Your June 2022 Numerology Forecast

If retrograde season has left you feeling foggy or run down, you’re probably ready for mental clarity, optimism, and enhanced communication. And if that sounds good, then you’ll want to stick around and learn about the numerology of June and what type of energy it brings!

As intellectual and mentally stimulating Gemini season continues, its energy is perfectly complemented by the numerological energy of the month of June, filled with curiosity, creativity, and positive vibes.

According to numerology, June is a “3” Universal month:

  • 0 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 12
  • 1 + 2 = 3

In numerology, the number 3 is associated with communication, creative thinking, artistic expression, and an inherent sense of curiosity about the world around you.

This month brings a sense of lighthearted joy, mental stimulation, and wonder that will help wipe away any retrograde blues you may have experienced lately. Your creative center is infused with imaginative, thoughtful energy that will help you express yourself more clearly than ever this month.

This energy branches off the creativity that May’s numerology brought, infusing it with mental clarity and optimism, allowing you to share your creative vision with the world!

If you want to find out what June and the number 3 are bringing to your own world, based on your Personal Month number, keep reading!

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How to Calculate Your Personal Month Number

While every type of number in numerology holds importance, your Personal Month number is excellent for helping you understand the energies coming towards you during any given month, allowing you to plan accordingly.

The Universal Month number brings a certain energy to our collective consciousness, but your Personal Month number tells you how to make the most of that mystical energy.

Before you can calculate your Personal Month number, you’ll need to determine your Personal Year number – your birth date, birth month, and the current year. (Don’t forget to reduce the result to a single digit!)

Once you’ve got your Personal Year number, simply add the current month to determine your Personal Month number.

For example, If your Personal Year number is 9, you would add that to the digit of the current month. In this case, the number 3 for June.

  • 3 + 9 = 12
  • 1 + 2 = 3

So, if your Personal Year number is 9, your Personal Month number actually matches the Universal Month number this month!

Not sure what your Personal Year Number is? Use our free Personal Year Number calculator!

Your June 2022 Numerology Forecast

Personal Month 1

Number 1 energy is all about independence and amplifying your own strengths like leadership and resourcefulness—and this month, that means maintaining your creative independence. You may not feel like you yet possess this strength, but that’s what the number 1 is here to teach you.

Are you currently allowing yourself to explore bold forms of creative expression?

Take this month to test your own creative boundaries and limitations—and then push yourself one step further.

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Personal Month 2

The number 2 is associated with cooperation, sensitivity, and intuition, and these are the traits that will help you best enhance your powers of communication and creativity this month. This may be the perfect time to focus more on negotiation and collaboration than getting your own way.

Are there any ways in which you’ve been rigid or stubborn about your creative process?

This month provides you the perfect opportunity to bring a sense of compassion and unity to your passion projects!

Personal Month 3

The creative, communicative energy of the number 3 is felt even more intensely for you this month, urging you to focus on self-expression this month—in all forms. Don’t limit yourself to the artistic mediums you may be used to, but rather branch out and discover new ways to put yourself out there.

Has your self-expression felt limited or stifled in recent months?

Now is the time to think outside the box and try artistic mediums or forms that you may never have thought of!

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Personal Month 4

In numerology, the number 4 is a reminder of control, orderliness, and responsibility. This could mean that for you, this month is all about establishing a sense of routine or order when it comes to expressing yourself openly and honestly—ensuring that you make space for your opinions and share them with others.

Do you make time for your spirit to express itself in this world?

Bring self-expression and open communication into your daily routine to promote self-confidence and a sense of alignment with the Universe.

Personal Month 5

Transformation, curiosity, and experimentation are the hallmarks of the number 5, and these are just the themes coming your way this month. Because June’s numerology concerns communication and creativity, this energy encourages you to transform the things about your forms of self-expression that are no longer working.

Are there any conversations you’ve been scared to have or forms of expression you’re eager to try?

It’s time to put your faith in the Universe, try something new, and trust that your boldness will bring wonderful results.

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Personal Month 6

Related to connection, love, and beauty, the number 6 is a balanced and harmonious one, asking you to find the balance within the areas of conversation and imagination in your life. This is a time to seek peace, especially if retrograde season left you feeling frazzled or disconnected. Inner stillness brings a calm and collected air to anything you do this month.

What can you do to attract more internal harmony and balance?

Meditation and yoga are wonderful activities for finding balance, but consider something with a creative edge, like a form of dance you’ve always found interesting!

Personal Month 7

The number 7 seeks wisdom in all things, and that extends to your sense of communication and expression toward others this month. This is the month to seek the truth over righteousness, to seek wisdom rather than attempt to win an argument. If you look for the lesson in each interaction, you may learn just how to attract your deepest desires.

Are there times when you might prefer to be right rather than to seek balance and harmony in your communication?

Try balancing the chakras—especially the Third-Eye and Crown chakras—to promote wisdom and help you gain the most from each lesson this month.

Personal Month 8

Infinite possibilities, power, and material concerns surround the number 8 in numerology, meaning this may be the month that your self-expression or creativity brings big, amazing changes to your life. It’s important to harness your power now and find a way to share your vision confidently with the world.

Do you have an idea or project that you’ve been too nervous about presenting or getting started on?

This month, take the power back into your hands and focus on the creative passions that make you tick.

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Personal Month 9

The number 9 represents the completion of a cycle, a period when you can rest, acknowledge your hard work, and look forward to a new beginning. This month that may look like finishing up one creative project and taking on your next big, brilliant ideas.

Or perhaps it’s time to focus on your communication, self-expression, and how to find a fresh start.

Do you look forward to the next big venture in your life?

Be sure to take a moment for rest and gratitude, and then focus your energy on the new directions you want your life to take.

Personal Month 11

While numbers are typically reduced to a single digit in numerology, the Master number 11 may resonate with your spirit more clearly than the number 2. If that is the case, consider your Personal Month number as number 11, associated with artistic energy, intuition, and spirituality.

This is your time to dig deep into your internal psyche—your spiritual center—and express the gems you find within.

Do you allow your core self to be expressed in a spiritual, creative manner?

Let your spirit explore new subjects, both metaphysical and creative, and expand its world of expression this month.

Express Yourself Openly & Freely This June

The expressive number 3, which brings all of this juicy, creative energy to us this month, is asking you to focus on your own personal self-expression and the forms which bring you the most joy, the most satisfaction, and the most healing.

This month, open your heart, open your Throat chakra, and follow your intuition towards the best path of creativity and self-expression for your spirit.

What ideas are you excited to share with the world?

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