You Pulled the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card – Now What?

While you may think you’ve cracked the code to understanding the magical Wheel of Fortune card, it’s no secret that the card can be a bit of a mystery as a keeper of mysteries itself — and perhaps you need to give it a second look before jumping to conclusions.

It’s true that The Wheel of Fortune can hold… well, fortune. But the ever-turning wheel can hold so much more, and it may have more to say than simply foretelling good luck when you see it in a Tarot reading. Much like the Tarot itself, it twists and turns and can indicate several things all at once, upholding the nuance and “grey area” that we experience in life itself!

Ready to see the Wheel of Fortune with fresh eyes? Read on below to see what The Wheel of Fortune may actually be trying to tell you!

Decoding the Wheel

The Wheel of Fortune is the 10th Major Arcana card, which is a significant number in of itself!

In the Minor Arcana, the 10’s each finish off a suit, indicating the end of a journey in their own unique ways. For example, the 10 of Cups completes the journey of the suit of cups, which is riddled with themes of love, emotion, intuition, and interpersonal connections.

As a result, the 10 of Cups is a card that often foretells a happy home, a stable family, and a loving partnership. There is a sense of finality and completion that the card offers, reminding us of the end goal at hand if we are not yet there.

In a much larger way, The Wheel of Fortune can do something similar.

It asks you to think of the bigger picture, and not necessarily just about your life, but what the greater plan for you, your loved ones, and the wider collective might be. And, yes! It often foretells great fortune and good luck, but primarily because it is also saying that the universe is taking the driver’s seat for now, and is asking you to buckle up!

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Wheel of Fortune

What Does The Wheel of Fortune Mean in a Tarot Reading?

When you see The Wheel of Fortune in a Tarot reading, your first instincts may tell you that it simply is there to let you know that good luck is on the way. While there may of course be some truth to this, there is so much more in the equation when such important factors like karma, luck, destiny, and fate are all at play.

In truth, what “good luck” may manifest as for you in one period of your life may be totally different at a different time in your life. And to take things one notch further, you may not always be able to see the ways that things are actually “good” until everything is in hindsight.

Think back to all the times you experienced a “dodging a bullet” — at the time, it may have still been disappointing, and hard to see as something that was truly good fortune.

Understanding how The Wheel of Fortune is going to work its magic for you can often be worked out by paying attention to what other cards are in action in your Tarot spread.

For example, in love and romance readings, seeing The Wheel of Fortune and The Lovers together may simply mean that a profound period of love and joy is coming your way.

However, The Wheel of Fortune and The Tower in the same reading may mean that your current romantic situation must fall away first in order for the blessings to come through. If the other cards on the table aren’t giving you any clues, you just might have to prepare yourself for fate to take control in unexpected and surprising ways.

One thing is for certain when you see this auspicious card, however!

As The Wheel of Fortune shows up to shake things up and inform you that a much larger plan is in action, you may experience life from the metaphorical passenger’s seat for a while.

It may feel like you’re less in control than usual, and that things are just “happening” to you out of nowhere. While this might be frustrating to experience in the midst of things, keep in mind that this period truly is all for the best, and is likely here to ensure with certainty that your good luck and blessings are on their way to you.

Reflecting on the Magic of the Wheel

It may seem counter-intuitive to even attempt to uncover what The Wheel of Fortune is trying to share with you. So often, we understand what the card has offered us later as the blessing is right in front of our eyes, or even much, much later.

Fate has a funny approach of working in very mysterious ways!

However, understanding that the card can share its wealth in more ways than one is crucial, and sometimes we have to come face-to-face with the Wheel of Fortune in order to feel that it’s okay to surrender your trust to the universe in the process.

One thing that’s certain, is even if you’re at a great point in your life right now, things will inevitably change again in some way. When it does, will you be ready?

The best way to handle life’s slings and arrows is to get more lined up with your astral nature. The universe has a plan for you, and luckily an astrology reading can show you what it is.

When you see this Tarot card, have a little faith, and don’t underestimate the power of The Wheel of Fortune to achieve a 180-degree flip and truly turn your life around!

*Editor’s Note: This article has been updated from its previous publication date of December 12, 2014 for better accuracy.

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