Your October 2023 Energy Forecast

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Welcome to enchanting October, lovelies! October marks the start of the final quarter of 2023, ushering in a season painted with purple sunsets and the warm glow of orange morning skies.

This month is all about embracing change and transitions with unwavering faith, steadfast commitment, and boundless love. The Universe encourages you to settle into these shifts, trusting they steer you toward your highest good.

As the days grow shorter and the leaves fall, allow yourself to let go of old patterns and welcome change. The energy of October will support our journey, offering us the strength to navigate any challenges that may arise. Stay open to new opportunities, which may lead to unexpected joys and growth. Remember, change is a natural part of life, and in October’s energy, you can find beauty and grace in every transformation.

The energy of 8 also resonates with the following:

  • Abundance and power
  • Strength and wisdom
  • Friendship and love
  • Material wealth, financial abundance, and infinite energy

What to Expect Astrologically in October 2023

As October leaves gracefully descend to the ground, we are drawn deeper into introspection, contemplating whether we are embracing or resisting change. The powerful cosmic forces at play in our Universe are aligning to facilitate dynamic shifts in global consciousness while reinstating love as a guiding force on our precious planet. After September’s intensity, which marked the conclusion of significant life themes, October’s ascension energies arrive to bring clarity and closure. This month promises breakthroughs and resilience to bounce back when everything crumbles.

Amidst the ongoing battle of beliefs that surrounds us, there is an undeniable and transformative change in the air. It’s as though the very fabric of existence is reweaving itself, and we are invited to participate in this cosmic dance of transformation. Venus, which has graced Leo’s passionate realm since June, finally exits this fiery sign. With her departure, we feel a shift in the way we express our affections and desires. Leo’s dramatic energies are replaced with a more refined and harmonious approach to love and relationships. It’s time to embrace diplomacy, cooperation, and a deeper sense of connection in our interactions with others.

Meanwhile, Pluto, the planet of deep transformation and rebirth, moves forward after a retrograde period. This signifies a powerful surge of energy that supports our personal growth and evolution. We are encouraged to confront our inner demons and let go of what no longer serves us. Pluto’s forward motion brings healing and empowerment.

As we transition into Scorpio season, a potent Lunar eclipse closes out the month. This eclipse carries intense, transformative energy, inviting us to delve into our emotions and psyche. It’s a time to release old emotional baggage and let go of lingering fears or attachments.

The energies at play this month support personal and collective healing, allowing us to emerge stronger and more aligned with our true selves.

So, what are the major transits happening in October?

October 4th: Mars & the Nodes, With Mercury Entering Libra

Seeking Peaceful Solutions

On October 4th, Mars, the fiery planet of action and assertion, finds itself in a standoff with the North Node in Aries while intimately in conjunction with the South Node. This celestial dance promises an exciting blend of challenges and opportunities that will ripple through the month, influencing our lives in various ways.

Mars, the warrior planet in Libra, signifies action, balance, harmony, and peace. However, its opposition to the North Node in Aries creates dynamic tension, driving us toward our highest destiny. It also pushes for independence, self-discovery, and leadership.

This opposition can spark conflicts between the desire for peace (Libra) and the need for bold action (Aries). Expect internal and external power struggles as we grapple with compromise and assertiveness. Mars conjunct the South Node urges us to revisit unresolved issues from the past. This is perhaps related to relationships, partnerships, or conflicts we thought were long buried. Be prepared for old flames, arguments, or issues to resurface, demanding our attention.

On the bright side, this energy offers a chance to finally release and let go of old relationship baggage, finding closure and healing. It encourages us to shed past insecurities and redefine our approach to partnerships and cooperation.

On the same day, Mercury, the planet of communication and the mind, gracefully glides into sociable Libra. This entrance of Mercury into Libra further enhances the intricate celestial tapestry, adding its distinct flavor to the energetic landscape.

