Your October 2022 Energy Forecast

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Welcome to the beautiful October, lovelies!

This month starts the fourth and final quarter of 2022, which creates an encouraging and supportive environment of change and transformation for the months ahead.

Essentially October is known as the tenth month. However, in numerology, the collective numerology of October 2022 carries the “number seven” vibrations of inner wisdom and perfection.

The energy of 7 also holds the power of:

  • Faith
  • Intuition
  • Mysticism
  • Spiritual maturation
  • Divine intervention through awakening the charkas

What to Expect Astrologically in October 2022

October is a productive and transformational month jampacked with multidimensional shifts, changes in relationship dynamics, sudden events, epiphanies, and more supportive energy that will help us move energetic polarities into higher levels of consciousness.

Cosmic shifts this month encourage heartfelt action and healing pain to activate soul senses stronger than before. A surge of ascension energies will force us to confront our truth and review how well we know our truth, thanks to a Full Moon in Aries launching us into the depths of the eclipse portal.

Mercury post retrograde shadow ends October 16, right before the magical Arcturus gateway and Third Quarter Moon in Cancer. In addition, you can significantly feel Saturn’s direct station during a Sun-Venus conjunction in Libra.

There will be a test of truths to reawaken hopes and dreams when the Sun and Venus enter Scorpio, right before a partial Solar Eclipse.

Then, once every two years, Mars goes retrograde for two months: 2022 just so happens to be the year it begins its backward dance in the skies, taking us on a profound journey of restoring the relationship with our feminine and masculine energies. This retrograde will impact our energy levels, communication, moods, motivation, sex drive, and ability to find a balance between body and mind.

So many times, the universe sends tests to see if you are ready to have what is next by letting go of what no longer serves you.—forcing you to go deep within your heart to discover what is missing. It is time to cultivate strength, courage, and trust to grow into your next life phase.

Now, let’s look at the astrology forecast for October 2022.

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October 1-2: Venus-Jupiter Opposition

The Growth & Development of the Heart

The goddess of beauty, love, and harmony finds itself opposite expansive Jupiter, ushering in abundant opportunities to have fun and enjoy life. The downside is this energy highlights a lack of self-discipline and motivation to work toward goals. As a result, there is a tendency to overindulge, paired with laziness. Yet, both planets encourage heartfelt energy that prepares us for a beautiful homecoming. Expect a shift in your mindset, self-expression, and how you utilize knowledge to achieve goals.

October 2: Mercury direct in Virgo & First Quarter Moon in Capricorn

Finally, after weeks of mishaps, setbacks, and minor delays, Mercury, the cosmic messenger, stations direct in its home sign of Virgo. During Mercury retrograde, you may have felt a little crazed or misaligned; now it’s time to realign and regulate. Mercury will pass back and reorient its orbit at the same points when it was retrograde. Whatever you’ve learned during the retrograde period, you’ll be ready to apply in your reality. Although we are still in the shadow period for about two more weeks, you can expect recent issues to clear and present a more straightforward pathway forward.

That evening, the First Quarter Moon phase occurs, setting the tone for a productive month ahead. Moreover, this moon phase coincides with the last day of Mercury RX, so you can take that as a positive omen.

This phase occurs when a 90-degree square between the Moon and the Sun pushes us toward growth and learning how to manage the release of energies and use it as a catalyst to make our New Moon promises suitable. Half of the Moon shines bright during this lunar phase, while the other half hides in the darkness. As a result, there is an intense desire to build, create, stabilize, and grow as light increases.

October’s First Quarter phase takes place in ambitious Capricorn, initiating powerful messages of reality, hard work, and commitment. Currently, the moon clashes with the Sun, later trine Uranus, and the North Node, acting as a forceful checkpoint to review long-term goals.

