Solo Valentine’s Day Ideas for Each Zodiac Sign

Okay singles, this one’s for you.

We spend a lot of time exploring love compatibility, love horoscopes, and compatibility checks for all of the couples among us, don’t we? Today we’re going to give some love to those of you who are in between relationships and those who are purposefully single.

This season can be so focused on coupling it may seem like all signs point to single being bad – or at least leaves you feeling you were uninvited to some massive party. This can carry a bit of extra sting, even for the most empowered and confident single guy or girl. If this sounds all too familiar then today’s post is for you!

Forget all the saccharine Hallmark V-Day cards and celebrate how awesome YOU are for a change. Let’s get to it!


Get physical, Aries! That sassy, pent up Fire sign energy means you could explode on the wrong person if you don’t. Let out any frustration by taking a walk, hitting the weights or engaging in some hot yoga.

Plan a juicy reward for the end of it, like, sending a text to the hottie you hope notices your new tight end or plan a Starbucks stop for a Venti of ‘full fat’ everything on the way home.


You’ve got some pent up energy yourself, Taurus, so reap intense rewards by channeling your ruling planet of Venus and flexing your creative muscles. Plunge your hands into some soil to inspire your summer garden oasis!

Add some beauty to your home by painting a bold accent wall or finally hanging that load of framed photos that have been sitting on your floor since January.


You love the literary arts and live to learn, so why not head out to a lecture or foreign film with your wittiest friend or family member? Engaging your brain may be all you need to restart your engine if you’ve been feeling stuck – and could point you in a totally new direction!

If you are feeling more quiet, this is the perfect time to go down a rabbit hole on the interwebs, or to binge on some new Netflix documentaries that are above everyone else’s heads – Rise of the Continents anyone?


Being ruled by the Moon, you may feel the pinch of lonely a little more than the other zodiac signs. You desperately want to spend today taking care of someone, but once the pets are covered, then what? Time to take care of you, Cancer!

Take yourself out to dinner in your own home, then finish your bottle of wine in a long bath. Spend a little extra time at the expensive grocery store and buy all the yummy ingredients you’ve been dying to try but never had a good reason to do so.


Generous and outgoing Leos may be feeling low about not having someone to spoil on Valentine’s Day, but don’t let that stop your fiery nature. If you need some positive attention coming your way, treat yourself to a night out.

Hire a driver, book an expensive table, spend some time at the bar before you eat and….just see what happens. Sure, by the end of the night you might meet someone special, but you’re almost guaranteed to make some new friends.


You do like to retreat dear Virgo, but tonight is not the night to do so. Engaging in some group activities will serve you well today, so grab your best mates and hit the pub for some grub and a pint, or even a Paint Night.

Give yourself a chance to stop over thinking and over analyzing every reason your love life isn’t where you want it to be. Make tonight about your favorite people, surrounding yourself with them in a way that’s light and….fun. Your mission? Relax! As fellow Virgo Claudia Schiffer would say, “Because you’re worth it.”


Libra you do like things to be arranged in a certain way or you will freak, so today should to be about expanding those boundaries a bit. Ease up on your quest for perfection and seek to find beauty that isn’t black and white. You are ruled by Venus, so you love everything lush and plush, glamorous, and with its healthy share of bling.

After work, splurge at your favorite shop for anything that tickles your fancy, and then to your nearest department store beauty counter for a makeover and a designer bath kit. If there’s any day that a little retail therapy is highly recommended, today is it and for you, dear Libra, this phrase was coined. Remember all those yummy things you couldn’t do when that annoying partner was around? Tonight’s the night!


You have some intense energy peaking up to Valentine’s Day, Scorpio and water activities will be favored for you. Natural environments like a beach or a walk in the woods will truly put you in touch with the energy you need to release some of your intensity and pent up frustrations.

Plenty of fresh air will go a long way if love matters are feeling tangled right now. If you can’t find a beach or take a walk, be sure to stop and catch the sunset. A tangible reminder of the bigger picture can restore lost hope or faith in love, closing the book on past hurts. Ending up in the tub will be a great way to sign off, setting you up for a restful and well earned night of sleep and great dreams!


You may not like being alone on Valentine’s Day, Sagittarius, but chances are, you are probably in between a lot of things right now. Take today to assess if your flame burns in any specific direction. Your partners can get frustrated by their perception of your disinterest in commitment, but is that really how you feel?

Being active in your beloved outdoors, like a sky diving lesson or zip lining will let you see a bigger picture of where you’re headed. Spending today really considering what you need in your next relationship will be absolutely worth the energy you put in.


Dear Capricorn, the phrase “loosen up” was coined for folks like you, but you might be too busy saving the world to make the time to do so. It’s not that you don’t want to, you just don’t make the time to slow down. This is the perfect time to schedule some pampering in your planner from the end of your work day and on.

Get a massage, get your nails done, pop open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving, because today, your mission is to satisfy yourself. Have dinner delivered, put your feet up and celebrate NOT having to do something for someone else.


It was probably someone under the Aquarius sign who coined the term “happy hour,” because you all really do enjoy your fun-loving group settings. Let that be your focus today – you aren’t against catching some alone time to plan your next rebellion, but today would a good time to surround yourself with some of your favorite people.

Connecting with people that share common things with you will boost your morale. You can do this just as easily at your local pub as you can online with your favorite artistic group. Plan a group experience today that will have you finishing the day feeling positive and refreshed, rather than lonely or left out.


Dear Pisces, some meditation will take you a long way today, and you may find yourself inspired by your ruling planet of Neptune. Embrace your creative side and try your hand at automatic handwriting or listening to some new music you’ve never heard. Enjoy some chamomile tea to relax – or dream up your own signature cocktail!

The more tranquil your environment today, the more you will enjoy it. As well, your heightened intuition will certainly reward you with flashes of inspiration throughout the course of the day.


At the end of the day, Valentine’s day is just a regular day of the week – it’s all about what you make of it my friends! If you’re feeling down, don’t bask in it – find someone else who needs to have some ‘me’ time and turn the day into something positive.

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* Editor’s note: This article was previously published February 8th, 2014 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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A self-described ‘word-nerd,’ Capricorn Laranya came to the metaphysical world after going through a particularly difficult breakup with an unsupportive ex. Suffering from recurring nightmares, she turned to dream interpretation to find an alternate meaning for what her brain was trying to tell her.She has since found a comforting home in the astrology community and continues to dive deeper into this unique and fascinating world, now working with gemstones and how they relate to the zodiac. Her passion for writing and helping others drives her to constantly explore new subjects. She is currently obsessed with her rune stones!
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