Mercury in Libra signifies a period characterized by tact, diplomacy, and balanced discourse. During this transit, expect an increased focus on harmonious interactions and a desire for balanced exchanges of ideas and opinions. Libra’s natural inclination towards compromise and collaboration pairs harmoniously with Mercury’s communicative gifts, making it an ideal time for negotiations, partnerships, and teamwork. Whether you’re involved in personal or professional relationships, finding common ground and fostering unity will be emphasized. This transit also highlights the value of aligning the heart and the mind.

It’s also essential to note that Mercury in Libra’s desire for consensus may sometimes lead to indecision or a tendency to avoid conflict at all costs. While this can be advantageous in maintaining a peaceful atmosphere, it’s essential to strike a balance between seeking harmony and addressing serious issues head-on.

October 8th: Venus Enters Virgo

Transforming Love Through Empowerment

On October 8th, Venus bids adieu to Leo after an intense summer and retrograde and steps into Virgo’s analytical embrace. Venus in Virgo finds itself in a challenging position, as this is the sign of its fall. It may seem like cosmic energies are less conducive to creating blissful relationships and fostering financial stability. Virgo’s meticulous and detail-oriented nature can lead to over-analysis, perfectionism, and a tendency to focus on flaws rather than embracing love’s imperfections.

However, this seemingly unfavorable Venus’ placement serves a unique purpose. It acts as a cosmic detox, clearing out emotional clutter and impurities accumulated during Venus’ recent retrograde journey. During this transit, Venus encourages us to purify our hearts and relationships, letting go of what no longer serves us. It’s an opportunity to reassess our values and desires in love and finance, allowing us to build stronger, more authentic foundations.

Despite any challenges, Venus in Virgo carries a profound message of commitment and devotion. It urges us to invest in the deeper aspects of love, where true security and lasting bonds are forged through dedication and service. This placement encourages us to show love through practical actions and attention to detail, emphasizing the importance of small, meaningful gestures in nurturing relationships.

October 10th: Pluto Direct During a Venus-Saturn Opposition

Shifting From Opposition to Triumph

Powerful Pluto turns direct in Capricorn, marking the culmination of an intense period of shedding and generational transformation.

This is a significant cosmic event as it’s Pluto’s last retrograde in Capricorn for quite some time. It’s set to officially move into Aquarius next year and stay until 2043. Pluto direct in Capricorn signifies a time of profound change and regeneration, especially in areas related to structure, authority, and societal systems. The energy encourages us to let go of what no longer serves us and embrace transformation in our personal and collective lives. It’s a powerful force driving us towards lasting change, often through challenging but necessary experiences.

At the same time, Venus in Virgo opposes Saturn in Pisces, creating contrasting energy. Venus represents love, relationships, and pleasure, while Saturn embodies responsibility, discipline, and limitations. When they oppose each other, there may be a tension between our desires for love and enjoyment (Venus in Virgo) and our need to address our responsibilities and face reality (Saturn in Pisces).

This opposition can lead to imbalances in relationships and personal lives. We may need to find a way to harmonize our desires and responsibilities or make tough decisions regarding our commitments and priorities. It’s an energy that asks us to find a balance between our idealistic dreams (Pisces) and life’s practicalities (Virgo).

October 11th: Mars Enters Scorpio

Awakening Your Inner Phoenix

Mars, the red-hot planet of action and desire, returns home to Scorpio on the 10th. This homecoming marks a momentous shift in cosmic energies, bringing forth a powerful blend of assertiveness, control, depth, drive, and passion. This blend will leave a lasting impact on the month.

Mars in Scorpio is akin to a phoenix rising from the ashes, igniting a deep well of intensity and determination within us. Scorpio, a water sign ruled by Pluto, is known for its unrelenting drive, resilience, and penchant for delving beneath the surface to uncover hidden truths. When Mars lives in this sign, it wields its assertiveness with laser-like focus, making no room for half-hearted efforts. This Mars placement inspires a fearless pursuit of our desires, pushing us to confront our deepest fears and desires head-on.

It fuels our passions with unwavering intensity, compelling us to act with determination. Mars in Scorpio is not satisfied with surface-level experiences; it craves the profound, the transformative, and the profound.

