Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn Horoscopes: Closing Life Chapters

Here comes the Capricorn Full Moon! We’ll soon experience a Full Moon in Earth sign Capricorn, and this isn’t any Full Moon in Capricorn – it’s also a Lunar eclipse! And this will be the last Lunar eclipse in Capricorn for some years to come, so it’s truly a closing of life chapters.

We experience eclipses in a pair of signs for a couple years, and it’s been Cancer and Capricorn.

Once we have this Lunar eclipse, that comes to an end as we push toward a new series of eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius. It’s time to put things to an end as we make way for the new.

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About the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

Lunar eclipses occur with Full Moons, and are a time of endings and culminations. We see the results of everything that has happened and everything we’ve done. Every decision and action and choice. Eclipses pack a stronger punch, so it’s not just what we’ve done in the last few weeks or months, but the last few years!

Add on top of that the fact that this is in Capricorn. What does a Full Moon in Capricorn mean?

Capricorn is the zenith of the zodiac, and relates to goals, responsibilities, and lessons. This means some of us can achieve great heights now, some of us learn big lessons that have been trying to reach us for some time, and some of us finally taking responsibility seriously.

This comes at a time when we’re dealing with the Capricorn stellium since Saturn is back in Capricorn now until December 2020 (after having spent a few months in Aquarius), rejoined with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn.

The Full Moon eclipse is likely to stir up this energy in a big way, and the biggest chapters closing may be ones that have been needed to be closed for a long, long time.

This doesn’t have to be scary though! See this as a chance to make way for new opportunities, incredible growth, and a deeper understanding of yourself, others, the world, our history, and our potential future.

Accept what is ending so you can welcome a new beginning.

Capricorn Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Horoscopes

So how does this Full Moon in Capricorn impact your zodiac sign? Read on:


It’s time to close a chapter on one or more of your goals from the last couple of years, Aries. You’ve done the work, you’ve put in the time and effort, you’ve tried to do things the right way and for the right reasons.

When all of that is the case, now would be the time to fully see the results, and accept the recognition you get and progress you’ve made.

It may feel emotional for you to move on from them, particularly if they’ve become a huge part of your life, but new goals and a new future await you. Get excited about that!


Understanding what you believe for yourself, and fighting for those beliefs may have been something you’ve had to do over the last couple of years, Taurus, but you can now start to move on from that.

At this point, you should be fully aware of where you stand, and confident in your positions. This can give you solid ground to build on.

Having solid beliefs helps you with moving toward new goals and having a new direction for the next few years, and you can achieve more than you think is possible.


It’s probably been a rocky couple of years for you, Gemini, as you’ve had to face some hard truths and dig into parts of yourself, your life, and your past that were dark and deep.

This may have led to revelations that were uncomfortable, but necessary, and now you can see the light and move forward with greater understanding and less baggage.

The next couple of years can be quite a bit lighter than the last ones, and you can step into yourself and make smarter decisions going forward.


Your relationships have likely been under a microscope over the last couple of years, Cancer, and you can feel ready to close those chapters.

You’ve seen which people in your life are good for you and which aren’t, and should have a better understanding of not only what you need from others, but what you deserve. You should accept nothing less!

This can help you form much stronger bonds with others over the next couple of years, so the new relationships and partnerships you enter into have bonds that are secure and lasting.


Daily life has probably been the target for you over the last couple of years, Leo, and you’ve had to work on making sure the work you’re doing is work you believe in, and that you’re taking care of the little things in your life.

Paying attention to detail can pay off, and that’s likely a lesson you’ve had to learn (maybe the hard way!).

Your focus can turn toward others now, and you can see the importance of strong relationships and supportive connections as you move through the next few years.


Love has likely been taken a lot more seriously by you over the last couple of years, Virgo, and you’ve had to face some challenging love issues and baggage.

You’re at a point now where you can start to close that chapter though, and should move forward with healthier love connections and higher expectations in love. Have a high bar!

This can help you shift your focus to making sure you’re taking care of yourself and living a life you’re passionate about on a daily basis with a strong heart-centric focus.

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Emotional issues, especially ones stemming from the home and family, have likely been a focus for you over the last couple of years, Libra, and now can be the time to start to move on.

You’ve had to address some deeper issues at your core, and may have felt the foundation of who you are has shifted. This can be a good thing and allows you to build a stronger sense of self.

You can move toward a greater focus on love and your heart over the next couple of years, and this can make you lighter and connect more deeply with others.


Issues of the mind may have gotten a lot of your attention over the last couple of years, Scorpio, and you’ve had to become more confident in your own abilities. You can hone in on what you need to, and streamline processes so you’re not so bogged down in the weeds.

This helps you get out of your own head so much and control some of that obsessive focus you can have.

Getting more in tune with your emotions can become more of a priority over the next couple of years, and you can start to see how you benefit from both the mind and heart.


Tackling what you need for safety and security has probably been a huge challenge for you over the last couple of years, Sagittarius.

At times, you may have felt like an insecure wreck with everything falling to pieces, but by now, you should start to feel you have a better sense of what you truly need, what truly serves you, and what is truly worth something to you.

The next couple of years can be a lot easier as you’re able to move forward more easily and feel less stagnant.


You’ve been the big target for this energy, Capricorn, and no one needs to tell you that it’s been hard! You’ve had big lessons, big responsibilities, and big work to do. Luckily, you’re a sign that can handle all of that, even when you feel like you can’t.

You should feel even stronger now, and have confidence in what you’re capable of, ready to face whatever comes in the next chapter.

The next couple of years may feel a bit slower, which is probably what you need now. Slow and steady with less chaos!


Facing the past and very old baggage has probably been a big focus for you over the last couple of years, Aquarius, and you’ve had to do some very deep letting go.

We all accumulate a lot of baggage, and there are times when you have to do a cosmic clean up, and you’ve been in that. You should be much freer now, and have far less to weigh you down than you did before.

This can make way for new opportunities and beginnings over the next couple of years, and they may come with more responsibilities, but you can make it work.


Getting serious about your future has likely been something you’ve given a lot of attention to over the last couple of years, Pisces. You’ve probably had to determine which dreams to get working on and which to set aside, and can make progress with what you’ve done right.

This can help you feel you’re living in a way that’s authentic to who you really are.

Strengthening your intuition and letting go of old baggage can become a greater focus over the next couple of years, helping you move forward with more confidence.

Harness this Full Moon energy!

This Full Moon in Capricorn is strong energy right now, but we may be dealing with it for the rest of the year since Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto remain in Capricorn, with Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn to December 2020 (you may want to brush up on your Jupiter in Capricorn horoscopes).

This gives plenty of opportunity to close chapters, including important ones, and get ready to move on to Aquarius for 2021. The sign of the future!

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