Pisces Pet Compatibility

The sign for Pisces is two curved lines intersected with a straight line down through the middle, similar to an "H."

Mutable Water sign Pisces are emotional creatures ruled by dreamy Neptune, giving them a sensitive and romantic air that they sprinkle into every relationship they have, even with their pets! For some Pisces, like fellow Water sign Scorpio, their pets are their most important relationship. For this reason, the best Pisces pet compatibility is with cuddly and warm pets or fellow water dwellers that understand Pisces’ emotional currents.

What is the Best Pet for Pisces?


Second to Scorpio, cats are the best friend to Pisces, primarily due to the psychic connection felines offer to Water signs.

Pisces don’t just own a cat. They instantly become a part of each other’s family. This sign is a natural loner, but they also need love and attention. When the world fails them in that regard, their cat (or cats) will be what keeps them warm at night.

Pisces can look at their cat and know what they want and think. Cats, in turn, respond to Pisces in a unique way, running to aid when tears are in play or when drama is in the house. In these moments, Pisces will feel like their feline is their only friend, and thus, the kitty will have an undying loyalty to their human as a result.

Guinea Pigs

It may seem like a strange animal for a Pisces to have, but guinea pigs are ideal for many reasons.

Because Pisces is so loving, they often have more than one pet in the home, and a guinea pig is an ideal addition. Guinea pigs are great for Pisces who live in apartments or places with little room for animals.

One reason guinea pigs and Pisces get along so great is they both have an instinctive need and craving for attention. Guinea pigs love to play; something few owners realize until they bring them home. This is a delight to Pisces, who will enjoy keeping their little friend entertained for hours on end.


Pisces is symbolized by the fish, so it’s only natural they’d become good fish owners.

As a Water sign, however, there are many layers and currents to Pisces, and as such, a standard goldfish will not do. Pisces will build a huge, exotic fish pond in the yard because they instinctively know what their marine friends need.

Pisces will also want fish on the artistic or exotic side, so large or brightly colored fish would be ideal. Pisces is likely one of the only zodiac signs not afraid to own and adequately care for exotics such as a piranha.

When it comes to Pisces pet compatibility, for the best companion, you will do well with a fish in a way no other zodiac sign is capable of.

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