While this energy can be empowering, it also carries a warning: the potential for power struggles and a tendency to become possessive or jealous. Mars in Scorpio demands control, which can lead to obsessive behavior or confrontations if mismanaged. It’s imperative to channel this energy constructively, focusing on personal growth, self-mastery, and purging any emotional baggage that may be holding us back.

Overall, this transit brings about deep transformation, transmutation, resurrection, shapeshifting, and alchemy.

October 14th: New Moon in Libra

Embracing Balance & Renewal

On October 14th at 12:56 PM CT, a potent New Moon graces us at 21 degrees in Libra, ushering in a fresh wave of energy. This New Moon in Libra serves as a cosmic reminder of lessons and healing in our interactions. It encourages us to view the people around us as sacred reflections, revealing our inner world and offering us insights into our relationships.

At its core, this lunar event emphasizes the significance of finding harmony in our give-and-take dynamics, fostering relationships based on reciprocity and balance. It’s a time for introspection and evaluation, where we assess the quality of our connections and consider how we can improve them.

With any New Moon, this cosmic event signifies a fresh start and an exciting chapter in our lives. It presents an excellent opportunity for intention setting and planting seeds for the future. Over the next two weeks, we’re encouraged to take spontaneous and intuitive actions that build momentum, ultimately leading us to the illumination of the Full Moon.

Libra, the sign associated with this New Moon, teaches us valuable lessons through our interactions with others. It prompts us to recognize our deficiencies, learn to receive from others, and discover what we can offer in return. In Libra’s gentle embrace, our relationships become a source of emotional security. This offers us safety and comfort when we engage in equitable and fair connections with others.

This New Moon closely mingles with Mercury while square Pluto. This combination adds intensity to our communication and thought processes. It invites us to dive deep into conversations and self-reflection, potentially unearthing hidden truths and revealing underlying power dynamics within our relationships.

Overall, this is a great time to reflect on the quality of our relationships and consider how power dynamics may affect them. This New Moon sets the stage for a fresh start and intention setting, propelling us forward on our journey of self-discovery and relationship growth.

Themes to expect this New Moon:

  • Friendship, affinity
  • Greater spiritual connection
  • Liquidation of karmic debts
  • Discipline, sense of order, loyalty, and trust
  • Issues within government structure, authority, and unfair laws

October 16-19th: Arcturus Gateway

The Unveiling of Your Cosmic Potential

The Sun aligns with Arcturus, one of the brightest stars in the night sky. This opens a powerful energetic portal, allowing Arcturus’ radiant light codes to merge with the Sun’s rays. These light codes have a profound effect on our spiritual and healing journey. They accelerate our healing process, enabling us to delve deeper into the meaning behind the experiences we encounter on our life’s path. The Sun’s alignment with Arcturus carries a significant message: it encourages us to shift our perspective and consider that the events and circumstances in our lives are not merely happening to us but for us.

This perspective shift can be transformative, prompting us to view challenges and obstacles as opportunities for growth and evolution.

Moreover, the energy of this alignment inspires us to open our hearts wide. It inspires us to trust in the grand design of the Universe and nurture our innate connection to the Source. It fosters faith and divine alignment, reminding us that we are part of a greater cosmic plan. Expect downloads, quantum healing, and exciting revelations.

October 18th – October 20th: Sun, Mercury, and the Nodes

Accessing the Celestial Compass of Fate

From October 18th through the 20th, an unusual celestial alignment brings together the Sun, Mercury, and the North and South Nodes. This creates a powerful and transformative energy combination.

The Sun, conjunct with the North Node, signifies a period where our life’s path and destiny align with themes of balance, harmony, and relationships. This conjunction encourages us to seek out meaningful connections and partnerships that can help us grow and evolve. It’s a time when we may feel a heightened sense of purpose in cultivating equilibrium in our lives.

Mercury, the planet of communication and thought processes, also joined forces with the North Node during this time. This alignment amplifies our ability to express our thoughts and ideas in a way that aligns with our soul’s journey. It encourages open and authentic conversations that lead to personal growth and new perspectives.

