10 Simple Tips to Navigate Neptune Retrograde Unscathed

Are you ready to indulge your dreamy side? The Universe is here to make that happen! We are now entering a dreamy period with a Neptune retrograde upon us beginning on June 15. If ever there was a time to practice those psychic skills, work on your dream journals, and sharpen your spidey senses, this is the time.

Neptune retrograde is all about the watery and dreamy as this psychic and fantasy prone planet will be slowing down. It will cause introspection, heighten intuition, and may cause your emotions to get the best of you sometimes. Today we’re going to look at how it is going to impact you personally and how to embrace Neptune retrograde and get through it unscathed!

What is Neptune Retrograde?

First, let’s review the difference between retrograde and direct again, specifically in terms of where and how we experience it the most. When a planet is direct, it is moving forward at its regular speed. This also means that the themes the planet rules are happening in forward motion and at a regular speed in your life. The themes are also happening in your external environment.

When a planet is retrograde, the planet appears to be moving backwards. It means that the themes the planet rules are slowing down. When a planet is retrograde, the themes it rules are moving to the internal level. This is very important when it comes to Neptune retrograde, as Neptune is a planet that already works at the internal level. So when Neptune goes retrograde, all of your internal feelings are amplified.

5 Do’s for Neptune Retrograde

Neptune is the watery planet that rules the zodiac sign Pisces. This might give you a better understanding of what Neptune does. Pisces is the quintessential dreamer and fantasizer of all of the zodiac, this is also exactly what Neptune encourages as well. Neptune is all about escaping, going within, exploring those dreams, and activating psychic work to help you get answers in your life.

Neptune retrograde will be in effect from June 15 until November 21. That is over 100 days from the Universe to help you activate that psychic potential, and really get some good and solid soul-searching done so that by the end of the year, you can take your life to the next level. Here are some things to keep in mind for Neptune retrograde.

• DO notice your enhanced intuition: This is a period where you should be following your gut and your intuition more closely. If you tune in, you’ll get little answers about issues, and see clearly when faced with a dilemma. Listen to that little voice that is guiding you to the right answers and the right path.

• DO engage with the dream world: Neptune rules both your daydreams and the ones that you have when you are sleeping. If you’ve been slacking on the dream journal, now is the time to dust that baby off and fill up some pages, friends. Pay attention to the symbols and messages in your dreams.

• DO follow your feelings: The emotions that you have are clues to what answers you need to succeed in life. If you meet a stranger for example and all of a sudden feel angry or resentful, that’s Neptune giving you some feedback right at the surface level. This is one of the many beautiful things about Neptune retrograde. Your feelings have very powerful insights for you, all the time.

• DO talk about your feelings: Neptune retrograde is going to be helpful for relationships, sometimes even more so than Mercury retrograde. When you realize it’s important to recognize your feelings, you can talk about them more. If you feel something, say something! Always lead with love and own it, “I feel…that’s just not going to work for me…that is just going to cause more problems for me…” Be honest, own your feelings.

• DO use healing crystals: The crystal that I would recommend the most is amethyst for activating that crown chakra and third eye chakra, and helping you to identify those feelings that are bombarding you. I also recommend clear quartz or black tourmaline, both of these stones will help you to ward off negative energy, and identify positive feelings first.

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5 Don’ts for Neptune Retrograde

The most important tip I can offer to embrace Neptune Retrograde and get through it is to get more in touch with your feelings. Along with this come a few suggestions of things you shouldn’t do during Neptune retrograde. Avoid getting into these patterns during this period.

• DON’T use substances to escape: Most of us may have the odd cocktail or two on occasion, but if you are looking for real soul-searching work, you aren’t going to experience it when on mind-altering medication or overindulging in adult beverages. You may feel a lot of things more intensely, but you won’t be able to use them productively in day-to-day life if you overuse substances.

• DON’T just dream – take action: Write down things in your dream journal. Fantasize and dream, yes, but don’t stop there. Really reflect on the ideas that pop into your head and dreams and what you can do with them. That is information that will help you succeed in life!

• DON’T blame others: When you are feeling something, don’t blame someone else for it. The blame game can be very easy, and we all fall into the trap sometimes. If you are angry, sad, jealous, they are your feelings. You are allowed to have emotions but there is a difference between “I feel angry when this happens” and “Why do YOU have to make me so angry all the time?!” Also, don’t be afraid to remind others you are allowed to have your own feelings too.

• DON’T ignore your intuition: This is as important a step as actually paying attention to your intuition. We often hear our intuition, but we don’t follow it’s advice. So don’t ignore your intuition, or pretend you didn’t have that weird dream. All of these things are messages telling you to pay attention.

• DON’T get caught in self-pity: Feeling sorry for yourself is VERY easy to do during Neptune retrograde. Think about how you feel when you have so many overwhelming feelings that you don’t know what to do with. It’s easy to start feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t. Own your feelings, now that you are more in touch with them, talk them out with someone.


Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are likely to be the most impacted by this transit, or at least have the most experiences because of its energy. Keep in mind that this Neptune retrograde will impact all zodiac signs. If you follow the tips we talked about, you will get the most value from its energy.

All you need to do is pay attention, act on the information you get from your intuition, and always, always, lead with love. When you do all of that, you can expect to see many areas of your life improve. This is not a transit to fear, it’s one to embrace and look forward to becasue of the insights it can bring.

What are you hoping to see improve after Neptune retrograde?

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