6 of Cups (Reversed)

Libra is facing a whole lot of old baggage and memories that are now resurfacing in your present day.

The Devil reversed and the 6 of Cups reversed together indicate that the past may be coming back with a bite. You’re likely going to find yourself reminiscing a lot on memories from long ago and perhaps even directly facing people and issues that you thought were long gone.

At this point, you’re meant to examine these old burdens and baggage with the intention of finally cutting them all loose and moving forward.

Deep breaths. You are capable of making progress, and you are capable of moving on, all on your own. Be patient with yourself, and be brave, Libra.


The Sun & Knight of Swords (Reversed)

Scorpio, despite some distinctly positive vibes on the table, you’re invited to slow down.

The Sun brings a bright, fresh, and joyful energy to your month ahead, indicating that you have a whole lot of love to celebrate here all around, especially in how you are seeing yourself and finding confidence in your own path.

However, the Knight of Swords reversed notes that it’s important that you don’t act hastily or take this as a sign that you need to make sudden changes.

Sometimes, the roses are just there to be smelled and experienced… not picked right away.


The Tower (Reversed) & 6 of Swords (Reversed)

Sagittarius may be resisting what matters most right now… your true inner needs.

The Tower reversed points to unsettled, internal chaos, perhaps unfinished business from external issues and problems that you thought you released a while ago. You want to think positively, but in the process, you may just be bypassing a lot of unfinished business that actually needs your attention.

After all, the 6 of Swords reversed solidifies that you’re stagnating in moving on to bigger and better things, even though you may tell yourself that you do want that.

It’s time for some authentic honesty and self-reflection.

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Temperance (Reversed) & Queen of Swords

Capricorn has a mixed bag for the month of January.

Although the Queen of Swords is a strong indicator of your mind, intellect, and communicative prowess for this month, Temperance reversed tells another story.

You may internally be feeling a lot more impatient and imbalanced than you’re letting on, acting confidently on the outside but actually taking a lot of effort just to hold things together.

Capricorn, there is no shame in asking for help. Sometimes, that’s the true indicator of a strong leader.


The Star & 8 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Aquarius is presented with a fresh slate this month (fittingly for 2024’s very first month).

The Star brings forward the energy of healing and spiritual prosperity, encouraging you to nurture new ideas and soft, eclectic, and creative thoughts that you may come across this month.

The catch? The 8 of Pentacles reversed hints that you probably won’t be able to make any actual tangible progress with those things just yet. You’ll have to wait before putting your foot on the gas and getting started.

That’s okay, though. Not every month has to be about doing everything all at once. For now, enjoy the softness and the creative, healing flow.


Pisces is truly a creative force to be reckoned with this month.

With The Magician and the Page of Cups at your side, you’re ready to face anything and everything with an adaptable, intuitive, curious, and creative spirit.

This is a strong month for creative projects (especially in the arts), entrepreneurial pursuits, and making connections with others (especially through meaningful conversation and bouncing ideas off of like-minded individuals).

What will you choose to create this month, Pisces?

Your Guide to a Successful 2024 

Ready for the first month of 2024?

Although we’re opening up January 2024 with a productive flow, it doesn’t hurt to get a head start by reviewing some resources that may help you in the midst of it all.

Here’s where to start.

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