Which Zodiac Signs Are the Best at Keeping Secrets?

Deeply aligned with the stars, elements, and pieces of the Universe, there’s a little bit of mystery and mystique within all the zodiac signs. But which ones are really the best at keeping secrets?

Perhaps you consider yourself already to be quite the private person, zodiac sign considered or not. But sometimes, our inclination towards privacy leans a little deeper into being able to conceal important information — which is actually quite the skill!

Some zodiac signs may be gifted with the gift of gab and charisma, but others may have a knack for keeping their hand close to their chest.

For a well-rounded picture of your abilities on keeping a secret, consult your full birth chart to find all the signs that lie within.

Will These Zodiac Signs Keep Your Secrets?


While Aries has a bit of a stubborn streak, this sign is not known for its tact or ability to keep a secret.

Fiery, brash, and bold, Aries may be the one to let the cat out of the bag. Loyalties do run deep with this Cardinal sign, however, so if your relationship with them is on the line, they may be able to keep a cap on their impulsivity.


Loyal and thoughtful, Taurus is a great contender for your secret-keeping needs!

This Earth sign takes a long time to open up themselves, so they don’t take it lightly when someone does open up to them. Ruled by Venus, planet of love, they care deeply about those who they keep in their inner circle and will do anything to ensure their trust.


Gemini doesn’t always mean to let the cat out of the bag, but sometimes it’s inevitable.

This charismatic sign is ruled by Mercury, planet of communication. For a double whammy, they additionally have the outgoing and spontaneous energy associated with the element of Air.

They may wish to make the grand promise of keeping your secret safe, but having such a hot-button topic of conversation may always tempt them away.


Sweet and compassionate with a desire to keep their inner circle happy, Cancer will always be a strong companion to keep your secrets safe with.

The catch? If you’re not within their close inner circle and you divulge a secret that especially may concern those that they care about, Cancer may let their heart and loyalties rule. Be sure that you’re close with the Cancerian spirit before letting your secrets fly and that you have a good reason for sharing.


Leo has a rep for being quite the drama queen, but they’re actually quite trustworthy (under the right circumstances).

As a Fixed sign, Leo’s loyalties run deep. They know how to keep a secret when it’s important and when it involves their close confidantes.

On the other hand, Leo’s tendency towards the dramatics can also make them slightly more prone to gossip, so if it’s not really all that important of a secret and it doesn’t involve their loved ones, they may let the secret fly.


Virgo has one true loyalty, and that’s to their mission to help others.

As a sign of service, Virgo is going to do what is best for everyone involved in the situation. If that means keeping your secret, Virgo will be able to keep it close to their chest.

However, if they decide that it would be best to clear the air, they may take matters into their own hands and resolve any outlying issues themselves.

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Charismatic but deeply people-oriented, Libra is a bit of a mixed bag.

In a serious situation, Libra will most likely be able to keep a secret. As a Cardinal sign, they tend leadership and, ruled by Venus, planet of love, they do care for those that they’re involved with.

That said, Libras are also lighthearted and charismatic folk and love to be the life of the party. Some gossip may always be a bit inevitable with this bunch!


Scorpio is not only great at keeping your secrets but may also make active attempts to find them out!

Prodding and emotionally curious, Scorpio is a Fixed sign ruled by powerful and transformative Pluto. They love to be kept in the loop, and they’ll be the first to try to figure people out behind the scenes.

Despite this seemingly peculiar tendency, Scorpio doesn’t care for gossip, and they value your trust. So when it comes to keeping a secret, a Scorpio is a safe bet.


Free-spirited and a bit of a wildcard, a Sagittarius is probably not your first bet for secret safekeeping.

Their true loyalties are quite hard to pin down. As a lover of lively discussion, meeting new people, and discovering new information, Sagittarius may not actively intend to spill the beans on your secrets but may find themselves sharing them anyway.


Serious and goal-oriented, Capricorns probably care the least for petty gossip.

Especially if you divulge something of deep importance, Capricorn is sure to be able to keep your secret. As someone who does not often tend to venture out for random socialization anyhow, it’s simply not in the cards for them to spontaneously share your intimate information.


Both independent and social, Aquarius is a bit of an enigma, and you may not always know where you stand when it comes to their loyalties.

Humanitarian and community-focused, Aquarius does care about the long-term picture. If your secret is important and not frivolous gossip, they will more than likely keep it close to their heart.


Knowing your deepest, darkest secrets is usually always on Pisces’ agenda. Emotional and intuitive, Pisces loves being kept in the loop on the emotional intricacies of their loved ones’ lives.

As great listeners and big people-pleasers, they’ll be a great bet for holding space for your intimate secrets.

They’ll most definitely make honest attempts to keep it, but their unpredictable Mutable quality may let something of importance slip on occasion.

Is Secret Keeping in the Stars For You?

Your natal chart and all the signs that lie within can be a great clue to your true skills and talents.

Some of them may include keeping important secrets, and some of them may indicate otherwise. Either way, knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are is one of the first keys to self-awareness and growth.

Learn more about what the stars foretell for you today in your free daily horoscope.

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