Need Some Healing This Spring? What Chiron & Mutable Energy Can Teach You

“Mama said there’d be days like this, there’d be days like this, my mama said.” Having one of those days? Weeks? Months? It’s been a hectic few months from the Universe, but if you aren’t feeling the swing in your spring yet, the Universe has an answer for that.

This spring, the Universe has a banquet of options with retrogrades, Chiron, and mutable sign energy, to help you get through those “days like this.” Let’s talk about that today. How can we be resilient in the face of obstacles and trying times in our lives?

What is Resilience?

The word ‘resilience’ is a bit of a pop-psychology term in this day and age, but it‘s one with historical context that has the theoretical meaning used to describe our flexibility in the face of the challenges and stresses of daily life. Resilience is a word psychology has used since some of its earliest founding fathers. Humanist Carl Rogers used the term as did Abraham Maslow.

Maslow developed the hierarchy of needs that lead up to human’s ultimate goal, self-actualization. We could think of the term ‘enlightenment’ that we use frequently to be the equivalent of ‘self-actualization.’ It’s a lifelong pursuit that works in cycles from beginning to end across many lifetimes.

Think of the phrase ‘roll with it’ when you hear the word “resilience” because that’s exactly what it is. Sometimes life can be intense and it presents us with challenges: car accidents, death, trauma, war, serious illness, and other trials and tribulations. It’s during these times that positivity and resilience are much more difficult to find.

Simply put, resilience refers to the development of humans that occurs after we are exposed to pain. How do we deal with it? How much can we handle?

No matter how much spring has sprung, if you are dealing with something like this, then being told to just “roll with it” could almost be offensive. It’s not that you don’t want to roll with it, you definitely do. You might be thinking you can’t physically, emotionally, and spiritually rise above.

Astrology can help. Let’s look at what is happening this Spring to help you start embracing your ability to be resilient right now.

Mutable Energy Means Change

The mutable signs are the very definition of resilience and just rolling with it. That’s what mutable means, after all. It means the ability to be changeable or adaptable to the environment and its conditions. Or, it means just being resilient. Thankfully, mutable sign energy is very heavy during spring, courtesy of our air sign friend Gemini.

By next week, the Sun will be in Gemini from May 21 until June 21. With the Sun in this air sign, it will shine a light on truth, improve your intellect and inspiration, and your ability to laugh things off and see the more humorous side of life. Mercury is in Gemini from June 12 to June 29. This transit will allow you to see more speed and ease in communication matters.

Then we have had Mars in Gemini since April 21 and it continues through to June 4. This is the planet of drive and motivation, picking up the speed of the wind through Gemini. So you have a lot of planets working with you to juggle everything that you need to deal with right now when you are trying to just roll with it and practice resilience.

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A Word on Retrogrades

In the midst of all of this resilient energy coming from Gemini, we also have some retrogrades to help us this spring. Pluto is currently retrograde in Capricorn until September 28. We also have Neptune entering a retrograde period in the tail end of spring, in a transit that will last all summer. Retrograde times are wonderful periods for just taking a minute to catch your breath.

If you need some help overcoming some issues in your life, this is a great time for that. You can’t just move on from something unless you have stopped to accept and process the lessons an event is meant to teach you. Retrograde periods are good for the processing of anything that you need to accept and overcome in your life.

Retrogrades are a powerful healing force when you need them. Neptune will be retrograde in the mutable sign of Pisces, so you will have even more energy to work with to become more flexible and resilient. Pisces is a great healer in the zodiac, so this tail end of spring will help you to nourish those wounds, and see them healed.

Chiron Helps to Heal Old Wounds

Pisces isn’t the only healer of the zodiac. As important as it is to take a step back and breathe your way through life’s traumas, it is impossible to move forward without that critical healing period. Fortunately, you have Chiron the wounded healer to the rescue for this. Chiron is currently direct in Pisces until June 30.

Chiron is about synchronicity, as the healer of the galaxy, and it helps you accomplish that important step of accepting and moving on with painful events and experiences in your life. Chiron also has the special power of sending you magical cues and clues and signs that guide you along the way. So you don’t just feel the effects of the Universal power, you literally see them!

Say you are healing from a broken heart for example, over someone whose birthday is March 15. You may begin to see cues and clues about those numbers, like 315, or 15/3; you may go to the store and your purchase is $3.15. You may hear ‘your song’, or see their name show up in strange places. These are all messages from Chiron that you are healing and moving on.

The mythology of Chiron is very interesting. In the ancient myth of Chiron, he was a soul who was abandoned by both of his parents. He was then adopted by Apollo, who taught him how to heal from this childhood trauma. Chiron learned to transmit his knowledge by showing other souls around him signs and signals that gave them the validation they needed to move on in their lives.

Spring is a powerful mythological time with much significance. It is the period where Persephone, after having been banished to the underworld of Hades for the death of winter, comes out of hiding and helps the world flourish again. This is what you want to experience in your life right now. To remove the pain of decay and create room to grow. Chiron is ready to show you how to do just that if you are paying attention.


Mama said there’d be days like this, but they never last forever if you don’t let them. Resiliency refers to the state of mind when you develop emotionally and spiritually through life’s pains and traumas. It is not something that happens to you. It is a choice. Sometimes, a very difficult one.

The Astrology forecast this spring can help you be flexible, mutable, and take a moment in the slower periods to catch your breath and move on. If you are paying very close attention, you will get direct cues and clues from Universe on how to do just that from our friend Chiron, the wounded healer.

Where do you need the most resilience in your life?

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