Harness Capricorn’s Power When Pluto Goes Direct

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It’s simple. Take your power back. That’s what Pluto direct is telling you in your horoscopes.

Once upon a time, there was a tiny planet named Pluto, discovered in 1930 by a man named Clyde Tombaugh. Pluto was considered the ninth planet from the Sun.

Until one day, in 1992, Pluto lost his planet status. The nerve!

By 2006, some scientists had had enough of this back-and-forth bickering about Pluto, and Pluto earned its dwarf planet status again.

Now the tiniest planet, Pluto makes Earth-shaking moves that impact all Earthlings.

What is Pluto Direct Really?

When retrograde, Pluto has us thinking about change in our lives. What do we want to send to the underworld forever? Or for a little while?

When direct, Pluto takes his power back, and so do we. What can we unearth? What can we expose or bring out into the open? What big power move can we make in our lives?

It’s game time for Pluto. And it’s not at all scary. It’s time for all those deep desires and secrets to come to life. Pluto will move direct on October 8th, 2022.

That sleeping elephant in the room you’ve been ignoring is about to wake up. Walls will be torn down when you take your power back if you do it right.

Pluto takes his power back by tearing it all down, so you can rebuild it from scratch with a smile and a refreshing new look at things.

Truth is coming out, either in the form of secrets or in the form of the truths you need to examine and confront in your lives. Here is how it will play out by the zodiac sign.

Pluto Direct Horoscopes


You’ve likely been experiencing a few ups and downs this year, especially at work, but sometimes you don’t realize just how much power is in your hands, Aries.

Pluto direct encourages you to grab the bull by the horns and harness that famous bold energy of yours. There may have been a power struggle or two that has left you feeling stumped or even dismayed.

However, don’t forget the influence of Capricorn during Pluto direct. This is one sign that is willing to endure struggle for as long as necessary until it gets what it wants. In all areas of life, not just work, you are encouraged to exercise patience during this time and remember that good things come to those, not just who wait, but who initiate!


There’s a powerful sense of expansion with this transit for you, Taurus, and 2022 has undoubtedly been a year of ups and downs for you. In the sign of Capricorn, you can harness this energy with ease as its earthy, practical, and determined essence matches your own.

However, roadblocks keep popping up, whether it is self-doubt, fear of what could happen in the future, or someone just being stubborn and unwilling to compromise.

Remember, Capricorn exudes patience. Its ruler, Saturn, is a tough master, while Pluto encourages you to face challenges head-on. As much as you may want to stay in your comfort zone at times, to reach your full potential, you have to step out of it. This includes trying to do things a new way. Don’t let fear of the future stand in your way. The more you expand outwards, the more fulfilled you become.


This is a powerful transit for you, and you are encouraged towards deeper reflection during this period, Gemini. You’ll likely find situations cropping up that seem out of the blue but will all link together.

This is the universe’s way of guiding you, so pay attention to the messages you receive! Secrets from the past may creep up, either your own or others.

Either way, there are powerful forces at work here for you, and the more you go inwards, the more will be revealed. Journaling is strongly recommended, so whip out your notebook and let your thoughts flow freely.


Scrutiny of your close relationships is a given during this transit, and there is a chance that one – or even a couple of them – could be make or break.

Everything is coming out into the open now, and it’s time to make some tough decisions. Essentially, the one relationship crucial to your existence may not have been receiving the nurture it deserves recently – the one with yourself.

Writing down your list of needs and desires is an excellent way to realign yourself with your intentions and your most authentic purpose, Cancer.

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Pluto direct bodes well for your aspirations, Leo, but it may also force you to confront unpleasantries you would rather avoid. If you have been allowing bad habits or certain tendencies to get the better of you, this energy brings you back down to reality with a bit of a thump which can be shocking at first.

However, in the long term, this is for the best. The key is to face any uncomfortable emotions that arise and not run from them. Harness them because once you do, you can transform them.

This is the ultimate power of Pluto. Pluto direct encourages you to find the value of such transformation. Things cannot always stay the same.


You’ve had your fair share of difficulties and challenges, Virgo, and at times you may feel you just can’t be bothered anymore.

However, Pluto direct is bringing you a deeper understanding of why things happened the way they did and how to move on from here. With this new wisdom at your disposal, you can move forward and enjoy the things you deserve!

Worries and anxieties may not leave entirely, but they will slowly melt and be replaced with upbeat energy. Remember, much of it is in the mind, and it is here that holds the key to many doors.


Significant changes are on the way for you, Libra, and during Pluto direct, you’ll feel like you’re starting a new phase of your life.

A dark shadow has descended on you recently, particularly regarding your relationships, which have been challenging for you. But the sun always breaks through, and that time is now. You can see things from a higher perspective, which will serve you well in the coming days.

Remember, Pluto does not drag the uncomfortable stuff to the surface to punish but to teach.


Pluto, your ruler, turns direct, which is a turning point in your life, Scorpio.

The obstacles you have faced so far this year have been unexpected and striking at times. As much as you prepare, plan, and consider every eventuality, there are some things you cannot see coming.

Pluto direct brings a greater understanding and a need to share the lessons you have learned with others. This is a powerful time for you to express your thoughts, primarily through writing, speaking, or artwork. Harness your creativity and allow it to share your wealth of information with others.


You’ve probably been trying to avoid the uncomfortable stuff for some time and prefer to keep everything light. Still, Pluto direct is bringing you a new way of confronting issues to make it bearable, Sagittarius.

Burying one’s head in the sand can only work for so long – eventually, you can’t breathe and have to come up for air! The more you face the stuff you try to avoid, the more you will reap the benefits in the long term.

This is a time of intense planning and preparation for you. Be prepared for new ideas and connections with people who can bring fresh new enlightenment to you.


Change just keeps coming, Capricorn, and this is to be expected with Pluto in your sign. However, in direct form, you have a new way of viewing the world, and there is enormous spiritual development here.

You may suddenly need to visit a place you haven’t been to in a long time or talk to someone you haven’t spoken to for years. The key is to go with your instincts.

Remember, the Universe will guide you in the right direction. It depends on how willing you are to hear its messages and how much you trust yourself.


The battle between head and heart has been an intense one for you the last few months, and sometimes it seems like there is no end in sight, Aquarius.

But Pluto direct brings you a deeper understanding and a stronger sense of conviction. Confusion will dissipate to make way for confidence.

You can see things in a new light and move forward with certainty. Head and heart can work together if you let them. Staying true to your soul’s purpose is part and parcel of it all.


You may have felt a little lost recently, but clarity is incoming so keep the faith, Pisces!

Pluto direct brings you new connections and new ideas – unexpected ones too. However, they were always hidden within your subconscious.

A relationship will likely undergo a dramatic transformation during this transit, and decisions will be essential to its future course. Go with your heart, as this path leads to fulfillment. Getting things off your chest in the form of journaling is a beautiful way to make greater sense of everything.

Use the Energy of Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto direct is nothing to fear. There’s been a lot of conflict within and around you while he’s been retrograde.

But it’s time to experience the refreshing breath of air that comes after all have left the battlefield. It’s called peace.

Pluto direct is a “blessings in disguise” time for all zodiac signs. It’s time to shed the cocoon and become the butterfly you were meant to be. Being authentic is the only way to win this one. Take your power back. The shell of the cocoon must stay behind.

Flutter by, butterfly, and own the change that Pluto has in store for you.

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