October 8: Pluto Direct in Capricorn

The Transformation of the Subconscious

After months of retrograding, Pluto, the powerful planet of truth and transformation, goes direct in Capricorn. When Pluto moves forward, all our deepest desires and secrets will begin to surface for the cycle of death and rebirth. Things may have felt cloudy and challenging to push through, but now, you will start to see your environment with new clarity. Pluto seeks to transform the sign it’s in and the area of the natal chart it inhabits. When retrograding in Capricorn, Pluto forced us to review the infrastructure of our everyday lives and resolve negative habits. Calling into question who or what is in your life influencing life choices and habits.

Pluto direct is a powerfully karmic period to overcome deep-rooted trauma and generational patterns that need to be broken. Expect to see political and social themes come to light.

October 9: Aries Full Moon

A Time to Fully Align with Your Soul’s Truth

October’s Full Moon in Aries comes in with bold, confident, and forceful energy to initiate a new path toward your purpose. Full Moons are emotionally charged times that will bring significant endings, culminations, and revelations, aligning us deeper with our true selves.

During the Full Moon in Aries, which occurs when the Sun is in Libra, the relationship axis of self and others is activated, aligning you with higher action toward goals. The Moon shines its magnetic spectrum on every area of our lives to show us the places we need to shift and embrace to manifest our dreams. It’s also time to cultivate the energy to harvest seeds we planted six months ago- take stock and release what is no longer working.

Under the current energies, you feel alive and inspired to take risks without being overly concerned about the outcome. Since emotions are high, you may want to law low, as Aries is known to start a few arguments. So, be open to receiving information from your conscious and subconscious minds. Use any truths revealed as motivation toward your desires and wishes. Aries inspires bold, direct, assertive, and confident energy to awaken your go-getter attitude. Remember, achieving your dreams takes dedication, commitment, and experimentation.

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October 10: Mercury Direct enters Libra

Resolving Past Communication Issues

Now direct, Mercury re-enters Libra, where it began retrograding in September. As a result, you can expect to see issues that started during retrograde come to a resolution, shedding light on your relationships and how past actions may have been beneficial or harmful.

October 17: Last Quarter Moon in Cancer

The Third Quarter Moon phase is an empowering time in the lunar cycle to let go and release all the things you want to eliminate from the Full Moon. At this phase, darkness heightens, signifying a breakthrough and shedding of the past self.

The Third Quarter Moon peaks at 1:16 PM Eastern Standard Time in its home sign, Cancer, moving into Leo later that night. The Last Quarter phase is a turning point that clears the way for the upcoming New Moon; we are in the beginning stages of influential and powerful eclipses that set the stage for karmic events and revelations. Overall, the Third Quarter phase of Cancer seeks comfort and security during reorientation, change, and transition.

October 22: Saturn direct in Capricorn, Sun-Venus conjunction star point

The Vibration of Love and Harmony

It’s a fruitful time on October 22, when Saturn, the taskmaster, goes direct in innovating Aquarius. Since Saturn is also the “Lord of Karma,” during retrograde, there were plenty of opportunities to clear debts, reshape, and improve our lives. Now, it’s time to accept the invitation to take responsibility for our actions, decisions, and life path. Instead of focusing on limitations and setbacks, patience and persistence can offer a route towards goals.

Earlier, the Sun and Venus formed a superior conjunction 29 degrees in Libra. This beautiful star loop represents Venus’ shift from morning to evening star. This conjunction is considered the fourth point in the current Venus pentagram star sequence.

These star points represent Venus’ cycle of a perfect eight-year orbit, which creates five-pointed stars in the zodiac, ruling:

  • Love
  • Self-worth
  • Relationships
  • Societal Morals
  • Economic reform
  • Humanistic Values

This activation is closely related to the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden 1.6 ratio, promoting enlightenment and intelligence. In addition, this point starts the next star portal point in Libra before Venus enters Scorpio. Expect a new level of global cooperation that may bring about strategic partnerships, broadening your perspective on relationships.

