How to Use the Zodiac to Avoid Arguing in Your New Relationship

There’s nothing quite like falling into a new romance. The early infatuation, the long conversations late into the night as you slowly peel back the layers… of each other’s personalities. You’re blissfully floating on a cloud…until you unknowingly push a button that makes the new love in your life go crazy!

First fights are tough and usually unconsciously triggered. But what if you could anticipate the landmines before you walk upon them?

As usual, you can look to your trusty friend astrology to provide guidance – and to help you remain loving and cheerful as long as possible. Each sign carries a hidden trap door to what angers them most. Today we’re going to look at what truly enrages each sign – so you may step widely around them!

Water Signs

How to Avoid Annoying a Cancer Sign

Cancers are tricky to read, especially early on in a relationship. Their hard outer shell covers up one of the softest hearts in the zodiac. Until they trust you fully, it can be quite easy to hurt their delicate feelings, but it will be easier to navigate if you are very careful not to be critical of them and to actively listen when they speak.

Crabs aren’t very likely to come right out and freak on you, but you’ll know they’re annoyed if they deliver terse, one-word answers, if they remind you of the few times you’ve done something wrong, or engage in an annoying game of passive-aggressive silliness.

Don’t Give Scorpio a Reason to Distrust You

If there’s any sign not to get on the wrong side of, it’s Scorpio. Here’s the thing – they are ultra picky about who they allow into their lives, let alone their hearts. It can be very hard to pierce their shell, and not just in the sense of getting to their heart: you have to meet their seriously high expectations. If you manage that and still hold their intense attention, don’t ever go against them.

Trust and loyalty are the ultimate traits needed from those close to them, so never, ever, ever lie to them – not even a fib. They’re the detectives of the group, and they’ll know! You won’t see it coming either, because they are masters of control. Vengeance is not beneath Scorpio, and if they feel you have somehow disappointed them, look out. They will find you.

Romantic Pisces Needs More Compassion in a Relationship

Pisces is a soft touch, but everyone has a line you shouldn’t cross. While this gentle Water sign is full of compassion, when they get angry, expect waterworks: a pool full of tears. See, romantic Pisces falls in love quickly, and they tend to occupy space within a fantasy world, idealizing the people in their lives. The worst thing you could do is be mean.

That applies to anyone else they love too. Or puppies. Or the mailman. If they have started to fall in love with you and you display a high level of unkindness towards any living thing, they may not punch and hit, but you’ll pay for it in melodrama, plus lots of texts with sad emojis. Then they’ll just stop talking to you so they can be alone with their diary.

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Fire Signs

Support Your Leo Love and Your Relationship Will Go Smoothly

If you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with a Leo, your life will soon be full of fun, activity, and lots of entertainment. Except when you accidentally make them look foolish in front of other people or somehow show that you don’t believe in them. Leos are childlike in their need for admiration. If that is threatened, watch your back.

You know those nature documentaries where a lion is just chilling under a tree and then suddenly leaps up to open an impossibly huge mouth full of sharp teeth? Yeah, it can come out of nowhere with Leos, they are gregarious and playful – until the one they love doubts them.

Don’t Get Pushy with Sagittarius and Love Will Flow

It’s kind of hard to anger Sagittarius, they’re so go-with-the-flow and optimistic that they enjoy the surprises and upheavals that would bug the heck out of Earth signs (see Virgo). Sagittarius is a creature that needs their freedom though, so if you’re just starting out, don’t do the thing where you call them daily, reveal the ‘L’ word too soon, or demand they stop seeing other people.

They’ll feel forced into a corner and will likely show you their hard-edged sarcasm before fleeing into the night. Let them think it’s their idea to commit – or even better, just accept that if they’re spending time with you or inviting you to their place time and again, you’re solid.

Let Aries Tell You Exactly What’s on Their Mind

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries are often referred to as the babies of the group. Remember this when you cross a line with them, because that’s exactly how they’re likely to react when mad or they don’t get what they want. Tantrums are not unheard of. Before you completely write them off, this can be quite positive in a relationship, because you know exactly where you stand.

Unlike other more indirect signs, Aries don’t have a filter and say what’s on their mind. They are optimistic and love new challenges and coming up with great ideas, so saying, ‘no’ too many times or straight-up telling them something doesn’t make sense will exasperate them. Aries ignites quickly, but it rarely lasts long, and they don’t tend to hold a grudge.

