Leo Pet Compatibility

The sign of Leo features a circle with a curved line and swirl at the end coming off of it.

Leo is the Fixed Fire sign, and this makes them very loyal and abundantly energetic. Leo is also ruled by the Sun and thus loves everything beautiful and glorious. An animal that caters to Leo’s vanity will be one cherished for all of time. The best Leo pet compatibility will be an animal that compliments this Fire sign

What is the Best Pet for Leo?


The first and best choice for all Leos is the animal that will stoke the fire of their inner lion. A Leo would never say no to having a lion or a tiger as a pet, although the complications of this often outweigh the practicalities.

A good tabby cat that will be loyal to the end or a fancier breed of feline will feed both Leo’s vanity and need for loyalty. If you’re getting a cat for another Leo or for yourself, purebred cats are the ones that will get spoiled the most. Leo loves nothing but the best!


Leo likes luxury and all things that are regal.

While a lion may not be the most practical choice on the list of Leo pet compatibility, a horse to them is often the next best thing. Horses, however, are expensive and high maintenance, and not all Leos can appreciate them the way they would like.

For the Leo who cannot keep a horse at home, engaging in a hobby where frequent interaction with horses is a wonderful idea. On the other hand, for the resourceful Leo, who usually never has a problem with money anyway, they can find a way to make it work with a horse as a pet if they are really inclined.

Show Dogs

A dog is the next best thing for the Leo disinterested in cats or who can’t afford a horse. But Leo can’t have just any dog. It needs to be the best of the best. Leo loves to show off, so a show dog is a perfect companion. One that is purebred, easily taught, and can win ribbons for Leo will make the Lion proud.

The Leo with the show dog, even if it isn’t a blue ribbon winner, will reward their furry friend with a loyalty that will last a lifetime.

Invest time into research to learn your responsibilities and obligations with a show dog before you make the financial investment. It will pay off.

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