October 23: The Sun and Venus enter Scorpio

A Time of Alchemy and Transformation

Passion, sex, and desire intensity when Venus and The Sun enter Scorpio on November 23. Scorpio Season may make you extra sensitive as you move through the deep waters of unfamiliar territories. It’s a magical time that pierces the veil and puts you in tune with the hidden mysteries of life. Scorpio is a highly sexual Water Sign, and you are encouraged to explore how patterns and habits connect to your sexual desires.

Venus in Scorpio wants you to let loose and explore deeper intimacy in relationships. Love is intense, passionate, and all or nothing. Since Scorpio is the sign of transformation, this will break through the barriers of the heart and elevate the outlook on love, sex, intimacy, and relationships. Overall, it’s a season of divine change, leading up to karmic Eclipses that will dramatically shift your life. There’s a desire to succeed but increased suspicion and paranoia. So, have faith and trust that all will work out for your highest outcome.

October 25: Partial Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse

The Place Where the Light of the form, Soul, and Life Meet

It’s an intense time of alchemy and regeneration when the partial Solar Eclipse arrives in Scorpio.

A New Moon phase is a forceful reset of current Lunar energies that provide a new emotional outlook for future goals and plans. A Solar Eclipse is a potent New Moon involving the nodes, often bringing karmic events, new beginnings, and revelations. In astrology, Scorpio is the emotional powerhouse and magnetic Water Sign of death, sex, transformation, and rebirth. Scorpio is all about getting to the core of issues by revealing the fear-based self so that one may shift towards the expression of the higher self.

Nevertheless, this New Moon is a high voltage shock of raw, passion, and forceful energy that will bring out your shadow side so you can release the past and make a new way for the future. Eclipses are fated events that challenge us to raise our consciousness and shift toward the next cycle of our lives. The partial Solar Eclipse will conjunct Venus and the South Node while opposite Uranus and the North Node, then square Saturn the following day. It is also working in connection with next month’s eclipse and paving the way for a brighter future ahead.

Emotions are high and sexual energy is through the roof. Change may seem scary, but right now, you can manifest your heart’s desires and shed the skin of the past- ultimately shapeshifting into the authentic version of self.

October 28: Jupiter retrograde re-enters Pisces

The Intuitive Senses of the Soul

Jupiter retrograde re-enters Pisces, where it first met the intuitive Water Sign in May 2021, then moved into Aries earlier this year. The energy of Jupiter in Pisces is magical, mystical, and expanding, promoting a deeper understanding of the undercurrents and spiritual rhythm of life. It’s a highly nostalgic and creative time. Focus on ensuring your intentions and desires align with your actions and choices. It’s certainly a breath of fresh air from Aries. Expect health to become a priority at this time. So, focus on tying up loose ends or any unfinished business.

October 29: Mercury enters Scorpio

The Heart in the Center of the Head

The wise messenger enters the passionate waters of Scorpio for transformation and rebirth, entering the realm of secrets and hidden knowledge of the mind. Scorpio is curious, passionate, suspicious, and loves penetrating life’s more profound mysteries. When in this Water Sign, Mercury slows down and dives deeper into the subconscious mind’s undercurrents. This transit encourages mystery, depth, passion, the revealing of dark secrets, erotic thoughts, and emotional intelligence. Remember, your words hold power and have the ability to manifest intentions. The Law of Attraction is always working. So, be mindful of your words and thoughts. Focus on finding light in the darkness of the mind.

October 30: Mars retrograde in Gemini

Restoring the Relationship Between the Mind and Body

Mars began its trip into Gemini in August of this year, during Mercury’s retrograde pre-shadow period. So far, this has been a touchy placement because it stimulates crucial aspects of ourselves, the body and the mind. Mars is the ruler of the blood, our drive and desire, and the physical body. Gemini is the Mercurial dual lens that rules the mind and the nervous system.

During this time, the collective began to uncover deep-rooted trauma in the body and mind, which influences thoughts and actions. There was a significant influence on communication issues and meltdowns, anger, lashing out, feeling unbalanced, stress, and other critical issues. Mars in Gemini also impacted travel, increased accident proneness, and a string of arguments and fights stemming from unresolved anger and trauma.

