Virgo Pet Compatibility

The Virgo sign is what looks like an "M" with a tail crossed over the last line.

Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign and has a tendency to err on the fussy side. Virgo is the clean freak of the zodiac and, of all signs, cannot handle clutter or chaos. Animals with a tendency to misbehave or create havoc are not a good match. There are few pets high on the list of Virgo pet compatibility that this sign will fall in love with, but once they do, that lucky animal will have a friend for life.

What is the Best Pet for Virgo?


Pet fish are the best animal for Virgo because they’re low maintenance, low on allergens, and won’t make a big mess.

Virgo has a scientific, analytical mind and won’t go small with a fish. Virgo will be happier with a state-of-the-art marina in their home and will spend a lot of time and money organizing it, even bragging about it to their friends. One fish is likely not ideal. Virgo will want many around to keep them company.


Hamsters are very good for Virgo, as they are for Cancer, and for all the same reasons. Hamsters are intelligent and don’t fuss back with Virgo as a cat or dog would. Hamsters will do whatever Virgo wants them to do, but a little work is involved here to keep the hamster’s home clean and happy.

Virgo’s natural attention to detail will be right on top of that! What Virgo will love about hamster is a no-muss, no-fuss relationship, with plenty of company and entertainment to keep them both happy for hours on end.


A ferret is an excellent pet for Virgo, despite the required maintenance. Ferrets are great for any Mutable signs because they’re adaptable to their environments. Ferrets are also unique, which this sign loves most about them. Virgo is cut from a different cloth and doesn’t like having the same pet everyone else does.

Ferrets also require a lot of research and intellectual preparation, and this is something that Virgo was made for. A  pet ferret would make Virgo proud and serves as the perfect companion for the sign that often prefers to be alone.

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