Numerology & the Number 7: What July Means

Hold onto your hats, because July is coming, and it’s bringing with it an air of spirituality, sensitivity, and wisdom.

As July unfolds, there are many feelings swirling in the air – we’re beyond the halfway mark of 2020, we’ve almost survived eclipse season with another Lunar eclipse landing on July 4th and 5th, and we’re entering the seventh month of the year, which correlates with the number 7 in numerology.

In the Northern hemisphere, the nights are growing shorter, giving us more time to soak in the summer Sun. It’s a time of change, of transformation, and even budding romance.

Today, we’re exploring the number 7 in numerology, what it means, and what kind of energy it provides. Learning more about what to expect out of this month from the perspective of numerology will help you sail through July with poise and a prepared spirit.

What Does the Number 7 Mean in Numerology?

The number 7 is known for its spiritual energy, and its importance is referenced in the Christian Bible as a holy number, as well as in many other religions and spiritual beliefs throughout the ages. Think about how prevalent this number is in our culture – there are 7 days a week, 7 colors in the rainbow, 7 continents, and 7 wonders of the world.

7’s unique energy can be perhaps most strongly attributed to those with a Life Path number 7. These folks seek the truth in all situations, desiring a deep dive into the hidden messages and mysteries of the world around them. Life Path number 7s are known for their spiritual, metaphysical essence that pushes them towards discovery of the self and the Universe.

Those with a Life Path number 7 are also rather analytical, philosophical, and prevalent in the art of seeking the truth in all matters. In numerology, this intellectual, mysterious spirit carries over into the number 7 itself.

The number 7 doesn’t hold us back or repress information, it pushes us towards self-expression, freedom, and truth. This seeking of the truth is what makes this number the perfect representative of Divine flow and vibration of the human spirit.

This number is associated with victory, as shown by The Chariot and Seven of Wands in the Tarot, two cards which represent triumph, perseverance, and satisfaction. In fact, the Chariot is linked with the sign of Cancer, and while Cancer is not the 7th sign of the zodiac, it is the sign that occupies most of July – the 7th month.

Now that we know a bit more about this number in numerology, let’s take a look at how this energy might affect you this July.

Numerology 7 & July 2020

June and July are typically riddled with eclipses, a planetary influence that brings change and transformation. And while we saw more eclipses in June this year, we still have a Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in Capricorn, the energy of which can be felt on the 4th and 5th of this month, while the Sun is in Cancer.

Eclipses may bring overwhelming emotions, but these emotions must be felt in order to bring about the transformation that will begin this month and continue through the rest of the year.

As we noted, Cancer is represented by The Chariot card in the Tarot – a card that denotes hard work that leads to a victorious triumph over struggle. This is a concept that fits well with Cancer energy, as Cancers don’t back down from the things they wish to achieve.

All of this energy – the number 7, Cancer, Lunar eclipses – combine to create the perfect recipe for real change in your life, the kind that helps you move that much closer to your goals and dreams.

That doesn’t mean that it’s going to be smooth sails from now on.

Most things we really want to achieve and attract into our lives take hard work and struggle. But the energy of the number 7 gives us the strength to get started, prepare ourselves for the upcoming challenges, and work hard to reach our goals and dreams. These challenges are all part of the plan, and they’re put on your path to help you learn lessons that will allow you to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor once they’ve ripened.

Think of this month as a turning point. Recognize that there may be hurdles; but, try to remember that they’re necessary hurdles that are part of your unique destiny.

The expressive side of the number 7 may indicate a new form of creativity entering your life. This would be a good month to try to find new outlets for your emotions, new artistic mediums to work with, and more interesting ways to express yourself.

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Themes of Number 7

Some of the themes of this number in numerology are spirituality, wisdom, truth, freedom, expression, depth, philosophy, mysticism, and victory.

As such a spiritual number, 7 is also connected to the ideas of karma, or our karmic paths. 7 reminds you to be true to yourself in order to maintain positive karma.

7 urges you to express yourself as truthfully as you can. Don’t hold yourself back this month, create outlets for those thoughts and ideas that are waiting impatiently to share themselves with the world around them.

During the following month, try to keep these ideas in mind:

  • Consider what you should be sharing. While 7 does encourage you to express yourself, that doesn’t mean you have to share your deepest, darkest secrets with everyone in your life. Careful consideration of what to share with others and when will prevent you from giving your secrets away to the wrong people – people who might take advantage of your vulnerability.
  • Be inquisitive. Both the Cancer season and the eclipse season can bring on tender emotions and emotional confusion. If you’re feeling unsure about someone’s motives or actions, don’t be afraid to ask them about it. While your intuition may be strong, assuming that you know what’s going on in someone else’s head can cause conflicts and hurt feelings.
  • Be creative. Creativity is one of the safest and most enjoyable forms of expression out there. This is an excellent month to let your artistic juices flow, which helps you release frustration and irritation. Feeling stuck? Write about it. Feeling sad? Express that emotion in the form of a painting. Draw stick figures to bring your focus to the present moment. It doesn’t matter how talented or naturally creative you feel, just let the feelings flow.
  • Be kind. This is a time of karmic lessons, and kindness is important to your karma. What goes around comes around, and your kindness towards others will soon be felt by yourself.
  • Celebrate your truth. March to the beat of your own drummer. This is not a time to allow anyone to bully you into changing your mind about anything.
  • Take time for yourself. Self-care is crucial for maintaining a positive attitude. Work on your self-care routine each day, whether that includes crystal healing, Tarot work, astrology, meditation, or yoga.

Discover your truth, celebrate it, and express it both for yourself and others.

Embrace the Number 7

7 is a mysterious number, and while we can decipher it as much as possible, it will always contain hidden secrets that lie just beneath the surface. This number urges you follow this mystery and try to find comfort in the unknown. Beyond the number 7, we’ll be feeling the energy of the Lunar eclipse in Capricorn, which brings even more mystery and hidden knowledge – as eclipses are known for uncovering hidden information in our lives.

The theme of July this year will be following the mystery, finding your truth, and learning to express it.

Share your kindness with others, amplifying good karma and bringing you closer to your spiritual center. Think of who you want to be, try to realize that person already exists within you, and celebrate yourself.

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