Are you Going Through a Spiritual Awakening? Keep Sane With These 5 Hacks

You may have heard lately of a spiritual or Kundalini awakening – is it all hype? Is there any truth to the woo-woo talk? And most importantly, are you experiencing one?

If you’ve stopped here, chances are you’re looking for answers to sudden life changes that have caused an upheaval of sorts for you. And maybe you didn’t sign up for any of what you’re experiencing!

In fact, your top thoughts right now could probably be –

  • “Holy moly! What is happening to me?”
  • “Is this what spiritual awakening looks like?”
  • “Nobody gave me a memo!”

Welcome to a detox-of-a-lifetime!

This is your one-stop guide to everything you need to know about this intensely transformative period of your life. Read along and learn how to keep sane.

Note, spiritual and Kundalini awakenings are two different things; while they are used interchangeably elsewhere, they are in fact two different processes. This article will outline just the spiritual awakening. 

Spiritual Awakening – Here’s What’s Happening To/For You

We’re being exposed to high-frequency pure cosmic energy during a spiritual awakening. It’s a push from the Universe for us to release negative thought patterns and emotional baggage that’s keeping us stuck in a low-vibrational 3D state.

Spiritual awakening often feels like a psychological and physical upheaval because high-frequency cosmic energy encounters chakra blocks within our body and has nowhere to settle into.

With that being said, nobody said spiritual awakening would be pretty or fun.


The Top 9 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

1) A Growing Internal Disconnect

You don’t vibe with your go-to buddies any longer. You’ve been interested in spirituality lately, and nobody around you seems to be interested in the things you want to talk about.

You feel a growing disconnect with everyone around you.

Feelings of isolation kick in, and you’re officially in social withdrawal. (That can’t be a good thing. Except, your spirit guides seem to have prescribed some me-time for you!)

This can be particularly tough if you’re an extrovert and aren’t used to extended periods of isolation.

Globally, thousands of people are experiencing this initiation into a higher vibe life at this time.

2) Ego Death – Dissolving of You & Your Reality

A spiritual awakening WILL shake up the status quo of your everyday life.

This wake-up call can be harsh at times. It could look like a job loss, sudden financial scarcity, a nasty breakup, isolation from family, etc.

Such a whirlwind makes us pause our otherwise hustle-filled lives and question our beliefs regarding:

  • Status
  • Title
  • Social/social-media standing
  • Material possessions

Such upheavals typically coincide with a Saturn return. For most, letting go of our ego can be excruciatingly painful.

We promise you there is meaning to the madness. Saturn means well and wants you to step into your divine light.

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3) Spiritual Depression

Be gentle with yourself as you go through this phase. You may encounter past fearful memories and irrational phobias. These are karmic, psychological debris within your chakras (you weren’t aware existed within you).

Your mental health might plummet temporarily while your chakras are being cleansed. So, don’t avoid, deny, or try to be brave about these fears — just surrender. It’ll help ease this journey.

But know that this darkness WILL NOT last! It gets better! We promise.

4) A Wake-up Call to Pursue Your Life Purpose

The whole point of awakening is to wake up to our purpose and contribute to society in meaningful ways. Growing dissatisfaction in your current 9-5 job might make you ask existential questions like — “What was I born to do?”

Your life purpose might differ entirely from your current career and educational qualification. Don’t let self-doubt creep in.

Remember that your purpose is linked to what you are innately good at (a skill-set you already possess).

5) The Universe Communicates With You

10:10, 11:11, 111, 222, 333…. Is it raining repeating numbers for you?

Do you believe a snake was trying to communicate with you while hiking in the woods? And you begin to wonder – “This can’t be true!”

Darling, it’s not woo-woo. You are vibe-ing higher, and the spirit realm IS communicating with you! Make some space for synchronicity and repeating numbers in your everyday life.

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6) Deeper Connection With Nature

Say hello to the birds and bees in a whole new way. Nature will always be our first home! It’s who we are at our core.

Often, those going through awakening experience overflowing gratitude and moments of bliss when deeply immersed in nature! Hold onto these moments. They are precious and provide the much-needed ammunition to keep you going.

7) Surfacing of Strange Illnesses

The list is long! You could feel physically ill on and off, and the symptoms might not always respond to medical intervention! Don’t freak out yet!