Now beginning retrograde from October 30 to January 12, 2023, Mars helps us learn how to move past fear and anger confidently and live our highest purpose. Since Mars retrogrades the least out of all the planets, its cycles affect our energy levels significantly.

Here are some themes of Mars retrograde in Gemini:

  • Increased intuition
  • Reviewing sexual health
  • Reviewing & revising ambitions, goals, and dreams
  • Government and political issues
  • Addressing anger and how we direct our energy
  • Leadership and authority power struggles
  • Headaches, nervous tension, and low mood
  • How we communicate and express ourselves with others
  • Healing the relationship with the ego and releasing unhealthy habits
  • Issues with technology, travel, communication, and contracts
  • Dealing with confidence and self-esteem issues
  • Releasing fears and phobias that have been dormant
  • Healing the conflict between our feminine and masculine qualities

In Summary, Mars retrograde in Gemini is a perfect cycle to reassess your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Sure, it’s a lot going on, and the fiery energy of Mars, paired with the unpredictable power of Gemini, can make us hot-headed or triggered. That is why it’s essential to be mindful and work through inner tensions and struggles. Take your time and avoid rushing. Instead, you are encouraged to focus on manifesting higher results and achievements and bringing your goals to climax. It’s time to repair the bond between the body and the mind.

October 31: Halloween

The veil lifts on this magical day and celebration of Halloween- the midpoint between Equinox and Winter Solstice. Halloween is a perfect time to celebrate and honor the cycle of death and rebirth as the leaves die off and we prepare for the stillness of winter in the northern hemisphere. Since the energy is intense due to the barrier lifting between the spirit and the physical world, it’s essential to ground and protect your energy. We are at a potent turning point in the great wheel of 2022. Honor the seasons of your life.

Try your best not to get stuck in past patterns and gather the courage and strength to move forward without living in fear.

Use these Energy Tips for October

Undoubtedly, October is a portal to higher awareness, creation, and innovating energy. And full of multidimensional shifts that challenge our minds and the structure of our lives.

This month’s oracle card is “Temple of Lapis Lazuli,” goddess of the ancient skies, brought to you by the Isis Oracle Deck.

This oracle serves as a reminder that you are to trust in your wisdom, remember who you are within, and not try to fit with external models of how to be because you are here to birth a new way of living aligned with spiritual truth.

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful crystal used by the ancients to create blue pigment. This celestial stone is considered to be protection from psychic attacks, brings harmony, inner peace, and healing, and reveals one’s inner truth. The wisdom of this crystal opens minds and gives enlightenment, encouraging healing and self-awareness. Connect with this crystal this month to aid you in the seasons forward.

Expect deep healing and soul retrieval this month.

Make productive use of these energies by:

  • Having a pajama day
  • Keeping hydrated and drinking plenty of water
  • Reclaiming pieces of you lost through old and new trauma
  • Decluttering your schedule and creating a new morning routine
  • Connecting with lapis lazuli and other crystals to balance and support your energy
  • Engaging in tai chi, qigong, yoga, meditation, grounding, tantra, and other wellness practices

In conclusion, October is an initiation and spiritual testing to find the light within the struggles, tests, or challenges, and trust you will experience a positive breakthrough. Whenever you face negative energy this month, it is a sign that you are ready to advance into your divine feminine power by overcoming those energies and destructive emotions of others without fear. Lesser energies are a way to greater consciousness. Focus on reconnecting to your divine purity, be brave, and answer the call of your authentic self.

It takes a strong Soul to go through the tests of life and into the liberation it delivers. However, the changes of seasons challenge you to go inside the darkness and find the seed of love and light.

Practice faith and trust when you find yourself at the edge of limitation and stress. Surrender through the discomfort of fear and open to love. Hold compassionate space for the inner atmosphere of your mind.

With love, October

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