Let Tarot Help You Make Your Next Big Career Change

​For anyone who has been struggling in the career area of life, turning to the Tarot for help can be of enormous benefit and, in some cases, life-changing. It isn’t uncommon to wake up one morning (or on multiple mornings!) and feel thoroughly disheartened with your job, wondering what on earth you’re doing in it.

The choice, of course, lies with you. There are a multitude of reasons why we have to work in the career we’re currently in, but if a deep-seated unhappiness is growing bigger by the day then it may be time to take the plunge and look elsewhere.

The problem is, not everyone knows exactly what they want to do in life. Young and old suffer equally from this confusion, but this is where the Tarot can come in handy. Below is a Tarot card reading which can help you find a career that brings you everything you need, including the most important thing – happiness!

8-Card Career Change Tarot Spread:

So, let’s get straight down to business. Here is a spread that can provide valuable insight into which direction you want your career to go in, even if you have no idea about which area you want to move into. This is an 8-card spread, and however you lay it out is up to you.

  • Card 1: What am I passionate about?
  • Card 2: What are my strengths?
  • Card 3: What are my weaknesses?
  • Card 4: What motivates me?
  • Card 5: Course of action option 1
  • Card 6: Course of action option 2
  • Card 7: Course of action option 3
  • Card 8: Obstacles

Below are explanations for each card.

1) What am I passionate about?

This is the first card you’ll pull and it will tell you where your true passions lie. It’s OK if you don’t know – your subconscious knows, so trust it! (Remember, be open and relaxed throughout your reading; your intuition knows far more than it lets on at times.)

Example: If I pull the 5 of Wands, this would tell me I thrive in areas where there is competition, banter and being able to prove my worth through group-work. This also indicates a strong team-player attribute.

2) What are my strengths?

The second card will tell you where your strengths lie and help you focus on these strengths so as to choose the right career for you.

Example: If I pull the High Priestess, this tells me my strength lies in my intuition and ability to look beyond the obvious. It could indicate I may be good at detective work or something to do with psychology, such as counselling, where I am able to understand and intuit people’s emotions.

3) What are my weaknesses?

The third card shows what your weaknesses are and can give you greater insight into how they can be tackled, particularly if your conscious mind denies them. This can likewise help you choose the right career, as it can also show you what may be holding you back.

Example: If I pull the 4 of Cups, this may be an indication that I get bored easily and need constant stimulation. It gives a good indication of the type of job I need; this could be a job in the form of something ever-changing – for example, journalism.

4) What motivates me?

This shows where your true motivation lies and even you may be surprised to find the answer to this!

Example: If I pull the 10 of Wands, this would indicate that I am motivated by hard work and that I thrive when my schedule is jam-packed. This indicates I need something to keep me occupied and busy, something I find both challenging and rewarding at the same time.

5-7) Course of action?

For this, you pull three cards, which will provide you with some options regarding what action to take to get the job or career you want.

Example: If I pull the Queen of Wands, the 8 of Pentacles, and the Emperor, this would tell me that I should be sociable, ask around, indulge in social networking (Queen of Wands) and that I should persevere and keep going, even if it seems my efforts are in vain (8 of Pentacles). The Emperor could indicate a powerful man I could turn to who could help me or he could be referring to myself – he could even mean setting up my own business and going at it alone, and taking command of my own endeavors.

8) Obstacles

It’s always good to know what obstacles stand in the way of finding your dream career. For this, you pull one final card to let you know where the drawbacks are.

Example: If I pull the 7 of Cups, this would indicate I have a tendency to daydream too much – so much, that it is actually stopping me from manifesting my dreams into reality. I may be so caught up in the fantasy of my dream job that I have no idea how to bring it into the real-world. This can create a stagnant effect, where I’m stuck between reality and fantasy, unable to make progress because of it.

Concluding Thoughts…

Hopefully, this Tarot spread for career changes can help you make some big changes to your own, especially if you have been feeling dissatisfied with it. It can be difficult to challenge a way of life, particularly if you have been involved in it for a long time, but feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction are there for a reason.

Let the Tarot help you find a path to happiness and well-being through your career – and remember to stay open-minded and intuitive at all times in order to make it as easy for you as possible to understand which direction you wish to move in.

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