Your body acts up as your chakras and organs associated with it are being detoxed. Here are a few things you might experience:

  • Vibrational flu (yes! That’s the term for a flu-like condition that disappears magically in a few days)
  • Joint aches
  • Fatigue followed by bouts of extreme energy
  • Loss of appetite followed by a ravenous hunger for days
  • Waking up between 2-4 AM consistently
  • Headaches/migraines/sinus congestion

Good news! By the end of this, your body will function at its prime. In fact, don’t be surprised if you look and feel years younger than your actual chronological age.

Additionally, you’ll notice that many of these symptoms are in sync with cosmic events (lunar phases, solar flares, and/or eclipses).

8) You Want to Go Vegan

Maybe you were once a red meat lover, and now you can’t stand the mere whiff of meat! It’s not uncommon for food habits to undergo drastic changes while going through a spiritual awakening!

You might be attracted to a plant-based diet, superfoods like chia seeds, spirulina, acai bowls, etc. Follow your gut feeling, for it leads you in the right direction!

9) Increased Intuition

Opening your Third eye is very much a reality of awakening. You can tap into your intuition and perceive ESPs.

Interactions with astral beings, accompanied by changes in vision and hearing loud noises are part of the awakening process! It’s the way the Universe says – “Welcome to your new cosmic reality.”

How many on this list do you currently resonate with? If you’ve checked all nine, life must be looking topsy-turvy right now for you?

Here are a few hacks to help you ease your nerves.

5 Hacks to Keep You Sane

1) Find An Anchor

You are experiencing an intense cleanse. Why must you go through this alone? Finding an anchor will help you extinguish your fears and make the journey slightly more tolerable.

An anchor can look like this:

  • A deep dive into astrology
  • Talking to a best friend
  • Joining spiritual awakening support groups
  • Guidance from a Shaman/spiritual guru

If you’re seeking spiritual guidance, reach out to one of our Astrology Answers advisors.

2) Deepen Your Spiritual Practice

Choose a practice that helps you surrender and believe in the unfolding path for you.

  • Shower meditation
  • Yoga
  • Mantra meditations or chanting
  • Grounding (is a MUST! For the daily release of negative energy)
  • Sound healing
  • Art/Mandala work for your Sacral chakra
  • Working with crystals, essential oils, or herbs

Pick whichever practice intuitively speaks to you. Allow yourself to have an immersive experience. It’s one of the best gifts you can give yourself during this metamorphosis.

3) Trust Your Journey

With its conditioned beliefs, the human mind is incapable of handling extended periods of uncertainty. No wonder awakening can shock the daylights out of a person.

Trust that this darkness is temporary! You will metamorphose into a whole new you.

In the meantime, don’t let your mind trick you into panic and anxiety about an uncertain future.

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4) Track Your Progress

Spiritual awakening is not an overnight process. It will likely last a few months to years (different for different people!)

Journaling your progress in body symptoms, personality traits, and behavioral patterns is the easiest way to feel good about yourself. You’re becoming a whole new you. Don’t you want to document it along the way?

Make sure to introduce a disciplined journaling schedule into your daily routine!

5) Eat Real Food

I can’t emphasize this enough! Eat clean, green, real foods.

We are what we eat. Consuming high-vibe plant-based food will go a long way in nourishing our mind, body, and soul if we are on a journey to vibe higher.

Let Go!

Spiritual awakening is certainly not an easy ride.

Show yourself some compassion as you go through this enormous purge. Know that you’re at the forefront of a massive collective transformation happening on earth right now.

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About The Author

Anu Sataluri

Anu is an inquisitive Gemini Sun, Aquarius Rising, and Pisces Moon headlining as a clinical researcher turned chakra energy healer and content writer.Through her writing, she strives to educate readers to rethink how they view the health of mind, body, and spirit. As a chakra healer, she is helping others release their subconscious mind’s beliefs, heal their chakra imbalances, and regain health and happiness.Anu has been studying astrology for the past four years, and she says that a day doesn’t go by for her where she doesn’t ponder over planetary conjunctions or daily transits. She is also into intuitive vegan cooking, drinks tea all day long, and enjoys traveling.You can find Anu and her work on Instagram @anu_sataluri.
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