As Mercury collides with the Sun, we experience a powerful merging of our thoughts and core identities. This alignment enhances self-expression and clarity. It’s a time when we can confidently convey our intentions and desires, making it an excellent time for setting goals and making significant decisions. You can expect dynamic downloads and revelations about what once seemed impossible.

October 22nd: Mercury Enters Scorpio

The Alchemical Mind

Mercury enters Scorpio’s passionate waters on the 22nd, inviting us to take a deep dive into understanding the inner workings of our minds and the manifestations of our thoughts and emotions. Mercury in Scorpio encourages thoughtful and introspective communication and thinking.

During this transit, we tend to research, observe, and delve deep into understanding how things function. This is before expressing our thoughts and feelings. This introspective mindset helps us uncover hidden aspects of ourselves and others. This transit also promotes psychological awareness, allowing us to explore our emotional nature, hidden intentions, and motivations. It provides an opportunity to gain a more profound understanding of how people around us operate, fostering empathy and better communication.

As Mercury moves through Scorpio, you may notice changes in your mindset. You may also notice a heightened sense of empowerment and a desire to speak and share your thoughts with increased depth and authenticity. This energy encourages us to be more discerning and perceptive in our interactions, leading to more meaningful connections and a deeper sense of self-awareness.

On the same day, Mercury in Scorpio will form a harmonious trine with Saturn in Pisces. This aspect combines Scorpio’s deep, introspective qualities with Saturn’s sense of structure and responsibility in Pisces, a sign known for its intuition and creativity.

The Mercury-Saturn trine encourages us to apply our newfound understanding and insights to practical matters. It helps us communicate with authority and responsibility while maintaining compassion and empathy. This energy supports us in making informed decisions and disciplining our goals and responsibilities.

October 23rd: Scorpio Season Begins

Mastering the Depths of Transformation & Owning Your Darkness

As we enter October, the cosmos ushers in Scorpio season on October 23rd at 11:17 PM CT, marked by the Sun’s transition into this intense and transformative zodiac sign. Scorpio season encourages us to dive deep into our emotional and psychological nature. It presents an opportunity to uncover hidden patterns of behavior that we may unconsciously rely upon for safety and security.

Within Scorpio’s realm, shadows may surface, revealing the power games and manipulation tactics in our lives. However, this season also allows us to confront and deal with these situations differently. The Sun’s presence in Scorpio gives us immense determination and willpower, though it may also incline us toward fixations and obsessions. We may be tempted to hide and avoid vulnerability as a means of self-protection.

Yet, the emphasis on the Scorpio archetype is not just about facing challenges; it also grants us access to tremendous healing potential. It opens doors for deep personal and collective transformation, allowing us to shed old layers and emerge stronger and more self-aware.

During Scorpio season, a significant Lunar eclipse occurs in Taurus. This eclipse closes a cycle that began on October 28th, 2004, when an eclipse at 5 degrees in Taurus took place. The lunar eclipse in Taurus prompts us to examine our values, resources, and security. It may bring to light how these aspects of our lives have evolved over the years. This period invites us to release any attachments that no longer serve us and make room for new growth and prosperity. It’s a time of transformation and healing, though it may require confronting challenging aspects of our lives.

Happy Birthday, Scorpio!

October 28th: Taurus Lunar Eclipse

Rooting Your Dreams in Reality Amidst Change

The month ends with a potent Lunar eclipse on October 28th, at 3:25 PM CT, occurring at 5 degrees in Taurus. This lunar spectacle serves as a cosmic invitation to embrace adversity and change, even when it arrives unexpectedly, thrusting us out of our comfort zones before we are prepared.

Lunar eclipses are celestial powerhouses, occurring when the Sun and Moon are in close opposition near the Nodal Axis. When Full Moons coincide with lunar eclipses, they signify pivotal moments of maturation, culmination, and release. These moments bring ongoing situations to a head, catalyzing revelations and providing newfound clarity about matters that were previously ambiguous or uncertain. This eclipse allows us to reap the rewards of our diligent efforts, revealing the fruits of our labor.

