You Pulled the Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card – Now What?

If you have pulled the Queen of Pentacles in a Tarot spread, then there are few cards more welcoming than this lovely nurturing card!

The Queen of Pentacles is one of the Court cards of the Pentacles suit, and she is famous for her down-to-Earth, bighearted and trustworthy nature.

All of the queens in the Tarot represent the feminine aspect of their suit, in comparison to the kings who represent the masculine. The energy of Queens is receptive—it is observant and nurturing. At the same time, the King’s energy is outward—commanding and outgoing.

So as a Pentacle, the Queen of Pentacles is about as nurturing as they can get!

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What Does the Queen of Pentacles Mean?

The Queen of Pentacles, like all cards, has a variety of meanings attached to her, notably the following:

  • Nurturing
  • She has a big heart
  • Down to Earth
  • Trustworthy
  • Resourceful
  • Loves animals
  • Takes care of the physical body
  • Takes care of the home
  • Takes care of the environment

If you are having a bad day, the Queen of Pentacles is that friend who will invite you in for a cup of tea, offer you some freshly-baked cookies, and listen with sympathy and kindness while you pour your heart out. Because she is so resourceful, she will also offer words of advice and ways you can help the situation.

She is not forceful or pushy, so you are free to take the advice or not, but the warm motherly nature of the Queen of Pentacles (plus the tea and cookies) will make you right as rain again, if only for a while.

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What Does the Queen of Pentacles Mean in Love & Relationships?

If you pull the Queen of Pentacles in a love Tarot reading, it could mean that the object of your affections has a very positive image of you and sees you as being in it for the long term.

If you pull the Queen of Pentacles for someone’s feelings for you, it means they want to take care of you and look after you. They feel protective of you and want to make sure that you are comfortable.

It can also mean that they feel comfortable with you, and you bring them a warm, fuzzy glow that they would like to keep feeling for a long time! Like a baby with a blanket or a sick person with a hot water bottle.

If you pull the Queen of Pentacles for how someone sees you, it means they see you as someone with all the attributes of this queen—warm, nurturing, trustworthy, friendly, generous, and practical.

It can also mean they think you have a really hot body! The Queen of Pentacles is the Queen of Earth and Earth relates to physical matters as well, such as the physical body, appearance, and health.

If you pull this card for what they want to happen in your relationship, it means they want a steady, nurturing, warm, and loving relationship with you which is built on solid foundations.

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What Does the Queen of Pentacles Mean in a Career Reading?

In a career Tarot reading, the Queen of Pentacles indicates a role where your nurturing skills are put to best use, such as nursing or a carer.

This queen indicates a role where you are active physically. It could mean working in the outdoors as a gardener or a sporty role. It could indicate working with animals or children, as the Queen of Pentacles kind nature matches perfectly with both.

The Queen of Pentacles in a career reading can also indicate someone in your workplace who possesses her qualities who could help you in some way. Surrounding cards in the reading would give more insight as to what role this Queen of Pentacles will have on your career.

The Queen of Pentacles likes money, and this could be a role that is going to ensure you are financially well-off.

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What Does the Queen of Pentacles Indicate as an Obstacle?

If the Queen of Pentacles shows up as an obstacle, it most likely means that the qualities of this queen are somehow standing in your way of whatever you want to do or achieve.

This queen is nurturing, kind and generous. She is also trustworthy and trusts others.


Are you showing these qualities? Do you have trust issues that are preventing you from getting where you need to be?

The Queen of Pentacles can also indicate a person in your life who has these qualities who is an obstacle in some way. Think about who in your life seems very Queen of Pentacles and the ways this obstacle is presenting itself.

What About the Queen of Pentacles in Reverse?

When reversed, the Queen of Pentacles loses her kindly warmth and generosity and becomes overly materialistic, possessive, fanatical, slovenly, and self-centered.

It is sad to see this queen, with all her many splendid qualities, topple as she goes into reverse. It is in her reversed self that she becomes obsessed with money and doesn’t care who or what gets hurt so she can acquire it.

The Queen of Pentacles reversed become frivolous and shallow, judging people on how they look and what they own, rather for who they are on the inside.

This queen becomes very unhealthy and no longer takes care of herself as she once did. She neglects herself and others and becomes untrustworthy.

Conversely, she can go in the total opposite direction of over-materialism and refuse to care at all about the material world. It is here that she completely scorns materialism, which also leads to taking little care of herself and her environment. She ceases to care.

If the Queen of Pentacles shows up, then who or what is displaying these qualities?

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How to Make the Queen of Pentacles Card Work for You in A Tarot Reading

The Queen of Pentacles represents the nurture, warmth, and protection in life that so many of us crave.

A cup of hot cocoa by the fire while curling up with your favorite book. A walk in the park with your dog on a pleasant, breezy day. Championing a cause to protect animals or the environment. The Queen of Pentacles uses her wealth to help others.

So how can this queen work for you?

1. Use Positive Affirmations

Repeating positive affirmations to yourself while being inspired by this queen is a wonderful way to harness her energy.

The following affirmations can help you nurture your own Queen of Pentacles qualities!

  • I am nurturing.
  • I trust myself and others.
  • I take care of my health and home.
  • I am resourceful and strong.

2. Place the Card on Your Altar

By placing the Queen of Pentacles card on your altar, you are reminded of her energy throughout the day and allowing her energetic qualities to shine through!

Whether you are doing the housework or writing or speaking about a cause that is important to you, the Queen of Pentacles reminds you that you have all the tools and qualities necessary to achieve.

3. Do Queen of Pentacles Things!

What better way to harness the energy of this queen than to do traditional Queen of Pentacles things!

Maybe you could try:

  • Baking a recipe you’ve been keen to try.
  • Volunteering at the local animal shelter and helping animals in need.
  • Exploring new healthy recipes that might help you reach your health goals.

Harness Your Inner Queen of Pentacles

The warmth of the Queen of Pentacles goes unrivaled by any other card in the Tarot, with the exception of the Empress. The Empress is known as “all the queens rolled into one,” and she exemplifies the Queen of Pentacles’ loving nature.

If the Queen of Pentacles shows up for you, then her energy has special meaning for you at this time.

What is she trying to tell you?

The world needs more nurture, more care, and more love. The more we harness our inner Queen of Pentacles, the more we let this love flow freely, and the more it touches even the darkest and remote corners of our planet and the lives of others.

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