The Best Pet For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

best pet for your zodiac sign

When we talk about why people have pets, a number of things come up. Companionship is usually the first. Others may feel it is their duty to save a stray or have a pet for protection. The reasons are truly endless, but for the most part, anyone with a pet is indeed an animal lover.

While we can look to our Sun sign to determine which pet would be ideal, the 11th house gives an even more accurate reading on pet compatibility.


This is the astrological house of friendship! This house looks into where we belong, what we surround ourselves with, and even how we choose to interact socially – all of which line up with pet ownership.

Let’s dive into the best pet for your zodiac sign.

The Best Pet For Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Beagle

Aries needs a fun-loving, easy-to-train pet. When choosing a dog, Aries would likely prefer one that is independent and likes to go on lots of walks and adventures.

That being said, any trainable pet will bring great satisfaction to your life if you have other influences in your chart that foster patience and leadership.

It is for this reason that dogs like Beagles or Italian Greyhounds are usually the ultimate pet for an Aries: clever, independent, brave, but eager to learn. They offer everything an Aries needs!

Taurus: Pig

Pigs are both intelligent and independent, which goes really well with the Taurus lifestyle. Taurus is grounded and the ultimate homebody, which means they enjoy talking to their pets even more than people. A fantastic potential pet owner indeed!

You have a natural ability with animals, so almost anything you choose will likely be satisfying. This is why Taurus is an absolute natural with animals like livestock, particularly cows. Of course, a cow isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea.

A small pig will do just fine as a halfway point between a cat and a dog (you’ll thank us later!).

Gemini: Rabbit

For Gemini, a pet is part of the family, and as such, you might prefer pets that act and feel the same way. Dogs are what many would assume is an obvious choice, but rabbits are actually much more in tune with Gemini energy.

Rabbits are highly intelligent, social, and affectionate, with a slight tendency to be a little bratty and vengeful. They also require someone who can work to understand their complex personalities, something that chatty, charismatic Gemini is up to the task for.

In this environment filled with Gemini love, a rabbit would be fulfilled in all the ways they need, and Gemini would get someone to talk to about their dreams. It’s a win-win.

Cancer: Siamese Cat

Since Sagittarius is the dominant influence in Cancer’s zone of pets, some people believe that the love of freedom doesn’t lend itself well to pet ownership – but this could not be further from the truth.

Instead, this zodiac sign loves to have pets roam around the house freely and is also very much of the mindset that pets are family and should be treated as such. Siamese cats are a fantastic pet for Cancer natives.

Leo: Persian Cat

You know that Leo is going to want an animal that they can show off! Leo will typically opt for pets that you can not only spoil but also pets that they can be proud of when taking them around the town.

A Leo wants nothing but the best for their pet. So, a pet they can pamper makes the most sense. A real princess of a Persian cat, or even the hairless sphinx, would do the trick.

Virgo: Turtle or Tortoise

Aquarius influences the pet zone for Virgos, and this means you may prefer more exotic “out there” pets. You’d probably also prefer very independent pets that are a little bit more your speed.

For neat-freak Virgo, a turtle or tortoise is small, quiet, clean, and easy to care for. With a tidy, proper environment the love between a Virgo and their little shelled friend will be an unbreakable bond.

Libra: Fish

Pisces rules Libra’s pet zone, and you probably know what that means: Fish. You may enjoy a big koi garden outside with beautiful, flashy orange fish and loads of plant life or a big saltwater aquarium in your living room.

If you did want to go for something with a bit more fur, you would likely not care about status or lineage: no pedigrees needed for you. Libra would simply fall in love with your pet and form a bond that would last a lifetime.

More than likely, just as you do with people, you would have a home full of strays that you could save.

Scorpio: Ferret

Aries is a big influence on Scorpio here, and that means you can take on pets that really are challenging. You generally prefer pets that are very independent, and you’re not inclined to go for something “usual.”

Ferrets and gerbils would appeal to you a great deal and offer you quite a bit of satisfaction. Additionally, hand-rearing larger birds, such as parrots, would hold a great deal of appeal to you.

You would accept any animal as they are, without any conditions.

Sagittarius: Hedgehog

A free-spirited Sagittarius needs a pet that is cute, fun, and thrives individually. That’s why a hedgehog is a perfect pet for a Sagittarius. This is the perfect-sized pet for you, as you can bring it on all of your daring adventures.

Both of these nocturnal beings will bring the best sides of each other out.

Capricorn: Golden Retriever

When it comes to animals, they make you feel younger and happier, Capricorn. You have always had a way with them, and you are tremendously good with any animal you encounter. For you, though, one would never be enough.

Capricorns like to have a houseful of pets, and likely, you prefer that they come from the shelter or otherwise rescued.

That being said, you would pair well with a Golden Retriever, who would be just as loyal as you are.

Aquarius: Labrador Retriever

Since the ruler of Aquarius’ pet influences is Cancer, you have a genuine warmth when it comes to animals, and you tend to like them more than humans. You usually opt for pets that are soft, warm, caring, and sensitive.

While Aquarius may still adore independent animals such as cats, a loving and loyal dog is always going to be the animal that gives you the most pleasure and keeps you happy.

The very best breed for you would be in the retriever class, owing to their vast beauty.

Pisces: Hairless Cat

Pisces is always interested in the strange and mysterious. Oftentimes, their mind is in a dream world rather than here on earth.

That being said, an interesting pet would bod well with the interesting Pisces. A hairless cat would make a great companion for you.

Do any of these pet choices match up for you? As always, we each have a unique birth chart that brings in a host of other influences. Whatever pet you might be interested in, it is sure to be a beautiful match!

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