Your Mercury Retrograde Love Horoscopes

Oh boy. We are here again. Mercury retrograde. Does it feel like you are getting mixed messages, bounced signals, crossed wires, or a general air of confusion over your biggest issues in life? That′s Mercury retrograde, the planet of communication, travel, journeys, and messages moving into the slow lane.

It’s not as bad as you think, so don’t freak out, especially when it comes to love. Mercury retrograde can actually be pretty good for romance. In fact, that’s exactly why I love Mercury retrograde – crazy times and crazy things can happen!

What kind of crazy times? We’re so glad you asked. Today we are going to look at why you should get excited about Mercury retrograde, in these special love horoscopes. Get ready. This time around Mercury retrograde is going to be giving you flashbacks, miracle making and love fireworks oh my.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Put simply, Mercury retrograde is just about the planet slowing down considerably. Mercury is generally a pretty quick-witted planet and doesn’t do anything slow, but when retrograde, Mercury is exactly that. So slow, in fact, many people think Mercury is going backwards.

Because that is the case, everything Mercury touches during its retrograde period will have a “backwards” theme. The “re” themes of re-view, re-flect, re-member, re-connect, re-unite, re-start, and so on, are going to be present during this Mercury retrograde, like they have under every other one. This is why this can be so good for love.

Looking to get your ex back or maybe just to re-wind to another time in your re-lationship? Looking to re-boot your own love life or any or all of the above? Then you should be getting excited about Mercury retrograde. Here’s how it’s going to impact your individual sign.


This transit is touching your first house of self, and you may be frustrated by this time, Aries. You are ready to go forward, but this transit wants you to review where you are in love, and what you can do to make things even better. You are going to experience emotional delays when it comes to this Mercury retrograde.

You want what you want when you want it and for you, it will all come down to family. Work on what you need to when it comes to keeping the home front emotionally stable and secure, and you will find the rest falls into place.

Your subconscious mind is in high gear right now, so the psychic impulses you get, especially when it comes to your past, are right en pointe at this time of year. Follow those hunches and you will be pleasantly surprised.


For you during this retrograde period you will need to remember there is a time to hold them, a time to fold them, and a time to walk away. This transit is touching your twelfth house of endings, and a chapter is coming to a close. It could just be a cycle ending, or a relationship ending. You decide.

You have been holding your cards to your chest for a long time about a key issue and the expiration date on your move is creeping up on you. Holding your thoughts and your feelings to your chest will be used against you if you don′t get over that one little hang up.

The feelings and thoughts you are looking for in key partnerships are there, but they are waiting to be given some attention by you. Play the cards you want to play in this retrograde period, particularly where past people or past influences are in effect. You are going to be surprised – pleasantly – by the results.


Your ruling planet is retrograde in your eleventh house of groups. Your best love moments in the weeks ahead, Gemini, are going to involve group activities and events, and if they don′t, try and incorporate that into your routine. No big love moves are favored, but if you engage in groups over the next few weeks, you may see some sparks flying.

Single Geminis should put themselves out there more, and attached Gemini needs to reconnect with their partner in a real way. Respect your partner and show them this in many ways. Any of the big plans you have to elevate your love life to the next level should be contemplated over rather than managed with action.

Just enjoy the moments. That′s when some really successful love energy is coming your way. For you, if someone around you is speaking in tongues, just ask for clarification and it will come.


You’re not likely to see too many wrinkles in love under this Mercury retrograde, Cancer, unless you are too focused on work to spend time with your honey. Work matters are highlighted under this retrograde that is working your tenth house of career destiny.

You will experience the most confusion and frustration around your career and professional center during this period. If you are retired or unemployed, you will find frustrations in your daily activities. This will involve contracts, paperwork and delayed messages for you, so you will need to pull back a little bit and look at the big picture if you get tangled.

Work could vex you, but don’t take it out on your sweetie pie. Just pull back and think about it before whipping back one of your usual smart remarks. Do not engage in any legal battles at this time either, or you will find a lot of frustration and delays with the paperwork.

It’s great to be a superstar, Cancer. You’ll find yourself more supported in those efforts if you give to your domestic partner as good as you expect to get.


Gadgets, communications, and matters pertaining to the big picture are under a focus with this Mercury retrograde, Leo. Your ninth house of foreign matters is touched under this spell, and long-distance issues are on your mind. A lot. You will also experience communication delays in this area for a few weeks as well.

Don′t be surprised if you wind up with a new phone or new car before the end of this one though. You are going to spend the first part of this retrograde trying to get through every day, it will seem like many of the messages you are getting are confusing or mixed signals.

Don′t answer anything right away if it isn′t kind, or you are going to do some damage with your claws. By the end of it all, this retrograde will ensure you can review key matters in your romantic partnerships. A performance review for someone perhaps? Maybe that’s you under review. This is not irreparable, but you will need to act fast.

Stick to your guns if your needs are not being met. This will be a very psychic period for you as well, which is one reason you are so dragged down by Mercury retrograde. Follow those hunches, they mean something, but quiet reflection is favored over action at this time, unless you are reaching out to someone to reconnect.