During this eclipse, the Moon opposes Mercury and Mars while conjunct with Jupiter’s expansive energy and Uranus’ revolutionary force. Additionally, it forms a harmonious sextile aspect with Saturn. The combination of these energies calls for careful communication and temperance in our actions. It urges us to consider the potential consequences of our words and deeds during this period. Jupiter’s conjunction with the Moon amplifies growth, abundance, and optimism, encouraging us to aim high and embrace new opportunities. Uranus injects unpredictability and innovation, prompting us to be open to sudden shifts in our lives.

The sextile between the Moon and Saturn offers stability and grounding amidst change. It provides an opportunity to create structure and solidify long-term goals. Altogether, these celestial influences suggest significant breakthroughs and unexpected turns.

Moreover, it’s essential to note that this eclipse marks the culmination of significant cycles from the past, including those from 2004, 2014-15, and 2020. This is a culmination of long-term patterns and themes in our lives, bringing closure to significant chapters and paving the way for fresh beginnings.

October’s 2023 Energy Oracle

This month’s Oracle card is “Past Life Present Power” from the Isis Oracle deck.

After an eventful summer and transition into fall, this card brings you the gift of powers, talents, and abilities from your past lifetimes. These powers, talents, and abilities are eager to be restored to you now. This healing and gifting process will significantly aid your spiritual path. You’ll feel like an upgraded version of yourself, the highest version. You’ll experience increased stability, fullness, and a greater sense of home in your mind, body, and soul.

Moreover, this Oracle card also affirms your connection to star civilizations like Sirius and Pleiades. This connection is a profound soul awakening. To harness this energy, it’s essential to rest, pray, and meditate. Focus your intentions on retrieving power and abilities from your past lives to fulfill your higher purpose. This month holds the potential for significant personal and spiritual growth.

How to Make Productive Use of October’s Cosmic Energy

To embrace this month’s astrological shifts and align your self-care routine with October’s unique energy, consider these seven powerful self-care tips:

  1. Embrace Nature’s Palette: This October, harness the energy of the changing seasons by spending quality time outdoors. Take brisk walks through colorful foliage, breathe in the crisp autumn air, and let the natural beauty around you inspire renewal.
  2. Nourish Your Senses: Indulge in seasonal flavors like pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon. Savor warming teas and relish hearty, homemade soups that nourish your body and provide a comforting connection to the season.
  3. Reflect and Release: As the lunar eclipse on October 28th approaches, use this month to reflect deeply. Identify what no longer serves you, and release old habits, grudges, or fears that hold you back.
  4. Mindful Movement: Incorporate gentle, grounding exercises into your routine, such as yoga or Tai Chi. These practices align with the eclipse’s transformative energy and help you stay centered amidst life’s unexpected twists.
  5. Connect with Loved Ones: October is an ideal time to strengthen bonds with family and friends. Organize cozy gatherings, share stories, and create cherished memories together. Building and nurturing connections nurtures your soul.
  6. Artistic Expression: Channel your creative energy into artistic pursuits. Whether it’s painting, writing, or crafting, allow your inner artist to flourish. Expressing yourself creatively can be therapeutic and fulfilling.
  7. Self-Compassion Rituals: Dedicate moments each day to self-compassion. Practice mindfulness, meditation, or deep breathing exercises to cultivate inner peace. Treat yourself kindly, recognizing you deserve love and care.

In the grand scheme of things, October urges us to take charge of our lives without waiting for external validation or permission to enact change. Life bends for the courageous, and you are called to have more courage on your path. Because doors are opening, your feelings and thoughts are more powerful than usual.

Don’t doubt yourself! Planets are aligning, and the timing is right. You have the Midas touch, and your dedication and hard work will be rewarded. Call back your power and embrace October.

All paths lead to you!

Keep track of all of October’s astrological transits with our astrology calendar.

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