Jupiter in Capricorn Horoscopes by the Zodiac Sign

We are at a point in the year where luck takes a turn. Jupiter has just moved into Capricorn, after spending most of 2019 in Sagittarius. This began on December 2, 2019, and ends December 19, 2020. This time around we have lucky and optimistic Jupiter leaving the Mutable sign of the Fire signs Sagittarius to start working in the Cardinal Earth sign. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and optimism and has a way of making things bigger around you.

This past year, Jupiter has been in Sagittarius, and your luck has had a fiery take to it. Now, Jupiter is moving to Cardinal sign Capricorn, and your luck will take a slower and more practical turn to it. It’s time to get your hands dirty and see what you can physically do to manifest your own luck.

How? By understanding how much you can actually change your luck when you understand what Jupiter in Capricorn can do for you. Use our Daily Horoscopes and Free Tarot reading to So let’s have a look at what Jupiter in Capricorn does for each zodiac sign.

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Jupiter in Capricorn Horoscopes:

Aries – All Eyes on You

With Jupiter in Capricorn, Aries, you have Jupiter in your tenth house of career destiny and public image for a whole year. That means that luck is in your career corner for a full year. This isn’t just any kind of career or public image high. All eyes are on you for the next year. You have to remember that karma and action are necessary now. To capture this acclaim you need to work the work and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Your star will rise when you do.

Taurus – Big Picture Dreams

You have Jupiter in Capricorn in your ninth house of big visions, Taurus, and this means luck and love are all around in the foreign sector. Jupiter will expand the areas where you want to expand your mind. Travel, education, and thinking long-term will see some lucky strikes in the way of opportunities when you do. Think big, Taurus. No dream is too small. And then you will see some lightning bolts of luck when you do.

Gemini – Sharing is Caring

Jupiter is in your eighth house of shared resources, Gemini, and this means that sharing is important now. It’s important for you to focus on investments, financial matters, and anything that connects you to other humans. Sharing secrets is beneficial too. Be honest. Remember that karma is high and luck can and will go backyards.

Cancer – Lucky in Love

Cancer, you are in for a very lucky season of loving as Jupiter in Capricorn is working your seventh house of love. This is going to bring a lot of luck in the love department. You are going to be having conversations about things that are romantic for some time. You will feel buoyant and optimistic about love this year when this happens. And when you find that flow, escape in it and love multiplies.

Leo – Little Things Become Big Things

Oh my goodness, Leo, you are going to see luck, optimism, and joy in the little things in life. Jupiter in Capricorn is working your sixth house of work details and routine and you are enjoying some wonderful luck in the workplace. It’s all about the little things now. Everywhere you find small joys in little things, rejoice. Work those small things, and then when you feel the magic vibes, make it rain, baby. Follow that glow of Jupiter and you win.

Virgo – Life’s Little Pleasures

You have Jupiter in Capricorn in your fifth house of pleasures, Virgo, and this means you are in for a year of romantic excitement. This is also your house of true love, and you are going to be floating on cloud 9 when it comes to love this year. Just have fun with this, Virgo. You are going to be seeing waves of fun gliding into your life, and it is going to feel like that energy you have when you are a child at a carnival. You’re going to be excited all year and bouncing around in 8 different directions. Follow that free spirit and you find luck in fun and romance this year.

Libra – Home is the Happy Place

Jupiter in Capricorn is working your fourth house of foundations, and this has you feeling the luck and love in the domestic sector. To capture this luck you need to work the magic of the Law of Attraction around the home sector. That which you put out you will attract in terms of things around the home. That could be décor, renovations, or even a new home in the year to come. The more you work it, the sooner the luck will follow. Whatever dream you want to be fulfilled for your home this year, use your energy in that direction and Jupiter will reward in kind.

Scorpio – Communication is Lucky

You are going to experience a lucky streak in the way of communication this year, Scorpio. This means that where you communicate, you are sure to win. This is Cardinal Earth sign energy and this means that success in the area of communication is going to help you increase your luck. If you work in the communication field, this could be a very lucky year. But even if you don’t, this placement tells you that you can use communication to get lucky in almost any situation.

Sagittarius – Show You the Money!

You have Jupiter in Capricorn working your second house of money over the next year, Sagittarius. And it’s going to be a lucky money year for you! You’ll experience hills and valleys of money issues this year, but when you follow the waves of optimism and karma this year, good money flow follows. This is one of those good vibes that you need to work, and hard work pays off under Capricorn’s Earthly energy. The success comes in time under this slower-moving energy. So you need to pay attention to projects and matters that have a longer timeline. They are the ones that will pay off under this lucky Jupiter transit.

Capricorn – Self-Care is Wealth Care

It’s all about you now, baby! Jupiter is in Capricorn and your first house of self for a full year, and your sense of self is truly going to be in the spotlight. This means you have a chance to be fully engaged in new beginnings and see a lot of lucky streaks this year. You have to work them and you can’t expect them to just come to you. Deeply entrenched in this transit is the need for you to put karma first in all matters. When you do, your luck may be slow-moving and slow rolling. But as you know with anything, that hard work will pay off.

Aquarius – Karma is Everything

The theme of endings and secrets and spirituality is the theme of your luck over the next year, Aquarius, and this is due to Jupiter in Capricorn working your twelfth house of endings. This is going to touch on your karma this year as well. You may be preoccupied with death or themes around endings and closed chapters. But you may also be preoccupied with spirituality and secrets. This is a very karmic transit as well, and so you need to follow the Law of Attraction to a tee. When you do, that means that what you put out will come back to you. Follow that lucky vibe!

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Pisces – Get Your Social On!

You have Jupiter in Capricorn in your eleventh house of social circles for the next year, Pisces. That means that you have some exciting opportunities on the friendship front this year, and that is a good thing. Use your social networks, stay in the line of love with the people that mean the most to you, and use your group connections and networks to improve your luck. When you do, big dreams come true under this transit for the next year.

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