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Earth Signs

Don’t Mess up Virgo’s Stuff and All Will go Smoothly

Virgos are crazy organized and like to keep themselves busy with projects, plans, and work. Don’t consider telling them what to do or get in the way of this, or tell them how to do it. Don’t mess up their stuff. They got this, and you trying to take over is uber offensive. Oh, and never give them a last minute expectation! A surprise dinner out may not be the way to go with Virgo.

This composed Earth sign is the most unlikely to blow up at you, that would be distasteful to them. Virgo may send you a polite break-up letter, or, if they choose to stick around, may criticize and nitpick you for a few days until they get their ugly feelings out of their system.

Don’t Challenge Capricorn’s Reputation

Capricorns have a reputation for being very serious most of the time, but that’s nothing compared to what they’ll do when you actually make them mad. Earth sign Capricorn is not a hothead like Aries; they are pragmatic, unsentimental, and very, very good at controlling their emotions. Do you want to mess with a calculating sign who always has a plan? No, no you don’t.

This is another sign where you won’t see it coming. Reputation is highly important to them, so to damage that, or to get in the way of their carefully crafted routines or traditions could trigger them. In Caps, it might come out as resentment or the silent treatment. They are also likely to never call you again, or to find a quiet way to get you back.

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Take Care of Taurus’ Things and They Will Take Care of You

If you’re aiming to infuriate Taurus, make sure to manhandle one of their prized possessions. Go ahead – caress one of their crystal figurines that lies under a special spotlight, or worse – make fun of the art hanging over their mantle. Definitely drop something if you really want to see what they’re like when they’re angry. It’s not pretty. Taurus keeps cool until they have to speak out.

Unless you really enrage them, you might not know they’re annoyed. They prefer not to show anger, but if you cross a line with them, well, there’s a reason for the saying, ‘a bull in a china shop.’ Taurus is the curator of the zodiac, and the objects they surround themselves with are chosen with great care. It’s considered highly offensive to mess with their things.

Air Signs

Libras Are Easy Going – As Long as You Are Fair to Everyone

Librans like to get along with everyone; they are one of the peacemakers of the zodiac, and are usually quite easy to be in a relationship with, because they seek harmony at all times. They love being in a partnership, as two halves make a whole that’s perfectly balanced, which is what they desire most.

Librans are also justice warriors. If they catch you making fun of someone who can’t defend themselves, or you do something that comes across as taking advantage or is just plain unfair in their eyes, they will not have it. They’re more likely to talk you to death, making all kinds of points about how you have done wrong than they are to actually punch you.

Aquarius Wants to Do Things Their Own Way

As friendly as Aquarius is, it’s not that hard to make them mad. The rebels of the zodiac, Water Bearers are fiercely independent and take great pains to show everyone they can accomplish things on their own. Being micromanaged or flat out bossed around is not going to over well with this Air sign.

Aquarius is okay to go it alone, so if you annoy them early into a relationship, they won’t have a problem calmly telling you to get lost. They would rather be alone and prove to themselves that they didn’t compromise their morals than stick it out with someone who wanted to control them.

Gemini Want to Tell Their Own Stories – Don’t Interrupt

The best way to test a Gemini’s anger trigger is to interrupt them and steal their thunder when it comes to telling a story or a secret. The sign of the Twins is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so spinning tales in many words is at the heart of any Gemini’s bliss.

If you get a death stare from your new love, or they shoot you a biting comment after you’ve told the end of the joke or dared to ask a question while they were just about to tell the punchline/shock ending, it might be over for you. It’s not that they want to compete, but they need to know they are being heard.


It’s hard enough to get to know someone new. Not being aware of what will get you in hot water in your fresh romance can cause a lot of unnecessary problems. Knowing the innate characteristics of your new partner’s sign can definitely help you avoid some of the pitfalls to remain magical in their eyes.

It may be early in your relationship, but it can be a good idea to learn what sign they have in their 5th and 7th houses. The 5th house speaks to pleasure and the 7th to what we need from a partnership, so both can help you navigate a little easier.

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* Editor’s note: This article was previously published July 1st, 2018 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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