How to Get Physically Active, Based on Your Mars Sign

Spring is coming! (That is if it has not already come to your location.)

The grass is greener, and the plants are starting to bud or bloom. I’m sure getting more sunlight in during the day and feeling the warmth of the breeze pick up has already gotten you outside a bit more than you were even a few weeks ago.

With all this increased energy into the atmosphere, anyone is likely to begin to feel more elated and perhaps even antsy. What’s a beneficial or unique way for you to let off some of this increased energy? How can astrology help guide you in this?

Enters Mars.

In summary, Mars is the planet of action and war. It rules over physical strength, courage, and self-assurance. While Mars can be a bit feisty, it can also encourage you to get off your feet and move your body!

Our bodies need to be active. We weren’t built to sit all day in front of a computer screen. It’s just that sometimes we need the motivation to move, and knowing the traits of your natal Mars will help you figure out fun ways for you to get active.

As a personal trainer, I tell my clients the best exercise to do is to enjoy because then you are more likely to do it.

This is How to Locate Mars in Your Birth Chart

Take a peek at this Mars page to see what the glyph for Mars is and other interesting Mars features.

Once you know what symbol you are looking for, you will need your birth chart. If you don’t have yours, make sure to download a free one using our free birth chart generator.

I use the term natal chart interchangeably with birth chart, so know that I am referring to the same thing.

When you have your chart, locate Mars based on its glyph symbol. From there, it’s as simple as seeing what zodiac sign it’s located in.

Below I have provided some fun ways to get active and motivate yourself based on your Mars sign.

To create a habit, you have to make it easy and enjoyable. Try the suggestions, and if something doesn’t feel right, please don’t stop there. You can read other suggestions too, but hopefully, by beginning with your Mars sign, you will start the process of movement, which is the biggest step.

Remember, start slow and have fun!

How to Get Physically Active, Based on Your Mars Sign


Boxing or any form of combat movement.

As the sign ruled by Mars, you have a ton of energy to spare. Boxing is an excellent outlet to allow you to defuse some of that extra aggression before you put it out on someone else.

Motivation Tip: Make sure to mix up your workouts and keep lots of variety. Aries tend to get bored easily, so make sure to make things interesting.


Strength training.

The bull is the symbol of strength in the zodiac, but also being an Earth sign, Taurus likes to stay grounded. Strength training provides the body with many benefits beyond ascetics, and if grabbing weights seems too intimidating, start with bodyweight exercises like squats, planks, and crunches.

Motivation Tip: After doing a workout, reward yourself with a healthy treat. Your body will thank you, and it’ll help prevent burnout.


Group fitness class.

You like to keep your mind active, and there is no better way to do this than by being in a group fitness class. Make sure to choose one that is constantly switching it up during class time so that before you know it, you’re done!

Motivation Tip: Seeing friends before or after class should be good motivation for you, Gemini. This way, you’re staying active and catching up on the latest gossip… I mean… life updates.



Just like being in the water, yoga allows for fluid body movement focusing on breath and peace. Yoga can allow you to check-in with your body while also providing you a moment to check in with your feelings which is vital for the health of a Cancer.

Motivation Tip: Make sure to get yourself a good quality mat that you look forward to rolling around on. Nothing is more appealing to a Cancer than comfort.

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Dance class.

You are out to have fun, and so there is no crime in choosing a workout that you can do just that! Any music that gets your feet moving will work, and don’t stop until you pour sweat.

Motivation Tip: Dancing in front of a mirror will allow you to perfect your movements and encourage you to smile and laugh at yourself occasionally.

It can also aid in capturing that post-dance class picture for your Instagram account as well.


Keeping track.

You are the sign of health and vitality, Virgo, so you probably already have a workout routine set in stone. If you don’t, I feel you are free to choose whatever your heart desires as long as you schedule it and keep track of your progress.

Motivation Tip: Keeping track of your progress in a list will motivate you towards your goals. Sometimes all it takes is marking something off your list to get you quickly obsessed!


Do something with a friend.

Finding excuses, especially when it comes to commitments to yourself, comes naturally to you. You need to have a person hold you accountable, so scheduling a workout with a friend is guaranteed to make you show up.

Motivation Tip: Now, your activity will double as a workout and social time. Once you get into a consistent routine with your friend, it will no longer feel like a chore.


Rock climbing.

This sport requires quite a bit of strategy. You will quickly fall in love with rock climbing because it allows you to use your body and mind simultaneously.

Motivation Tip: This is an activity in which you can progress quickly. Having your mind engaged while becoming more confident in your abilities will keep you coming back to the climbing wall for more.


Exploring your neighborhood.

For a Sagittarius, life can feel rather complacent in one sedentary location. You need to take yourself on your local adventure and discover all the things around you that you may not have realized were there.

Motivation Tip: While on your walks, listen to a podcast or audiobook on your favorite subjects like traveling and philosophy. Just because you’re not in Spain doesn’t mean that you can’t learn about its history or language.

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You are as competitive as they come, but mostly with yourself. Getting on a running program will allow you to track your mileage and speed, so you know what distance is yet to be tackled.

Motivation Tip: Sign up for a race, and having this goal in mind will help you lace up on those mornings that you would rather open your emails and get to work.

Many successful people carve out time for themselves to get active first thing, and you want to be among them.


Spin class.

Whether it’s virtually or in a class (safely distance), give spinning a try! You will quickly fall in love with the efforts you exert on hills and come to impress yourself on your sprinting abilities.

Motivation Tip: Nothing is more exciting to you, dear Aquarius, than being apart of something bigger than yourself. Many people love the feeling of being in a spin class because they feel the energy of the people around them keeping them moving.



While Pisces is the sign of the two fish, I’m not generalizing by telling you to get yourself to a pool. You will feel refreshed by the coolness of the water and will come to appreciate your sore shoulders.

Motivation Tip: You are intuitive, Pisces, and finding some time for yourself is key. While in water, you can think without distinction.

How Will You Get Active?

Embrace the new energy that spring ushers in, and get active!

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