May 2020 Horoscopes for Your Pet

The first week of May is National Pet Week and we’ve got an exciting article for you and your special friend(s): Pet Horoscopes for the month of May!

If you’re wondering how your pet will be feeling or how you can keep them happy during this month, read on!

How Do Pet Horoscopes Work?

Our four-legged, two-legged, eight-legged and six-legged friends (depending on your pet!) have unique personalities, emotions and characters just like we do. In fact, our special friends can be even more emotional than us sometimes!

How about when your dog knocks you over when you come home from work because he’s so delighted to see you? How about the way your cat purrs happily when you stroke her under the chin? How about the way your bird hops on your shoulder as a display of affection or your lizard crawls up to meet you from behind his branch?

Animals have souls and feelings just like we do – so why wouldn’t they have horoscopes too?

What Personality Type Does Your Pet Have?

You are the best judge of that, but knowing your pet’s sun sign can help you know them even better! For example, we know that Scorpio people are intense, passionate and loyal. If your pet is a Scorpio, he/she is likely to have these qualities too! We know that Leo people are confident, generous and energetic – your Leo pet is likely the same!

They may not be able to tell us how they feel or what they’re like. But we can get a good idea of it simply through connecting with them at a soul level and observing their behavior.

QUIZ: Which Animal Does Your Spirit Connect To?

National Pet Week

The first week of May is also the celebration of Beltane, the fire festival that celebrates the coming of summer. If your pet is a fire sign, they’re likely to be even more passionate this month!

Read on to find out more about your pet’s horoscope in May.

Your Pet’s Horoscope for May 2020:


Like their human counterparts, Aries pets are boisterous, daring and fearless. There is never a dull moment with them around! This month of May, Aries pets are going to be preparing for the hot weather by raring to get outside and dragging you along with them – or, if they live in a tank or their own little space, they’ll want even more interaction with you than usual. If lockdown is still going on during May, then be sure to give your Aries pet plenty of attention and give them extra ‘play’ time so they don’t become restless.


Like their human counterparts, Taurus pets are stable, level-headed and stubborn! They seem like they want to do their own thing at times, but they can be incredibly affectionate. During May, they’ll want to do a lot of roaming so try to give them the space they need. Taurus pets benefit from being around other aspects of nature, so house plants (which are safe for them) are good to have around.


Your Gemini pet is outgoing, intelligent and impulsive. They are curious creatures and want to know things. Your Gemini pet is likely sniffing around where it shouldn’t or demanding your attention when you are trying to concentrate! They will be even more thirsty for experience and knowledge during May, so it’s a good idea to spend time ‘chatting’ with them. You might not be able to understand one another, but your Gemini pet is alert and picks up your emotions through your words. So a few good conversations may be in order!


Your Cancer pet is reserved, emotional and protective. A Cancer pet will always want extra love or cuddles. During the month of May, your Cancer pet may require a little more attention than normal as their emotions are likely to be stronger. Extra cuddles and soothing words will really help them, especially in the final week of May from the 25th to the 27th when the Moon will be in Cancer and add extra feels to your special friend!


Like their human counterparts, your Leo pet is passionate, enthusiastic and charismatic. They like to be in charge and they have no problem letting you know that! During the month of May, they may be even more boisterous than usual, especially with the Festival of Beltane and the fiery energy that comes with it. So do be firm with your Leo pet but make sure they have a positive outlet to release all this pent-up energy. Extra walkies or maybe a new treat here and there to keep things exciting can help them direct this excitable energy!


Virgo pets are dedicated, attentive and single-minded. Your Virgo pet wants things done a certain way and can be a little fussy at times! This is one sign that is incredibly dedicated to its owner – you are their world! During the month of May, your Virgo pet will appreciate stability and security so they might require a few soothing words or comforting cuddles, especially during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of May when the Moon will be in Virgo. Virgo pets like ‘grounding’ so the closer they are to the natural earth, the better.


Like their human counterparts, Libra pets are fair, peaceful and, above all, don’t like being alone! Your Libra pet can get more unhappy than most when left on their own and loves to be showered with affection (and treats!) During the month of May, your Libra pet will enjoy spending more time with you than usual. Make sure to set clear boundaries though, as a Libra pet can be prone to cheekily crossing a line or two. Plenty of treats and loving words can warm the heart of this Libra pet!


Scorpio pets are intense, loyal and possessive. Your Scorpio pet wants you all to themselves! This is the pet that gets very moody if you disappear for an hour/day or two. “Where have you been?” you can practically hear them say with a resentful look in their eyes. But your Scorpio pet loves you more than life itself and would go to the edge of the earth to prove their undying love for you! This month of May, let your Scorpio pet know how much you appreciate them with extra hugs and trips to new places (if possible). If you can’t take them somewhere new, try new games or hobbies with them you can try at home.


Sagittarius pets are adventurous, restless and happy-go-lucky! Your Sagittarius pet is always on the lookout for a new adventure – Sagittarius hamsters are usually the ones escaping in the middle of the night and chewing people’s shirts on the landing once succeeding at their Houdini act. This month of May, ensure your Sagittarius pet gets plenty of exercise and has lots of playtime with you – the fire Festival of Beltane and the incoming summer bring out the restlessness in them and they need somewhere to direct all this energy!


Capricorn pets are level-headed, persistent and quite shy. Your Capricorn pet may be a little wary around strangers, but once they get to know someone, they are loveable in every possible way! During the month of May, your Capricorn pet will feel an increased urge to connect to the earth – so pets that are free to roam outdoors on their own will likely spend more time than usual outside, while pets that need their human friend accompanying them will seek earthy connections in other ways. Keeping earthy crystals such as garnet and peridot nearby on the mantlepiece (or anywhere they can’t reach) is very good for a Capricorn pet’s energy in May.


Like their human counterparts, an Aquarius pet is independent, intelligent and unique. This pet will often have some unique and funny quirks that you can’t help but love! During the month of May, the Aquarius pet will be more keen to explore than usual, so be sure to keep your pet busy with lots of fun and games. Dogs and cats in particular will enjoy puzzle or seeking games where they can use their intelligence to its fullest extent!


Pisces pets are very intuitive, trusting and friendly! A Pisces pet will always know when something is wrong and they will do their best to comfort and console you. If you are feeling down, a Pisces pet will do everything in their power to make you feel better again. They are so in tune with your own emotions. During the month of May, Pisces pets will require more loving moments, so plenty of cuddles and snuggles are recommended; and for Pisces pets who are a little more reserved in their own little homes, they will appreciate your positive energy and smiles directed to them. A Pisces pet has powerful emotions and the best way to keep them happy is to pay attention to these feelings.


So there are your pets’ horoscopes for the month of May! I hope you and your pet will have wonderful moments together during Beltane season and keep one another company during these dramatic times. Have fun together!

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