The first half of this retrograde will be a very intense one for you in love, Virgo, as you will be left with a lot of confusion and intensity over key emotional issues and romantic partnerships. Finances may come into play as well. This Mercury retrograde is touching your eighth house of shared resources, and that means both money and taboo love subjects may be on the table.

The good news is all of this will fall into place and you will feel much better in the latter half of the retrograde than the first. If the partnership theme comes up again once this retrograde passes, remember that retrogrades are about reviewing and reflecting, and that is what you must do in order to reveal the answers you seek.


Love and all things romance are highlighted for you under this Mercury retrograde, Libra, happening in Aries and your seventh house of love. Communication could be slow. The upside? Some past lovers could be coming back. We hope that’s an upside! Communication is going to be very important to you and your partnerships in the next few weeks.

You will get confused very easily because everyone around you is feeling the retrograde in their own unique way. You will get through this best by not taking anything personally, and this will pose a bigger challenge than you think.

Programs, regimes, or routines with a partner that worked in the past will be particularly favorable for you right now, so will words that worked in the past in your love life, say those things that were said once long ago. It will pull the strings of your lover′s heart very quickly.


You are looking for romance, Scorpio, and just coming off some little love highs after Pisces energy touched your house of fun for several weeks. This Mercury retrograde in Aries is touching your sixth house of work, and the little things in life. You will be too focused on work matters and a series of little wrinkles there to focus too much on love.

They may not be wrinkles per se, but you are very busy in this next few weeks playing catch-up on work, health, and little things. You may not see love even if it’s standing right in front of you. You are known for past lovers, so don’t be surprised if a past love throws some wrinkles into your every day routines.

Fortunately for you, you have impeccable diplomacy and will be able to smooth out retrograde wrinkles quickly so you can focus on the people that really matter. Healthy routines will help you work through any anxiety you may experience over love during this period. A brisk walk will clear your mind if someone says something a little off.

Review and reflect for answers you need on love under this energy. Then, you can take your love to an all new creative level and get a little experimental with your partner. You don′t need to say too many words to get the wheels spinning, just send a few saucy text driven messages and the rest will fall into place.

Let them come to you, Scorpio. There’s no shortage of love opportunities for you right now. Any past loves that find you now in your day-to-day affairs may be realizing under this retrograde the good thing they had when they had it. Whether it’s too late for them or not will be up to you. An office romance is not entirely out of the question, either.


You are always up and down just like a mutable sign when it comes to love, Sagittarius, but the upside is you are also very romantic. Sometimes simply directing that attention to one thing is all you need to do. The retrograde period will be very difficult for you in that respect, particularly if you have any unfinished business from your past.

This retrograde is working your fifth house of true romance, so don’t be surprised to have a lot of nostalgia-laden romantic encounters in the next few weeks – and they will be fun! An unexpected visitor is not out of the question. Play is favored for you as well right now. Need to burn off some energy? Do something childlike and fun.

You also will be well served by going a little reclusive, particularly if something is gnawing at your conscience. Psychic impulses and hunches should be followed! With your house of true love stimulated under this energy, you just never know when your twin flame or soul mate is calling you.


Your family is going to be the key issue during this Mercury retrograde, and that’s how your romantic life will be impacted as well. If any confusion crops up in the way of communication, travel plans, or messages, it will occur on the home front. Keep pressing forward, you are making progress on key issues, even if you are not going as quickly as you like.

Don′t put Aries energy into it, this is more a time for patience and understanding on your part. If you can swing that, by July 1, all of the plans you want will be very easy to put into motion in true Aries style.


As a fixed sign you can be a little bit stubborn, and Mercury retrograde in your third house of communication is asking you to review and reflect before you stick to your guns on an issue in love. You may not feel as grounded as you normally do, so burn off any excess energy in the garden.

If someone inspires our bull headed nature, head to the flower bed and work it out before you answer their question or respond to their words. If you try and push things through before that, you may find that communication over these decisions will leave you feeling like you are beating your head against the wall.

Mercury retrograde is asking you to think before you speak in love, Aquarius. You’ve got this.


Mercury retrograde is happening in your second house of gifts and talents, and as such your creativity and money matters will be the focus this time around. Money will be slow, but use your creativity to win in all areas, including love. Give a home made gift instead of a pre-purchased one.

Finances are going to be your biggest concern over this Mercury retrograde period, but by early April you will feel this crunch ease up. You will also feel more sharp minded than you have been of late, making it a little bit easier for you to handle those decisions.

You also are not favored to put any big ideas into motion, as you don′t have all of the information you need to make the best decisions. Your intentions may need a reality check as well, and you want to be very careful about underhanded dealings during a retrograde period.

When Mercury turns direct, these underhanded dealings will come back to haunt you otherwise. Be patient, it will pay off. This may not be the most romantic Mercury retrograde for you, Pisces, unless you use your creativity wisely. It can help you go back in time and rewind on some practical matters to make room for more romance down the road.

Concluding thoughts…

Still have questions about Mercury retrograde for you? Make sure you are staying on top of your Daily Horoscopes here. You may also want to check out your April Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide to re-view. Let us know if you need any help!

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